Whats the Best VPN for Torrenting?

What VPN service can you trust for a premium Torrent VPN experience? Below you’ll find a detailed insight into the main reasons why I chose these 5 as the best VPNs in the business that also supports P2P or torrenting. You can avoid this headache if you use the VPN to torrent. And all these features are available for one of the lowest prices on the market: With origin in the Cayman Islands, it is widely known for its hefty security features and great privacy/no-logging policies. Secondary but essential factors are infinite data bandwidth and high speed. It is one of the few VPNs that has undergone (and passed) independent third-party audits:

IPVanish Network designed for torrenting, but doesn’t unblock Netflix Surfshark A high-speed, privacy-conscious VPN that actively encourages torrenting PrivateVPN Great up-and-coming VPN with no logs and extremely fast connections StrongVPN Simple design and zero logs. However, among the legal issues, torrenting could be a threat to your privacy, can infect you through malware, and can expose you to snoopers such as internet providers, hackers, and government agencies. Another great feature you get with Perfect Privacy is the TrackStop filter, which effectively blocks advertisements, tracking, and malware/phishing domains at the VPN server level. We’ll start with paid VPN services the characteristics of which take care of all the mentioned parameters (unlike those of free VPNs). What’s in this article? Read more on this:. Surfshark VPN is ahead of the curve in technological advancement. Torrenting is allowed on all Surfshark servers, including countries where P2P sharing is forbidden.

  • Right now, we consider HideIPVPN the fastest VPN among those we've tested.
  • And how does it work?
  • Along with that, NordVPN also offers online customers with the Onion over VPN feature, which adds even more layers to the user’s privacy.
  • Five devices can connect at a time under one plan.
  • Speed is important.
  • Some letters, in particular those subsequent to an initial notification, threaten or inform of account closure, fines, or legal action.

The L2TP/IPSec tunneling protocol with 256-bit encryption ensures top-notch protection while you seed or leech torrents from different sites. There are hardly any virtual private network services that offer more security than NordVPN for the same amount of money. How to Torrent using VPN?

Most media files are protected by copyright laws, so obtaining such files without obtaining the appropriate approval is illegal.

Best VPN for Torrenting – P2P File Sharing – 2020

You can read the NordVPN review for detailed test results. However, there are other solid VPN providers that will still do the job and could match your expectations. Torrents could be a real threat in terms of virus and malware invasion. Since torrenting can put you at extreme risk, NordVPN offers not only P2P optimized servers but also generates the best security features for it. This is the reason why IPVanish has little qualms about offering customers a zero-logs premium VPN service. The provider’s apps deliver fast connections and provide easy-to-use yet optimal protection for your uTorrent activities. Have you ever heard of Popcorn Time? Even more impressively, CyberGhost has an entire mode selection feature to help you torrent anonymously ensuring maximum security.

But a good VPN will usually be fast enough to work comfortably for your torrenting needs. One must keep this fact in mind that all VPNs are not the same. One example is the website I Know What You Download. Countries such as Switzerland is widely considered as one of the best locations to download torrents safely. You can easily download torrents with numerous online apps like Filestream. OpenVPN protocol, server authentication, HMAC authentication, control-channel encryption, data-channel encryption, and perfect forward secrecy are some of the added technologies that reinforce the security of your torrenting connections. Try it out on up to 10 devices, risk-free thanks to the 7-day refund guarantee. Another strategy to opt a VPN for torrenting is by checking whether its located outside the U.

ExpressVPN has a highly-responsive chat-support system. It also allows you to access geo-restricted services such as Facebook, Netflix, Amazon, and so on. Port forwarding is a powerful feature that is used for bypassing firewalls. Fast speeds and unlimited bandwidth are a big factor.

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And IPVanish is so confident about its virtual private network service that it offers all customers a seven-day money-back guarantee. The VPN can also support Bitcoin and it has a clear privacy policy with no logs. If you’re do a lot of torrent downloading, go and grab yourself a subscription plan of CyberGhost today. With VPN torrenting, your real IP address is hidden and replaced with a different one, so you can’t be identified. This is where kill-switch kicks in; it will stop the Internet connection until VPN established its connection again.

The Best VPNs of 2020

As far as the negatives are concerned, we’ve noted that NordVPN does not support P2P transfers on some of its servers. Lots of VPNs track real user IP addresses which can be used to identify individual users. One of the most popular VPNs worldwide, IPVanish takes privacy very seriously and has been built with torrenting in mind. Recently, the Digital Economy Act was passed into law in the UK.

