7 Best VPN for Disney Plus in 2020 (Watch Disney+ Anywhere)

Their software has features, like their killswitch, that put them on par with the top of the line VPN clients available. In our usage tests in China, we found the speeds for the US West Coast server to be quite decent as well as speeds from the Hong Kong locations. Download the apps for the devices you want to use in China, then log in through the app with your account credentials. NordVPN is undoubtedly the number one provider for torrenting on Reddit.

  • They have a free version too but with limited bandwidth and server location.
  • However, this VPN provides more than just online anonymity as its best feature, according to our review, is its ability to unblock geo-restricted sites like Netflix US with incredible ease.

What is Reddit Gold? And they offer tons of restriction-free servers across the globe so you can stream Netflix content or use torrenting freely. For example, places where there are no data retention laws, or places where there are no restrictions on streaming or any other website. Slickvpn android, we do not yet support IPv6 routing through the VPN tunnel, although we are considering adding this in the future in a subset of our server locations. This means you’ll always have a reliable connection at your disposal, no matter where you connect from. Some of them have included admissions of piracy, and even justifications for it. Why would you trust your security to some unknown entity that gives stuff away for free? What is a VPN and how does it work?

For mobile, I like to use the Hong Kong servers, as they seem to be the most stable. One bookmark, connection speeds can vary greatly:. Karma is extremely important for Redditors because many Sub-Reddits won’t allow you to comment there if you don’t have a good score. But, if I were on a budget and had to choose a free VPN, I’d go for Windscribe. Paying for your proxy will ensure a smoother transition from one IP address to another. You get 5% all GLOBALIST PROPAGANDA! For those who’re looking for a free VPN instead of a free trial: 49/mo CyberGhost 4. Technically, these companies cannot legally sell their services in China.

It's best to use a mobile VPN to avoid slower speeds and data loss. And if you do have any trouble, 24/7 live chat support is on hand to answer your questions. I asked the credit card customer support agent if they had any ideas before I contacted ExpressVPN. With 1000+ servers in 60+ countries, Surfshark provides fast speeds that are enough for quality P2P and streaming. The homepage (or “front page”) shows you various posts that are currently trending on the site, pulled from a variety of subreddits. Now that everyone is looking for the best VPN that has top-notch security features and streaming speeds, most VPN providers often fake their way to the top of the industry.

  • Would you be chill if someone leaked your entire search history to the government?
  • In many software application classifications, this might not be a notable advantage, but in the VPN world, where most companies have shadowy management and impossible-to-track-down ownership structures, it's revitalizing to understand exactly who we're handling and understand through independent sources (the company's annual filing, the SEC, and analyst reports) that the company is reliable and liable.
  • It is fairly reliable, but at peak hours it can be a bit slower.
  • Maybe you can survive a couple days without using these websites, but for those of us who intend on staying in China for an extended period of time, we need a solution to this problem– our livelihood, relationships, and sanity depend on it!
  • Once you set the software up, it can handle your account creation and management duties.


Mullvad keeps its price low by putting much of the setup and troubleshooting into the hands of its users. If you haven’t heard of HolaVPN yet, be glad. As well as keeping you safe and sound while browsing the web, VPN services are also handy for catching your favourite TV shows and live sports while you're out of the country. Mullvad is based in a fairly neutral jurisdiction (Sweden) for added legal protection, and it comes with a complete zero-logging policy that covers traffic, DNS requests, time stamps, bandwidth, and IP addresses, arguably the most complete policy in the business.

There are other methods (TOR and proxy) but they have many limitations (although their use in combination with VPN is desirable in particularly complex tasks). In fact, they are one of the fastest VPNs we’ve reviewed to date. IPVanish is already well-known as one of the fastest VPN providers available. Redditors do not recommend TunnelBear very often now.

This is extremely useful when the existing network infrastructure alone cannot support it. It is a burden I am willing to shoulder. As with our other favorites, StrongVPN has a strong no-logging policy. In these cases, a VPN might actually work smoothening your online gaming sessions. The service sacrifices some usability to provide this, though not so much that it doesn’t support most modern devices and activities. #5 hideman, we hope that you enjoy safe and secure browsing on both personal and public network. So, you are coming to China — awesome!

You can also vote for your favorite provider in the table below.

