The 20 Best VPN Apps For Android To Protect Your Privacy in 2020

What about streaming? It also manipulates your IP address and makes you appear to come from a different device or location. VyprVPN offers a huge selection of over 700 servers spread across 70 countries. In terms of price, ExpressVPN is relatively expensive and starts from $8.

At the time of writing, NordVPN is also offering a three year deal for $99.

So by using a VPN, you can make sure your ISP won’t be making any extra money off you. 99 per month plan or spend $59. This is one of the best VPN apps for your Android device that can keep you hidden from any third-party server.

PrivateVPN is a good choice if you want to watch different Netflix libraries on your Android device.

When do you need VPN for mobile devices?

A totally free VPN comes with some limitation but it is going to fulfill all your basic requirements. It’s among the best for those who are really concerned about privacy. For the first seven days, you will automatically receive a free trial of ProtonVPN Plus. So, this post is an effort to list out the Best Free VPN Clients currently. This service is equally good at bypassing blocks, private data protection, safe use of torrents and streaming. Can also set it to automatically activate when the device connects to untrusted wifi networks. The connection between your device and the VPN server is securely encrypted, so your Android data is always private and secure both at home and on public WiFi. Yes, VPN is the sole solution.

It allows a bandwidth of 10 GB per month.

Streaming VPN

NordVPN is reasonably priced, too, and has a 30-day money-back guarantee if you just want to give the app a try before you commit. This is a brief overview of what a VPN is. Can work with WiFi, 3G, 4G, and all other mobile data carriers. All you need to enjoy it is to download our app. “ExpressVPN does not and will never log:

That’s where the services of the best VPN for Android come in. That makes our #1 Android VPN app pick well worth a look. I tested the servers and find them fast (even faster than ExpressVPN’s ones). As such, you can stream Netflix without a glitch. Chameleon allows users in countries with restrictive internet like China and Iran to bypass government firewalls which is a definite plus of the app. If you invite a friend to join Windscribe, you earn 1 GB of data. Although PIA VPN is US-based but it clearly stated in its privacy policy that it does not keep any logs of your Internet data. It's a little different than the options above in that it's designed from the ground up to absolutely maximise your connection speed.

Why do you need a VPN for Android?

You will probably want to import an existing config file rather than set up your own, so choose the “import” option. The nice thing about Freedome is it doesn’t require you to create an account. VPN services run servers from countries all over the planet, so just connect to one located somewhere that does not censor internet content! Anecdotally, we've found that it takes longer to establish connections when a VPN is engaged. It is also very easy to unblock any restricted websites. Equipped with an unblocking option for blocked sites and proxy site usage. In most cases it won’t influence you anyway, but there may be problems if you visit the countries where citizens are under control.

99 option bumps that up to unlimited data.

Dedicated IP As it sounds, gives you a dedicated IP address, rather than a shared one. This extension provides protection against Etags and Flash/zombie cookies and cleans DOM – Document Object Model – storage. This app is simple, free of any additional charges, and easy to use. 5 | Dedicated IPs Available | Price: You also want many locations and plenty of servers in each location, so that the network doesn’t slow down when a lot of people are using it. ExpressVPN’s transparent and well-functioning applications for Android, iPhone, Windows and MacOS left us very impressed. 760+ | Multi-Device:

User-friendly Interface

(75 per month). The pro version of the app has 47 servers, an ad-blocker, and a firewall. If you only need a VPN for a short period, a free trial of a paid plan is a better option than a free VPN.

VyprVPN Services

Our top pick for the best-rated VPN for android is Surfshark because it leads the way by offering a holistic, well-performing service. This software gives Google the ability to perform a lower level of surveillance on Android user’s devices. You can try the service for free for a week.

88 Mbps in upload. That includes unlimited bandwidth for free, no logging or user tracking, and it boasts servers all over the world. 50/month and can be used with 5 devices at the same time. This is especially helpful when connected to public WiFi. A monthly subscription will set you back $9, but you can get the price down to $4.

