Avast SecureLine VPN Review

If you’re not impressed, I live in a part of Australia that’s not too speedy, and my son was gaming at the time. There were times when we used it and were able to connect the Netflix. You can if your IP address is exposed using www. Next, I mentioned above how Avast Secureline will connect you to the most optimal server. You will be protected against phishing sites that try to steal confidential information of users through fake websites. Connecting to an overseas server was even slower. Avast’s single Mac or PC price is average when it comes to VPN pricing. In summary, the SecureLine client is easy to download and install.

The software won’t ask you to share any credit card info or even register – the 7-day trial can be used completely anonymously. Hopefully, the provider will add this option in the near future. Unfortunately, these connections aren’t always as secure as they seem to be. This might be a drawback for people who want complete privacy while browsing the net. Still, customer support (via email and live chat) is only available for paying customers. With DNS leak protection, the user can easily bypass the geo restrictions without exposing the actual device location. We do like it when there are no unnecessary clicks involved.

In fact, you can download free VPN plugins for most browsers that provide similar services, and you won’t have to pay a monthly or annual fee.

66/mo and deserve 3. Generally, the longer the encryption keys, the safer a VPN. The security measures will also undergo some serious scans, and we don’t remember the last time we did not make a big fuss about the speed on a VPN service. Feel free to leave your comment below. At the time there were 100 million people using Whatsapp in Brazil – all looking for a way to avoid the ban. 0 Ice Cream Sandwich or higher.

This trend suggests that Avast VPN will continue to develop and there are no reasons to shut down this line of business. They are on the screenshot below: Although, Avast Premier also offers subscriptions for more than one device.

The program offers secure DNS leak protection to keep your information from leaking from the VPN tunnel and has a nifty Kill-Switch which will shut down your work as soon as it detects a loss of connection. Setup kodi on iphone and ipad, moreover, running a large app like Kodi will require high processing and storage that most Smart TVs lack. Coming back to the preferences menu, you can use it to set your own preferences on how you want the VPN to behave. The company is based in the Czech Republic, which does not fall under 5-eyes countries.

We dug a little deeper and found a SecureLine FAQ.


We found the support responsive, polite and helpful; the response to one query was a little short on detail, telling us basic instructions on which locations to use for P2P, but not the best way to access them. You will enjoy the full features of Avast's VPN service during the trial period. 8 of Avast VPN servers are optimized for torrenting. So far, so not-very-great, but the picture improved when we logged back into the New York server and were able to view Netflix content without difficulty. 0 stars rating in our Avast SecureLine VPN review. It can slow your internet connection a bit, but the overall speeds are among the fastest among VPN services.

Got interested? Which means there’s also a little bad news we found when running these security tests. It’s really hard to find a VPN service that allows you to unblock geo-restricted content on Netflix. A brief search on Avast forums shows that once there seemingly was such a possibility:


Avast doesn’t give you too many technical choices, which is why it could be a great start for a beginner but certainly won’t impress a VPN enthusiast. Plus, servers that support torrenting are clearly marked. The app also has an automatic kill switch that is turned on by default. What’s good, NordVPN is equipped with a server recommendation picker—on the provider’s website/app—so you can connect to the best server for torrenting. App description / key features, you can also use Andy OS to install Turbo VPN – Unlimited Free VPN for PC. This feature supports business-to-business (B2B) web applications and P2P file sharing. I tested the Windows client on a Lenovo ThinkPad T460s laptop running Windows 10. But for the moment, you’ll need to use a different VPN if you want to watch Netflix. The user can use one of these servers to fulfill their needs on the network.

We tested 16 servers over the period of one week and most of them provided us with reliable performances and somewhat subpar speeds. The company promises never to track the apps you use, the websites you visit, or the content you consume. Or, you can try to look for coupons/discounts on third-party sites; however, we recommend against that.

No Netflix Support

They achieve this by creating a secure, encrypted tunnel between your computer and the VPN server. Restricted content, we also look over the service's terms, conditions, and privacy policy. 3 Mbps (drop-off 99%) Ping: Also, the pricing for the different products and services can be quite confusing.

Requesting a refund is easy. 99 per year for a single PC license. 5 Devices for one year – $79. Privacy concerns have increased lately spurred on by the Cambridge Analytica scandal that was revealed in 2020.

How to Use Avast VPN on Mac?

That said – it is also an opportunity for a VPN to distinguish itself with fast server and optimal connection locations. Just like with streaming, Avast VPN has servers dedicated to torrenting. One major downside for us is the fact that the VPN does not consistently work with streaming services like Netflix. No one wants to be monitored by any entity in the world. Another nice feature is the way that Avast makes it easy to install the VPN on multiple devices. The software activates after one click/button push. Now, a few seconds of exposed IP address may not be enough for cyber thugs to latch onto your connection.

At its very top, there’s a slightly worrying statement: Though these may be widely used, they may not be the ideal fit for your particular wants. You can pay for your subscription in different ways: Of course, you may only use Kodi to access geo-restricted TV shows and not those “shady” torrenting add-ons with free movie libraries. But in the end, there are just too many issues to overlook. It's a heavy-duty VPN, but isn't the easiest to use or navigate.

