Turbo VPN: Safe and Easy in Use (Retested in 2020*)

There are no trackers or ad injection. Turbo VPN is a leak-free service. If you want to read it later, there's a link in the About Us page in the app. These can be complicated documents, especially when advertising is involved.

As you will see from the steps below, the process is relatively straightforward. For example, this VPN service has a total of 286 VPN servers which are in turn located in over 190+ countries. Intended for $20 united states dollar each year, you can get access to the actual service presents, but shelling out really isn’t very the sole thing that is necessary to be able to guarantee a remarkable experience with nintendo’s internet game playing support.

  • When a provider has a large server network, it means that each user gets more bandwidth.
  • In addition, the VPN gives itself permission to collect massive amounts of invasive data about people’s devices, local network, ISP, advertising identifiers, device identifying numbers, and much more.
  • Instead, it was trying to connect me automatically to the fastest server, sometimes switching randomly.
  • Some readers dislike virtual servers because their data might end up in a country they did not intend, whose laws might have unpleasant implications for their traffic.
  • All prices include applicable local sales taxes.

On the other hand, Turbo VPN has okay speeds, is easy to install and use, and can even bypass the Great Firewall of China. This suggests that users are unknowingly being used as endpoints in a P2P-like bandwidth network – i. Furthermore, to stay secure, you’ll need to use the company’s browser (it’s built into the VPN). We already discussed that the app is available for free as well as in a paid version. Several local VPN providers were made to close their expert services. In this article, we are going to look in more detail at just how safe Turbo VPN actually is to give you an honest insight into exactly what you are signing up for if you use them.

Once picking a best VPN just like Ipvanish or VPN share, you might want to be positive your quality VPN assistance also supplies coverage to get mobile and if that you simply a Home windows user, ensure you go for a VPN for windows.

The Criteria

Even though Turbo VPN allows torrenting, it doesn't have a dedicated server for a P2P connection, neither on free version nor paid version. As a free VPN, Turbo VPN also carries the same risks as other free VPNs. The short answer is no, we don’t, because Turbo VPN’s cons outweigh the pros. NordVPN, for example, lets you connect to Tor via the company's VPN servers.

This means even if you encounter any issue with the service, you don’t have anywhere to turn to for guidance or troubleshooting tips. I tried the Turbo VPN app on my iPad. The larger the provider’s server network is, the faster your connection is likely to be. When everything is said and done, Turbo VPN is still just a VPN service which only supports mobile devices. In 2020, hacking collective Anonymous accused VPN Book of being a honeypot for law enforcement after logs from the provider showed up in court documents. This is probably one of the most significant metrics when selecting a service. Why is ProtonVPN the best though.

  • It could help you get around geo-restrictions if you want to use something like SoundCloud, Pandora, or others, but that is all you should expect from it.
  • The big attraction of Turbo VPN is that it is free and the truth is that if you choose a free VPN, you will always be compromising your safety and privacy.
  • SecurityKISS is an Ireland-based VPN provider with both free and paid tiers.
  • Netflix content is geo-locked, meaning that it is based on your geographic location, so being able to use a VPN to ‘trick’ Netflix into thinking that you were accessing the web from another country was a perfect way to unblock everything.
  • Sadly, the browsing experience turned out to be a bit sluggish.
  • But you barely notice it since usually it decreases by 10% or 20%.

What Do We Look At?

Overall, Turbo VPN is a simple, easy-to-use VPN for iOS and Android. Weighing all the pros and cons, I have to pass on this VPN. 🕵 why is it hard to find a good service in the play market? That said, 100+ million users have downloaded the app on Google Play Store.

It’s in the same range as leading providers like ExpressVPN and NordVPN. Of course, there were others that weren’t so great, so they balanced each other out. Turbo VPN delivers an expensive monthly plan but its annual package is quite cheap as compared to its monthly plan. Also, this means that the VPN may not be encrypting your data, thus giving you a false sense of security. You connect the VPN with a single tap. Are those functions enough for common and complex tasks? Readers of this TurboVPN review will be reassured to know that the provider utilizes the OpenVPN tunneling protocol. #4 cyberghost, yes, they are. And the market currently has a plethora of VPN services to offer.