The most powerful of the current encryption standards is used. While the focus is clearly on security and privacy, NordVPN doesn’t lack in other areas. You can always upgrade to a paid account to get unlimited access or downgrade back to the free service. Instead, we've often suggested you use your mobile data plan because while mobile data can be intercepted, it's far less common than Wi-Fi sniffers. Now you just need to install the android app and apply the logic devices to automatically access the electric appliances in your house or any place where electric appliances are a handful. I recommend using Surfshark on Android for its no-logging policy, strong protocols which you can choose in the settings, and Kill Switch.

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Using a VPN is, therefore, a safe bet to secure your online activity on the internet. If you are in need of a completely free VPN that isn’t likely to restrict your bandwidth, CyberGhost is a fantastic option they’re among the few that don’t. Now there are several free VPN for Popcorn Time which can be used. For example, some of them offer free access only for it to turn out to be temporary later on. An easy-to-use service, the ExpressVPN app pioneered the concept of the one-click connect. The limited 3-year offer is clearly the best choice in terms of overall value. It provides an optimal security system on any data connection, whether WiFi or other cellular data connections. If you’re not willing to cough up some funds, you’re not going to be getting the first-class service.

It has a free option, but once you hit 1GB you’ll be asked to pay for premium, which starts at $5 per month. Still, if you want a premium VPN for a very, very low price, Surfshark is the way to go. You’re placing a lot of trust in the VPN service you choose, and some of them have questionable policies when it comes to privacy. Of course, not all VPN providers offer the same service. Upgrading gets you unlimited data and access to all of its servers. Server selection is dealt with on a separate screen similar to the VyprVPN app. Servers all around the world provide a great high-speed connection. It’s time you join the huge community of users of this app.

  • I’ve recommended 5!
  • Totally free VPN Benefits A free VPN will be in a place to shelter you in a variety of unique situations like we’ve discussed above, even though some use adverts as a revenue stream instead of limiting their expert services.

Why I don’t suggest Free VPN Apps for Android?

While VPN - virtual private networks - are not the panacea to being safe, secure and private on the internet, it is an essential component of the arsenal for individuals inclined to seek these liberties. The alternative is to download the APK file for the app and install it manually. By using a VPN (virtual private network) service, you can ensure that all of your internet communication is encrypted and potentially protected from prying eyes. There are paid plans available, offering unlimited data and the chance to choose the server location. In addition, Windscribe also keeps minimal logs. Well, if you’re looking for the ideal VPN service which will be able to help you to mask your online IP Address, then IPVanish VPN may be your perfect option. SecurityKiss – limited to 300MB/day on Free VPN.

A good VPN app will prevent them (or in the case of WebRTC mitigate against them). On top of that, American Netflix works perfectly. A lack of reliable access to streaming services is all that stops VyprVPN from scoring higher. To create this list, we took the top VPNs through a series of rigorous tests before settling on 5 of the best VPNs for Android. It does not keep users’ logs and its compatibility varies from device to device. Besides such issues, Turbo VPN ranked third in our Free Best VPN for Android in the list. Most VPN services offer specialized apps for Android. 1 (Jelly Bean) all the way to version 9.

And it's finally added that previously missing kill switch, a standard feature which instantly shuts down the internet connection in the event the VPN drops (to prevent your true IP from being revealed). Of course, you should look for a VPN that offers around 100 servers. Device support isn’t a worry with IPVanish thanks to their app support for the Linux, Windows, macOS, Android, iOS and Amazon Fire platforms. Finally, a VPN can give you more online freedom. NordVPN is a premium service that you can try with a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee. If you already know what a VPN is, how it works, and why you should use it, feel free to skip this section and scroll down to check out the list of the best providers. Perhaps, it’s not easy to choose a good VPN for Android. Each review of VPN from the list contains important information, the in-depth look, pros and cons, and speed test figures.

Extra Protection

PureVPN has one of the best VPN apps for Android security-wise in my opinion, as it protects your online information from IP, DNS and WebRTC leaks. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) service creates a private, encrypted tunnel across a public network, making it possible for individual internet users to circumvent geo-restrictions and enjoy much greater privacy. This enables access to streaming, gaming and other types of content that may normally be blocked in your area. 95, which equates to $9. A VPN will fully shield your IP address from the websites you visit in your browser. Everything that is not HTTPS by default will go over in plain text. Free VPNs (with restrictions) hide. Once you’re connected you can simply return to your usual phone or tablet usage and leave it running in the background.