5 reasons to use a VPN for torrenting

CyberGhost does have an option for torrenting servers specifically, but they're always "busy" and they use the term "too popular" as if that's some sort of excuse. Our experience with the support team was surprisingly positive; during our live chat, the agents responded promptly and with a friendly, informative attitude. A VPN that can unblock Disney+ and other services including American Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and top live TV streaming services from anywhere abroad. In a similar vein, this user stated: 92 Yes 7 No No No No No 9 Avast Secureline Czech Republic Cooperative No Yes Yes Yes No No No No Yes No No Yes No Yes 0. ⚡ NordVPN – a huge discount on a 3-year NordVPN plan is available! Although users may not be able to enjoy their favourite streaming services, it’s meant to be great for performance and speed – particularly for online gaming! We also like that NordVPN comes with a built-in ad blocker called "CyberSec. "

To which Redditors replied: Free VPNs – Are Reddit Users Upvoting or Downvoting Free VPNs? Webroot's VPN is also light on protocols.

80+ | IP addresses: Free VPN for torrenting: The tool that replaces your IP address and allows you to browse the internet anonymously? We have to provide these folks an extra shout-out just for the name of their service. Provide strong military-grade encryption and uncompromising zero log policy. 24/7 support action. Torguard’s VPN features access to over 3,000 servers in 50 different countries, complete with a full zero-logging policy and obfuscation through SSL or SSH tunnels for added privacy. The avid BitTorrent downloader needs to decide if they want total and complete protection, or would rather not have their download interrupted.

  • Reddit doesn’t limit you to just one account, either.
  • Luckily, the answer is – No.
  • To do this, we simply need to verify that your IP address has changed.
  • Here, one Reddit user talks about how IPVanish offers high compatibility with a wide range of devices and then the user goes on to praise different aspects about the service, like the availability of the SOCK5 Proxy, 400+ servers and more.

VPN services: what can I use them for?

How much does a Chinese VPN service cost? Are apps for Android, iOS phones and tablets available? The reason for that is its free version’s 500 Mb per month traffic limit. One such special offer allowed increasing one’s bandwidth to 50 Gb per month. 99 for the full yearly subscription, Reddit Gold is a program for special membership on the platform. This pocket-friendly VPN gives you unlimited simultaneous connections on a single subscription. Explore our ProtonVPN review to see the full results of our research and testing. Despite the fact that the business doesn't launch the number of IP addresses it supports, TorGuard didn't disappoint.


Unfortunately, obfuscation will further slow things down, on top of already slow internet speeds. The upside is that the connection tends to be more stable and unaffected by the firewall. VyprVPN utilizes an advanced obfuscation method that they call the Chameleon protocol. They mask your IP address at a budget-friendly price. Global server coverage, the thing is – you may not notice that the Virtual Private Network is off for a very long time, giving the cybercriminals time to steal your credentials (or the government time to monitor your activity). At its best, BitTorrent addresses the bottleneck created when too many people try to download the same files from a single source at once—be they bootlegged tv shows, hot music tracks, DRM-free books, or photos of cats. Reddit users pay great attention to the issues about Internet safety and security. NordVPN is based out of Panama, and it is one of the most secure VPN systems you could ever hope to encounter.

The IP address of the VPN user is masked and a high-end encryption protects data communication. Yet somehow, that level of panic has nothing on the dread I feel when making my way out of an hours-long dive into a Reddit thread about microwaving yogurt. Go to the VPN. How to enable night mode on windows and mac without any software. So, discussing some freemium VPNs, I don’t fully support free VPN services.

They even supply support to EFF, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a not-for-profit at the front lines of securing online personal privacy. The speed is capped, the number of locations and device connections goes down. 49/mo Rank #5 $3. You can even pay with Alipay (zhifubao) now. Oh, and just in case you still see ‘Free’ and are ready to try it anyway (botnets be damned), Hola doesn’t work with torrents. What’s the best VPN for gaming on Reddit? Open your VPN app and look for the server browser. Just know what you’re in for before you make a final decision.

  • If you like to indulge in a lot of file sharing activities like Torrenting or P2P, then HideMyAss is definitely not for you.
  • Hola's free-for-personal-use plan doesn't have the same kind of restrictions, but even here there's a catch.
  • It is expected that the VPN leader will also be in the top three VPNs for torrent.
  • It was hard for us to ignore Mullvad because, across dozens of mentions, we could hardly find any negative comments.
  • It easily bypassed premium ExpressVPN and pushed back NordVPN.

ExpressVPN – Best all-around VPN for China

From time-to-time, you may experience accidental VPN disconnects. Good speeds, great access, responsive helpful customer service and a quality product. As mentioned earlier, encryption gives you an edge when it comes to using a VPN for anonymity or getting past geo-restrictions.