Fast Download Speed

In other words, during our tests, we were able to access the US version of Netflix from Europe without any problems. 8 Mbps Visit Site ExpressVPN 106. Click the text on the bottom to indicate that you already have an activation code and enter it to validate your subscription. 00 per month (billed $59. )

Firstly, the company proposes double-quick servers. Instead, Avast VPN uses the IPsec protocol for macOS and iOS. A German location was added and server speeds increased. This is the standalone pricing for only one license, costing Windows and Mac customers $59. As you can see, my real location in the US was hidden. Popular vpns that keep usage logs, the providers we recommend above keep a strict no-logs policy and offer the best all-round protection and security. Think of your email address, a user name, password, and payment method. Plus, it has a user-friendly interface and above-average customer support.

It has a wide range of products which intend to increase the security of the user’s data and privacy. The privacy policy confirms that Avast SecureLine VPN doesn’t collect any data about your activity online. A variety of tests prove the fact that Avast does have a fast VPN service. You gain additional protection while using free Wi-Fi networks. Downloading was reasonably easy when using the specialized P2P servers provided by Avast. (6 monthly) for Avast Secureline.

To use SecureLine with iOS or Android devices, you'll need to get a separate license that costs $19.
  • One can expect a straightforward approach to app design from such a mainstream company as Avast.
  • Secureline is only accessible on four operating systems, which are Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.
  • The ‘Menu’ icon displays three options which are ‘Settings,’ ‘My Licenses,’ and ‘About.
  • Avast couldn’t have made it much easier.
  • How do I get rid of Avast SecureLine VPN?
  • Disconnected – dashboard has a dark background indicating that you are not secure.
  • Even if one does, there will be no data to give to it, since SecureLine VPN keeps no usage logs.

Trustworthiness: Trustpilot Ratings, Reddit & Customer support

This is the company that gave us excellent and reliable tools like Avast Internet Security and Avast Antivirus. Unfortunately, the VPN fails to unblock Netflix USA. It supports multiple-device licenses but for only one or three devices. When testing Avast SecureLine VPN, I was happy to see that they provide 8 servers that are optimized for torrenting. Timestamps, Bandwidth, and IP Address. That may seem obvious, but some other VPN operators are hidden behind shell companies registered in offshore tax havens. It offers 55 servers in 34 countries; it’s quite low compared to its competitors with having more than 3000 servers. Meanwhile, if you need a VPN for multiple devices to use it not just for web browsing and accessing blocked websites, but also for torrenting and streaming, there are better offers on the market.

Speed without a VPN (Speedtest. Top japan server vpns, get 3 months Premium Service for Free! )Now, if this isn’t one of life’s biggest ironies, I don’t know which is. We installed the software on our Windows computer, but there are options for Android, iOS, and Mac as well. In this part of the article, we’ll take a look at the various features that both VPN providers offer, and how well both of them perform in the category. 279 Mbps Upload: It is futile to try to find a perfect off-the-shelf software product that fulfills all your business requirements.

Finally they have an up-to-date social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and others. If you want to secure more than phones and PCs, other VPNs have you covered. Then install it with just a few clicks of your mouse: No ability to change or tweak the protocol (it's strictly OpenVPN-only), no kill switch, no DNS options, little more than the ability to connect when your system starts. 256-bit AES encryption – ensures your incoming and outgoing data is secured against ISPs, malicious third parties, or other invisible snoopers. Top features:, "I didn't know the law," or "I don't agree with the law," won't hold up as defenses in a court, so make sure you can live with any potential punishments should you choose to do something legally dubious. Now there have been a few complaints about this service, where people feel the optimal server is not being connected to.

Customer Support

However, the effect is not very noticeable. The countries that Avast has servers in are: 08 pm US (Atlanta) 16. There’s also a good chance that each of your devices has a different operating system. One of the most important things that a VPN does to keep you safe is mask your IP address. It depends on the subscription plan that you’ll end up choosing. 7K+ employees in 25 offices around the world, this is, indeed, an international business.

Avast SecureLine VPN Customer Support

Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. While one provider delivered average speeds fast enough for any online activity, the other provider’s speeds could be somewhat limiting. The protocol is the best. It offers a moderate speed. This is due to a server network that featureseven on overseas locations,and support for computer and mobile devices.

More involved issues are handled by senior technical staff through online tickets or 24/7 phone support. Stand-alone apps such as this one are generally better than browser extensions. A good refund policy refund window in addition to the 7-days free trial, make this VPN more accessible to the people on the internet. It can be downloaded quickly and installed easily even if you have no idea how VPN works and what exactly it does. Governments, the military, and large corporations have been using them as a security solution for decades. Great sound on a budget: mixcder e10 review, your peace of mind is worth a few dollars per month. Speeds dropped by around 4% on a UK to UK connection, and by just 3.

This information is routinely deleted within 30 days.

Pricing and Plans for Avast SecureLine

For some regions in the UK and the US, the speed level was not enough to watch Netflix, Hulu, and other services in high quality. The overall performance of the Avast SecureLine service was acceptable. That way, no government agency can get you in trouble for looking at what you’re looking at while sitting where you’re sitting. It is clear that Avast is a much bigger company with longer experience than many of the other VPN providers on the market. While it only provides three servers and protection for one single device, privacy and speed are quite impressive. That’s still in the same area as the desktop client, though, and it’s hardly troublingly slow.