For this reason, you can now pick the one that meets your needs from our well-researched list of best VPN providers with mobile support.

I recommend you to always use a VPN on your smartphone. First of all, the Android platform is not 100% safe as of yet. One of them is to install a VPN on your router, which will then protect every device on the network including TVs, gaming consoles, computers, and tablets. The best of the bunch for us has to be ExpressVPN, but there are other options too. But this isn’t the case for Amazon Fire Tablets.

The top 5 of free Android VPNs

In addition to the standard VPN features, NordVPN includes some unique options, e. 5/5 Read the full NordVPN review here. With a VPN, you can use a USA IP address, no matter where you are, and trick Netflix (or any other streaming service for that matter) into thinking you’re located somewhere in the States. If you live in the US and want to watch the free video streams from the BBC, you're out of luck. Share your opinion with us in the comment section below. This is because they have configurations for just about everything imaginable along with simple to use clients. There are other great VPN services in the business, but what matters most is choosing one that works perfectly for the majority of devices you use, including providing apps for Android.

How to Select the Best VPN for Android

The main one is that they need to make a profit somehow and this is not usually a good thing for the end user. What opportunities does the Opera VPN present for Android? Some good examples include Copperhead and Lineage OS. But even if you have one, we don’t recommend installing a free VPN on it just to protect your TV or gaming console. Compared to other free VPN apps, Turbo VPN generally offers better speeds, but you still experience the occasional slowdown when too many people use the service at the same time. That doesn’t mean it should be built only to be operated on by professionals. While every VPN service encrypts your data, NordVPN sends it through a second server and encrypts it again, just to make sure if it is intercepted your information can't be stolen. Once you’re inside Saudi Arabia, do the following whenever you connect to the internet:

Touch VPN encrypts your internet traffic to bypass regional restrictions and hides your true online identity over the web. In this directory, we're taking a look at 10 of the best mobile-oriented commercial virtual private network (VPN) service providers on the internet. It has over 2,000+ servers in 140+ countries worldwide, delivering an average speed of 91. Keeping tight security, great speeds, unlimited bandwidth, privacy policies and server rich platforms in mind, the VPN you choose should also be able to bypass restricted services. The UI is easy enough and it does connect. So if you create your account but wait a few days to start using ProtonVPN, you will not lose any of the seven trial days. It's all very easy to use, so there's little reason not to take it for a test drive.

29Mbps in download and 76.


Mullvad is one of the few VPN services that use WireGuard as their main tunneling protocol. And finally, its monthly price for a 2-year plan is dead affordable. The issue of net neutrality is perhaps one that should be decided on by Congress and not left up to individuals to solve, ad hoc. NordVPN did suffer a data breach in early 2020, but the problem seems fixed now. Would you want someone spying on those? Custom VPN apps : There are providers that have been confirmed (proven) to not keep user activity logs, then there are those who claim they don’t keep logs and those who keep them.

3000+ servers in 94 countries Price: Global server coverage? However, VOIP security, on the other hand, is still not up to par. PrivateVPN works on these devices: There are five server locations available to choose from — Netherlands, Canada, Singapore, and the US (east and west coast).

Each of them has its pros and cons. You can try the premium version with a 30-day money-back guarantee. With 700+ proprietary servers in over 70 countries, VyprVPN opens your Saudi-based internet connection up to a literal world full of content.

All-around Security You Deserve

You can always count on their strong security features and large, worldwide network of VPN servers. You might want to take these into account when choosing a VPN for yourself as well. BEST VPN FOR SAUDI ARABIA: This isn’t even the first time HMA have given logs to law enforcement. The internet continues to evolve with each passing year. CyberGhost VPN allows accessing geo-restricted US, UK, and FR Netflix content. Although we recommend using a VPN for any internet connection on your Android, we understand that you might want more speed when you’re using certain apps.