Surfshark, as well as NordVPN, doesn’t have special servers for streaming but it also copes with unblocking Netflix, Hulu, and others. 5 Accessibility 9. Is a VPN Fully Legal? If the VPN company keeps copious logs about user activity (specifically, the identity of the user, which server they connected to, when) that information could potentially be obtained by law enforcement. The widespread popularity of PureVPN can be explained by high upload and download speeds.

What is Shadowsocks and does it work in China?

” This feature takes two different servers and combines them into one for twice the encryption and an ultra-secure connection. But not every VPN actually does work. Therefore, they are under no obligation to comply with Chinese laws. But even a good intuition and search experience do not guarantee that a chosen VPN will be the best for you. PIA “No-Logging” policy was confirmed once again:


ExpressVPN is what you call a versatile VPN. Despite extensive and rigorous efforts to block websites in China, a VPN is a simple and easy solution that will consistently get through the Great Firewall and unblock content. 88 for the first year. Our one dissatisfaction is that their refund policy is 7-days rather of 30, however you can definitely get a feel for their exceptional efficiency in the area of a week. Reddit users give Nord praise because it actually seems trustworthy, especially compared to other VPNs that may hand over information to the wrong people. VPNs can also protect your internet traffic from hackers, spying Internet Service Providers, or other prying agencies. Even though Hotspot Shield was accused of logging connections in 2020, it still is a fast VPN for Netflix and torrenting with 3200+ servers in 80+ countries. Strong encryption protocols.

Just in case you’re not in the headspace for detailed reading, here are the best VPN for Reddit choices that are deemed as the most reliable: It is perhaps the most anonymous, private, and confidential of all the VPN providers out there, and this has built great trust amongst those in the VPN community and industry. Astrill has had big issues in the past trying to maintain service for mobile devices but appear to be resolved now. You may pay more than $8.

There are no 100% free VPNs with easy-to-use apps. If you need an all-round VPN for mobile and desktop, this service could be right for you. To do all those activities securely, you need a tool that can offer you best anonymity as well as highest encryption. You’re able to avoid censorship within organisations (check out our best China VPN page, for more information on that) and from third-parties. First, recent studies show that free VPN service contains malware; most of them do not even encrypt users’ data. Ivacy goes mobile, ” A further statement notes that the reason Netflix blocked VPNs in the first place — and the behest of the content owners — was an “archaic entertainment distribution model. However, Reddit is not all about news aggregation. To get the answer, you may have to wade through unending FAQ pages and opaque terms of service written in arcane legalese.

Benefits of a Reddit IP Address

This VPN provides a plethora of protocols (OpenVPN, IPSec & IKEv2, among others) all equipped with the latest-and-greatest encryption standards (AES-256). Currently offering 52% off a yearly plan. These features work in harmony to keep your data secure no matter what. You can easily understand it as a more evolved version of the Tagging Feature on Facebook. You can always find interesting posts, opinions and comparisons from other users who share your interests. Our readers also get an ExpressVPN offers a 30-day Money Back guarantee so you can use it for a month and if you don’t like it or don’t need it anymore (i. )More than 2600 major websites are blocked in China. Here on CoolTechZone.

Best VPN For Torrenting On Reddit:

Speeds are about 5 mbps (of a 10 mbps max on China Unicom 4G network in Guangzhou). Apparently they had many complaints about ExpressVPN and many disputed charges. Those are straightforward subreddits, but they can get weird, such as /r/birdswitharms, a subreddit devoted to pictures of birds…with arms. But as practice shows, it is a matter of choosing a server. On a positive note, these temporary blocks are usually rare and not permanent. Free vpn vs paid vpn: what's better for your fire tv stick? The use of NordVPN allows unblocking Netflix: The service works well on my Android smartphone and Iphone.

Here are some of the worst VPN services that you should definitely stay away from according to Redditors: Trying to watch live TV on your app but keep getting shut down due to VPN use. Therefore, it is not anyone’s right to keep us from interacting with other people and learning new things. Although the following services aren’t in the top list of VPN recommendations according to Reddit, they still got a fair number of mentions throughout the community. Thus, a VPN for Reddit will be efficient if you want to unblock the site and protect your online activity while visiting it.

Is using a VPN in China illegal?