Their iOS VPN app can be downloaded via the iTunes app store. Countries that are in the 14 eyes Jurisdiction have international surveillance alliances, meaning that they share all the collected data about you and every other person. If you choose the VIP service, you get the following benefits.

So, you may be wondering if the company has set up solid security systems, and we have helped you find out.

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Looking over the app, I found that Turbo VPN appears to offer 26 server locations. You deserve more options, like the VPNs on our top 10 list. You will be asked to agree to their Privacy Policy. It’s logging policy is extremely vague, saying, “we have to automatically record some information from your web browser additional/or client software. The users from Africa and the Middle East may get slower speeds as compared to the rest of the users. With the EU server, download rates were 6. We ran them at 2 different locations, separated by 13 miles on different dates at different times.

Turbo VPN is essentially a mobile-only VPN service.

Use IPsec on Android for easy connecting

If you cannot stream Netflix videos, you may feel that there’s no point to using a VPN service. When you use Opera VPN, the company still tracks what you do online and uses that data to sell ads, in particular by using the browser’s unique device ID. As the above screen capture demonstrates, Turbo collects a great deal of information on its customers. No IP or DNS Leaks - Great! 99/month, billed monthly 12 months: In third place is TorGuard that offers users 3000 plus servers after it recently upgraded its VPN server network and other facilities.

However, I prefer OpenVPN to it, so long reconnections were a big problem for me. With this, you may be better with a VPN that covers all your devices especially one that you can install on your router to encrypt traffic on streaming devices or gaming consoles. – Encryption & Features Jurisdiction – Is Turbo VPN safe? For whatever reasons we don’t know, we were only able to access Hulu and YouTube. You’ll be in the dark about the security you’re getting when you use this VPN. It's also based in Panama, so there is no jurisdiction in the world that can force it to hand over any information on you.

In Restricted Networks

TurboVPN also has no other payment options other than you paying for its plans through the Google Play or the iOS app stores. The user can do that with the help of Google Play. When considering what you’ll receive for these prices, we think that you’d be better off purchasing VPN services from another site.

Check out our list of Best VPNs for China. Secure connection protocols, the company has many servers scattered across 20 countries around the world, which include the United Kingdom, the United States, Brazil, France, Canada, Japan, and Singapore. Features of Turbo VPN Some of the notable features include: If you want to get rid of ads, access higher speeds, choose which servers you want to connect to, and use it on more than one device, you will need to pay for their VIP service.

Below, you’ll find some of the most significant “Cons” associated with Turbo VPN. D-link dir-885l ac3150 mu-mimo ultra wi-fi router, this technology makes VPN encryption speeds faster. Torrenting is not allowed. Still, we had to check whether this VPN is a good pick for that or not. No, not at all. The fact that the company also lacks an informative and coherent web presence is also something to take notice of. Well, you will find out in this review. It means that people in locations where websites blocks are common can unblock the internet to regain access to news or online services they require. The ads aren’t exactly intrusive, but they can get a little irritating.

  • This VPN provides no troubleshooting guides for getting the VPN working, and, it has no information on how consumers can unblock content.
  • Turbo VPN is one of the most popular VPN applications on mobile, particularly for Android where it has over 10 million downloads from the Google Play Store.
  • As mentioned before in this TurboVPN review, this VPN is registered under the Chinese Jurisdiction.
  • Not just that but a cell VPN can help definitely lower the sum of information use consumed with your cell approach.

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So from there on out I was no longer interested in the trial or at least purchasing vip because of that. Credit where credit is due, Turbo VPN did surprise us with its statement that the company does not engage in logging the IP addresses which are assigned to users when they connect to the internet via the company’s VPN servers. The claim is that they collect minimal personal info which is good. And this was not the only reason for conducting the test. The difference is the performance of a paid-for VPN and a free VPN is absolutely enormous and for the small subscription fees they charge, it really is a no-brainer.

