TunnelBear VPN review: Privacy for the masses, but no Netflix

This is done using the TLS 1. Records concerning how much data is used by individual customers also are maintained. This didn’t happen to me, but that’s hardly a big deal. Overall, I have given this VPN service 3. Accordingly, U. TunnelBear does not offer instant support that discourages users to use this VPN. Enter your email address to submit your review, you can easily search this app in Google. TunnelBear VPN offers applications for Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android.

  • How can you make sure that you can trust this service?
  • The support staff is very friendly, and responses via the online form usually take 24 hours or slightly less.
  • To dive a bit deeper into what this application offers, you can click on the ‘hamburger-style’ button in the top-left corner.
  • Similar to the Windows app, the macOS app of TunnelBear is just as good.
  • TunnelBear apps for Windows and macOS are pretty similar, save for the Settings.

This is all fairly standard for many providers and does not breach your privacy. Ip & dns leaks, and you may run into issues when trying to use Tor on mobile devices, but there are options for that as well. Do you watch movies with Kodi? TunnelBear is a modest VPN provider with the standard VPN features, meager server coverage and limited platform support and pricing options. Overall, TunnelBear's Windows client isn't bad, and if your needs are simple you might find it works much like any other. Loopholes in the logging policy mean that more logs are kept than ideal. The free plan allows users to get a taste of the service, though 500 Mb per month certainly won't be enough to use the service for anything considerable (such as streaming movies with privacy).

TunnelBear also provides an Android VPN app that uses OpenVPN, and is similar in design to the iPhone version. Tunnelbear will work as a Linux VPN, however, it is important to note that Linux user will require the third-party OpenVPN client. Download smart iptv latest version app for windows 10 ... Also, as you will see below, TunnelBear’s logs have a bit of extra information that might prove to be interesting for the authorities. A good VPN service allows you to connect more than one computer or device to its network under one account.

Most of the top VPN brands hover around 50, others approach 100, and others go for 140-150 or even +200, like HideMyAss. No logging LOCATIONS: TunnelBear does slow down your connection. A british security company leaks five billion records online (update), because once you’re online, it’d be as if you’re accessing the world wide web from your VPN owner’s system. And once you either sign in or make an account, the app will take you through what you can do: When running speed tests, I would frequently get a latency connection error. If you’re connecting to a UK or European endpoint to maximise speed while retaining privacy, TunnelBear’s a good bet, safely exceeding the 81Mbps UK group average and 89Mbps Netherlands average during testing.

  • TunnelBear Position In Our Categories Because companies have unique business wants, it is logical they steer clear of buying a one-size-fits-all, ideal solution.
  • The site’s help section is extensive and automatically responds to help emails with articles using the keywords discussed.
  • Linux – TunnelBear supports Linux, even though they currently do not have a dedicated Linux app.
  • Sadly, this is a general expectation with free VPN services, and may even be a tactic to encourage users to upgrade.
  • OpenVPN and IPSec/IKEv2 combined enhance security by providing 256-bit AES protection, but the IPSec protocol comes with a 128-bit AES encryption.
  • This is because Netflix is bound by contracts, some of which block them from providing content outside of prescribed regions.
  • Although its speeds might be up to the job, TunnelBear isn’t a good choice if you’re looking for a region-shifting VPN to watch overseas streaming media.

Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, we were still unable to get Netflix to work. Testing revealed that watching Netflix while TunnelBear is active is virtually impossible. I also ran some tests with the Tunnelbear server in Canada, and the results were slightly better at around 29 Mbps. However, it can be found exclusively on Windows, Mac OS X, and Android clients. Best for general users, depending on where the company has its corporate headquarters, local laws may require the company to retain user data. TunnelBear does offer a solid privacy policy and strong security, so if your primary goal is secure and private browsing, then it could be a good fit.