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VPN actually stands for Virtual Private Network, and it is essential for protecting the data from any third party hacker or other unwanted visitors. You can test the service for yourself with the free three-day trial. Windows, Android, Mac and iPhone users will all be able to run NordVPN on their devices. 1 and up and is totally safe to use because it offers rock-solid IP, DNS, and WebRTC leak protection. Free VPN providers are more likely to log your information, sell your data to third parties, and display ads while you’re connected. Without further ado, here are 5 top VPNs for Android devices that are fast, safe and secure:

This restores your ability to access gambling and social media sites, and allows you to once again share files via P2P file sharing. More details on CyberGhost VPN: By taking all of these factors into account, we finally arrived at the above selection for our top 5 VPN providers of 2020. 95, which works out at a tiny $2. 95 ExpressVPN - $6. Payment options include credit card, PayPal, and Skrill, but there’s no sign of BitCoin or other cryptocurrencies that could be important when signing up in a country with an oppressive government.

It’s ideal if you just need a service to use while traveling, or you want to try out a premium VPN.
  • The paid version of the app has no limitations on the data, the number of countries available, and the connected devices.
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  • 99 per month, but you can get it down to just $2.
  • You may often see absolutely free VPNs limiting your data transfer with a daily or monthly cap since there are inadequate resources to provide completely free bandwidth for everybody.
  • Please see How to install a VPN on your Android.
  • More notably, they don’t feature any data or speed limitations, making the VPN ideal for users transferring files.
  • The control channel is strong, so it’s unlikely any normal attacker could gain access to data.

Go Advanced With No Hassle

However, there are hacks you can use to get around these restrictions. It provides a list of viable locations to connect with, and it usually works pretty well, allowing you to connect within seconds. If you are located outside of these areas, your connection will likely be a lot slower and less consistent. With shared IPs it is very difficult to match a single user to online activity, whereas a dedicated IP address means you won’t have other people using the same IP address, which can be important for certain networks or services. NordVPN has 5,200+ servers well distributed throughout 60 countries, providing excellent access to the rest of the world. Compatibility: And while these companies don’t log your search history with malicious intentions, most of us don’t want anyone to see it except us.

Hotspot Shield

Confirm and let Android do the rest. Freemium VPNs; Absolutely free VPNs. If the service is being offered for FREE, then it is crucial to think about the company in question and always be skeptical about its business model. Not all of them, however, are worthy of our attention. Whatever the reason, VPNs are powerful and popular tools. Doing so will grant you a few extra features and support for five simultaneous connections. To enhance this protection, the VPN includes an insecure network detector and a top-rated location picker.

The service constantly blocks VPN servers once it identifies them, so the one you go with may not work. By using a VPN, your ISP will see nothing. If a provider offers the possibility of enabling a kill switch, we believe they deserve extra points. At the same time, this app includes a good number of features and essentialities. 95 CyberGhost VPN $5. The app reliably protects the P2P traffic even in the most extreme conditions. You will just require a single touch to connect to the network, which is so much easy.

No Google Play? Try the APK

Easy to use the proxy browser and to use the unblock sites. 100% free VPNs do not offer applications. While their customer service and support is only so-so, it’s unlikely you will need any help getting up and running or using some of Nord’s basic features. What happens if a vpn connection fails while i'm on a remote connection? Similar to PureVPN and Surfshark, the provider also faces no issues in unblocking streaming platforms like Netflix. This ensures fast speed and strong security, although it does log its users real IP addresses.

Best VPN Apps for Android

It offers protection for 6 devices from a single account. No usage limit for any connection that makes it fun to use. You can get a VPN for Android Tablet from Google Play Store as well. Without a doubt, this provider deserves a position on this list. A kill switch automatically interrupts your internet connection when the connection with the VPN server is (temporarily) lost. What are the Disadvantages of Free VPNs? Rather than offering a traditional monthly subscription package, you are instead provided with 200MB of non-expiring data to use as you want. You might like 10 best torrent apps and torrent downloaders for Android!

The premium plan offers unlimited data, and you can pay for it either on a monthly or yearly basis.

Privacy and Logging Nord takes your privacy seriously. It’s 100% free and gives you premium VPN services. It uses 128 GCM encryption.

SuperVPN Free VPN Client:

We also look at app reviews in the Google Play Store to see how users feel about the app. Make a list of VPN services you’re interested in and read their reviews and comparisons. We couldn’t find any IP, DNS or WebRTC leaks, and their installation files were clean from malware or viruses.