Here is one user sharing its ordeal with the provider on Reddit: 99/mo price tag is remarkably low for a VPN as neat as Surfshark. Can a VPN help me stay even more anonymous on Reddit? It also saves all the account information in the system, so you don’t need to write it down and save it anywhere else. If you decided to use the software to upvote your content, each of those upvotes would come from the same IP address. But even if you tried to use a free VPN in China, it most likely would not even work. Whatever happened London stands for good people! This technology is really awesome when it comes to fast and free file sharing.

Keep on reading more in our review of Windscribe. Always choose a non-logging VPN. If the VPN company you're considering can't clearly explain what information it gathers and how long it will be kept, it's probably not a great service. Are there any restrictions on who can sign up? What do Redditors dislike about NordVPN? Surfshark may be one of the cheapest VPNs currently available but it’s still packed with features. Here are their main arguments against free providers: If your main concern is price, then go with something inexpensive, or free - like Spotflux Premium VPN or AnchorFree HotSpot Shield Elite.

Although it doesn’t unblock Hulu. This step is taken by many Sub-Reddits in light of the hundreds of spammers. While some people have been using this provider for years and have no intention of looking for a different one, others aren’t satisfied with the speed on certain servers. Even my streaming services worked. ProtonVPN is a very capable service and what it does, it does for free, although with a caveat. Download the ExpressVPN app for your device/computer. What is Reddit Karma and How does it work?

Countries that Block Reddit

SSTP Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol. The site has also developed its own “shoot-straight-from-the-hip” culture, which tends to strongly favor those who share honest, well-developed opinions. Submenu footer – about us, tLS can also be used to build VPNs, such as in OpenConnect and OpenVPN. Why are VPNs slow in China? Some people like them but others criticize them. Anyway, if you find some interesting info, please share it in comments bellow.

Wi-Fi hotspots aren’t particularly secure things, but with a VPN you can be confident that nobody’s eavesdropping when you do your online banking or send the boss your top secret world domination plans. It keeps a strict no-logs policy, and its apps feature a built-in kill switch to prevent unprotected data leaving the network if your connection fails. – Apps should be easy to install and use. The best vpn deals this week*, via a particularly fast internet connection, it was always fast enough for even the highest quality streaming, but it doesn’t consistently have the region-shifting chops to support that. It has apps for all popular platforms, and if it doesn’t, it most likely supports them anyway.

They responded by saying that we only share bandwidth limit and connection time information of recent 5 days but do not share your browsing history. This no-logs service is far from cheap, but it delivers on every promise. So if you want something much better than one of the best free VPN choices, Nord would be an obvious choice. Now, let’s have a look at 7 Best working VPN for Disney Plus in 2020: ExpressVPN is suggested for many purposes, even for using in China. Our main issue here is the five-device limit on the basic plans. Moreover, the service does not log the subscribers’ information and follows a strict no-logging policy. This website has become well-known among netizens from all over the world.

The Best VPN for Netflix According to Reddit

It creates an encrypted tunnel where all your data passes through. Five out of the six servers that we tested were successful in unblocking Netflix. In the Reddit VPN Reviews below, we won’t be testing the features or the performance of any VPN, rather we will just curate user reviews on each best service 1. One of the reasons why many Redditors have opted for NordVPN, is the fact that this Panamanian provider offers a high level of security. This provider is ranked high on Reddit because of its reliability and perfect customer support.

As of early 2020, almost nobody has heard about Surfshark.

The speeds are great and i am able to stream stuff that i previously couldn't from this region due to geo blocking. This video explains how VPNs work and best practices for choosing a VPN in China. That is the biggest server park we’ve seen. Different pieces of software automate the process for you. In some countries, authorities adhere to strict measures towards violations of copyright laws. A false story about the company’s logging and data practices circulated in 2020 that led to massive misrepresentations about how they operate. Starting at $39. That’s out of over 78 reviews so far.

As of recent though, the provider has eliminated all leak issues, after I performed a thorough WebRTC/DNS/IP leak test from 6 different tools in the marketplace, which include IPLeak, Browser Leaks, Perfect Privacy DNS Leak Test, etc. IPVanish is another strong performer in our VPN tests. But a short trial can only tell you so much, so once that's expired, pay for a month, run as many tests as you can, then upgrade to a better value plan (usually yearly) if you're still happy. Vpn provider, best of all, with one NordVPN account, you can secure up to 6 devices at the same time. Complete DNS Leak Protection: We’ve read a bunch of comments on Reddit. Netflix recommends 1. And with a 30-day money-back guarantee you can try it risk free.