If VPN does meet these criteria, all other aspects automatically meet. Of course, NordVPN is helped by the fact that the company is based in Panama of all places. Even after it increased its prices not too long ago, the provider remained one of the cheaper VPN service options. According to user reviews, Express VPN also has great performance qualities. This is not a strategy that we recommend.

In all states but the UAE, China, Iran, Russia, and several other ones that censor the internet, using virtual private networks is perfectly legal.

CyberGhost VPN – Easy to Use Torrenting VPN

Even if they received a legal request to hand over information, they wouldn’t have anything to share. However, it has set aside some torrenting-optimized servers that offer high-speed P2P connections and are just perfect for your torrenting needs. The higher the speed the better. 00/month 12-month plan: If you’re after a completely anonymous experience, you could opt for a VPN that lets you sign up with a burner email and pay with cryptocurrency. As a torrent website that may be available in one state may be blocked in other. Shared IPs Cons: The inconvenience of use.

Speed Flucuates

Peer-to-peer file-sharing technology is legal and is actually pretty awesome. If you are serious about security and online anonymity, this Switzerland-based, no logs VPN service is tough to beat. Up to 5 simultaneous device connections.

Surfshark VPN will ensure online privacy for your whole family – simple and intuitive on the outside with a robust security mechanism inside. Expressvpn: top premium service, it owns and operate its entire network infrastructure, which means it has no externally dictated limits on bandwidth or the type of traffic allowed on the network. Early in 2020, Netherlands’ privacy watchdog, Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens (AP), gave permission to Dutch Filmworks to collect IP addresses of anyone illegally downloading content. Even if they do so, they will comply with DMCA notices and give access to their servers, as mentioned by Betternet.


The pricing plan is: Normally, VPNs slow you down; the key is making that difference as small as possible. Encryption and security, such comprehensive research ensures you take out unsuitable software products and buy the system that meets all the function your business requires to be successful. It can unblock plenty of popular streaming services, including Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video. While we’re not legal experts in German law, the consensus of what to do if you receive a letter is also similar to the US: If an ISP discovers that one of its customers is using P2P software to share copyrighted files, the ISP can throttle their internet connection or temporarily (or even permanently) turn it off. Plus, you can get 3 months for free when you buy a 1-year plan.

Since VPNs use overhead encryption, your torrenting speeds are going to suffer. Here’s what you need to look out for in the best torrenting VPNs: As if that’s not enough, this VPN is equipped with a built-in feature that enables users to switch IPs every so often, like every 60 seconds. It supports PPTP. Some torrenting VPNs lack performance, while others put your privacy at risk by leaking your information. There are more than 1300 servers in over 75 locations across the globe.

To support Torrenting, NordVPN has separate P2P servers in surveillance free zones which makes it the best VPN for Torrenting. Apart from features such as secure UDP/OpenVPN protocols, kill switch, and DNS protection, PrivateVPN also offers 19 optimized p2p servers, which makes it perfect for torrent users. While you are downloading torrents, your IP address is not just visible to your ISP but it is exposed to all the users who are downloading the same torrent file at that time. 56, a 1-year plan for $71. So, in terms of jurisdiction, you’re also in safe hands.

Furthermore, if you use one of the logless VPNs on this list, the VPN provider won’t have any user information to hand over when hit with a DMCA notice or settlement letter.

Why I don’t recommend such free VPN services for torrenting as Hola VPN and Hoxx VPN

Failing that, at a minimum, you need a VPN that allows torrenting, doesn’t keep logs, and provides a kill switch in its desktop apps. Some say’s that Port forwarding improves their download speeds by giving access to torrent clients and connect with more peers. No leaking, as you'd imagine, is also vitally important. This is also important because internet service providers often limit and discourage users from torrenting by throttling their BitTorrent traffic. That’s a huge concern in our view. Windows defender scans ‘failing’ after the latest windows 10 update, if you want a VPN for political reasons, this article cannot help. Stores no logs and uses tunneling techniques for good security and privacy.

Without further ado, let’s look at our list of the 5 best VPNs for P2P file-sharing: Of course, the more secure your plan, the better. NAT Firewall even reduces download speed. Thankfully, the majority of VPN services provide unlimited bandwidth, so check for that feature.

Can I Use a Free VPN for Torrenting?