With such a spotty support system too, it's hard to confirm and if anything goes wrong with your service, getting a response is far from easy. The users who don’t have a Turbo VPN server in their region may experience a bit slower speeds. In fact, using Turbo VPN together with BitTorrent is strictly forbidden: The company got off to a bad start with us, when we noticed its website didn't support or redirect secure HTTPS connections.

95 per month but offers access to more than 5,500 servers worldwide and all the features you could want out of a VPN, it’s easy to see that Turbo VPN’s premium value is meager at best. Most free VPNs tend to skimp out on security measures. Although primarily used as a free VPN, consumers do get the option to upgrade to a VIP version of the service. A much better result, and a little surprising. Paired with OpenVPN is government-level AES-256 encryption. That said, the price of the VIP package definitely doesn’t reflect the added value.

Turbo VPN doesn’t have any advanced features.


How to choose the server for Turbo VPN? Typically the provider possesses lately developed a web site but it contains very little information regarding the lending institution. PureVPN – My PureVPN review uncovered many problems. However, the difference was minimal. Turbo VPN has no support for desktop devices. The first reason is that cybercriminals and hackers lurk around popular torrenting websites and set traps up for normal users. Please view our list of the cheapest VPN providers of quality if cost is a concern and do not use this dubious, yet frustratingly popular, VPN.

Even the best hacking programs in the world cannot break AES-256 encryption. They seem to have quite a large social media presence, at least on Facebook. Some offer greater freedom, while others offer security. This crucial detail isn’t mentioned anywhere on Spotflux’s website. However, it is still annoying to experience a slow internet.

We also mention if the VPN uses perfect forward secrecy, or PFS, which prevents past sessions of VPN traffic from being decrypted if the current encryption key is compromised. Even if it doesn’t sound so bad, let’s compare it with ExpressVPN. A slow connection speed and questionable logging policies start off a plethora of problematic issues. However, it then goes on to read: Our tests should be considered as a snapshot for comparison between services. Your preferred VPN may have a no-logs policy and access Netflix, but if it leaks your IP details, it’s worthless. Even if that weren’t the case, we would argue against using Turbo VPN for torrenting because the service has no kill switch feature – something that is quite important for secure P2P use. My testing identified continuous IPv6 leaks, IPv4 leaks, and DNS leaks with their VPN applications.

Server Locations And Servers

But since there is a free service on offer as well, it evens it out. It offers 7 days free trial including OpenVPN protocol feature. How to create an american roku account, but often enough, services such as Unlocator offer users a Smart DNS proxy service which comes with a free seven-days usage trial. Yes, we know what a VPN does!

Turbo VPN Pros & Cons

The service keep no logs and allows torrenting on a select few servers, but not its fastest ones. Almost $12 for such limited features? AnchorFree Hotspot Shield also offers an ad-supported free Android VPN.

It even includes a picture of a hare in its logo and branding. The price is more or less the same. As you can see, timestamps are stored next to IP addresses. Are you captivated with the ideas presented in the first two sentences? And if you’re looking for the best value for money, take a good look at PureVPN. HatVPN – HatVPN was listed as #7 on the Top 10 most malware-infected Android VPN apps.

Both apps have the same interfaces, and so they are inherently easy to use. For anybody willing to pay for this service, the premium version does unblock Netflix US with its VIP US servers. We've found that based on Android speed testing results alone, that NordVPN is the fastest VPN on this platform. Bandwidth limit refers to the maximum download/upload speed you can utilize while connected to the VPN. The app was developed by Innovative Connecting – a Singapore company and thus functioning within the context of the 14 Eyes surveillance alliance (Singapore is a partner). The VPN service I am discussing today is unique in its own right. There’s nothing even remotely worth it about this app to justify such a price.

Trustworthiness – Logging Policy, Support & Reddit Reviews

The total number of servers matters because the more there are, the more likely you are to find an uncrowded server where you can enjoy a bigger slice of the bandwidth pie. Nonetheless, the company’s privacy policy raises some concerns. See our list of the Top 5 VPN providers right now for a better choice.