Now I will cover important features of all 5 VPNs. Try BTGuard Now! Switzerland – free to torrent as you please. Everything and anything you do on the internet, still puts you, your data and your devices at risk. If you’re using a properly secure VPN, you will not encounter this problem as your actual IP address will not be seen by anybody. Since, all the torrent sharers are downloading the same file so they can see each other’s IP addresses, which expose your privacy over BitTorrent. It is undoubtedly faster than other VPNs and provides wide torrenting coverage across all its servers. While it’s a risk, it’s totally up to you if it’s worth taking or not.

If you really want to give it a try, here are some decent picks.

What features make a great VPN for torrenting?

This fine is usually around 100 Euros. NordVPN caters to client data protection with advanced encryption modules. Apart from barring creation of logs, it also doesn’t allow the creation of connection logs used for troubleshooting. Copyright trolls are also prevalent in the United States. You can see from the table that a Freemium VPN can be used for torrenting but only partially. 5/5 52 Several P2P servers, Affordable pricing.

A bittorrent client is a software which seeks out the trackers and compares the bittorrent file to start the download of the file pieces. Characteristics of ZenMate: Unblock any torrent site for $4. A proxy, encrypted chat, and self-destructing encrypted notes are extra features included in each subscription. 9 anonymity level, 5 connection, wide range of P2P servers, fastest speed, Strict zero-logs policy, Netflix working, 30-day refund policy, currently on sale 33% OFF.

One of the faster options Cons: – Encryption ensures third parties cannot snoop on the activity of the VPN user. This feature lets you customize the app to encrypt just your P2P traffic and whitelist other traffic like gaming or browsing. What is clearos and how can , a, Hong Kong, and other European countries. While torrenting, the entire file is not downloaded from a single location. Not all countries are P2P/ Torrenting friendly and have legal implications for downloading via Torrent, so a VPN should ideally be based outside of surveillance legislations e.

How To Select The Best Torrenting VPN

The feature that allows NordVPN to offer customers more security than almost any other VPN is its Double VPN feature. Torrent users should know that there are a lot of people who are trying to watch their activities over the internet. They will only be different if you’re using a Socks5 proxy inside your torrent client. With that in mind, all the providers we chose have limitless bandwidth so there is nothing like throttling or downloading halt when you use them. Should i still use a vpn if i already use a proxy? Simple, clear, efficient interface, PrivateVPN works! This large pool of users makes it next to impossible to trace torrenting activity back to a single person. Superior service!


In-depth Review of the Top VPN For Torrenting With Features and Comparison. Though not as fast as ExpressVPN, IPVanish delivers satisfactory speeds across a lot of its servers. Websites are now publicly posting all torrent activity associated with your IP address, which can be viewed by anyone and used to prosecute and fine you for copyright violations.

You could get into trouble if you’re watching copyrighted content. For more details, see the ExpressVPN torrenting page or check out my ExpressVPN review. It has an absolutely free plan with limited traffic from 2 to 15 Gb per month with the opportunity to choose from 10 countries.

NordVPN is another great VPN for torrenting.

Most of the software files are uploaded by the businesses to avoid any risk or vulnerability and of course, it’s a simple method to deliver the file to every employee. Netflix, Hulu, BBC, DAZN, HBO GO, Amazon Prime Video, Sky Go Port forwarding: It offers both paid and free subscriptions. P2P traffic is permitted across all servers and with no bandwidth limits, you can torrent as much as you like. Holavpn, internet service providers in league with music, film and video game producers as well as sellers have not had much success with any sort of ban owing to the existence of torrents. That’s a huge bonus, as it means that you can connect this service to every computer in the house. Ivacy VPN – 🏆 Best VPN for torrenting activities.

Our #1 rated VPN

The UDP option will give you faster torrenting speeds. We saved the best for last! So the user’s real IP address would remain safe no matter if you’re browsing from Australia, the U.

When it comes to security, we often say that it's better to think of tools like VPNs as raising the effort required to successfully attack you. Once being created for easy and fast file-sharing, now torrenting is associated with such words as copyright infringement and piracy. All the VPNs we recommend protect against this type of leak. Boasting a wide range of server locations, this VPN for torrenting provides unlimited bandwidth on all servers. Copyright holders empower copyright trolls to log the IP addresses of torrenters and contact them demanding payment. Switzerland, Spain, Poland, the Netherlands, and Canada. The combination of a safe jurisdiction and the commitment of NordVPN to protecting user privacy with no logs is what makes this service a great choice as a bittorrent VPN.