Best VPN For Firestick (March 2020)

Why do I need a VPN on Firestick? Well, we're glad you asked. (4 Stars out of 5). What does a vpn kill switch do? Fully-featured desktop clients are offered for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux (Ubuntu). Faraway servers tend to work a lot less stable than the ones closer to your location. VyprVPN offers a great selection of features, such as a SmartDNS service, robust customer support, port selection, and servers in over 70 countries.

Most cord cutters prefer to use free streaming apps on their Firesticks anonymously. The laws in most countries, especially the USA and UK, benefit corporate interests rather than individuals more and more every day. BulletVPN is extremely easy to use and provides a remote setup service, making it a solid option for beginners.

They follow strict security protocols, including IKEv2 and OpenVPN with 256-AES encryption.

If you plan to use NordVPN on multiple devices, you can use it on up to 6 devices. Launch the “NordVPN” application and enter your login details. Strongvpn, despite the urge burning inside you at the moment, you can do nothing about it. A VPN also helps you bypass ISP Throttling, which is a practice common among most Internet providers. This allows you to protect all of your connected devices, including your Fire TV device, through one central connection point.

And to check out more discounts on VPNs. Log into the VPN app. Now all you need is a VPN to enhance your entertainment experience. The first is by running a VPN on the device itself, and the second is by running a VPN on a router or virtual router. Even though I found VPN Unlimited a great VPN app for day-to-day use, it still comes down to the fact that it doesn’t support a dedicated app on Amazon. The lightweight ExpressVPN app for Amazon Fire TV Stick does not make its presence felt while you are connected and streaming safely. Is there a free VPN for FireStick?

  • OpenVPN (TCP/UDP).
  • In fact, with some we even had to connect a Bluetooth mouse just to start a VPN connection.
  • But the fact the company keeps no logs means it isn't really an issue.
  • Indeed, more generally, when choosing a VPN for your Fire Stick you should also consider what other devices you plan to use it on.
  • It provides double-layer security, which means Nord VPN routes the traffic among two servers to ensure the high security of your data.


Therefore, after the painstaking process of testing multiple VPNs such as IPVanish, NordVPN, CyberGhost, ExpressVPN, I made this choice. Its dedicated Fire Stick app is not as fully featured, but then it doesn't need to be! 99% uptime guarantee. Streaming services offer high-quality content for users. The app is compatible with Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS devices. With over 1k servers in 60+ countries, Surfshark is decently fast too. In addition, all of the options present in this article will keep you 100% safe online. 91/mo with a discount of 73% Off on its 2-years plan.

It uses military-grade encryption; AES 256 bit, and it has a strict no-log policy. We’ve got detailed instructions for several different solutions in our Amazon Fire TV VPN setup guide, as well as a Fire TV Kodi setup tutorial. In the Instant Mode, you will be instantly get connected to any random server from 880+ servers. As you'd expect you can save your favourites for quicker connections. The company maintains a strictly zero-log policy. 32/month with a 100% 30-days refund policy. The first is to subscribe to one more service just for the sake of one show or movie.

You can take care of most of these issues if you are connected to a virtual private network.

How To Use A VPN With Fire Stick

It is the only VPN service that offers a Kill Switch feature on a FireStick device. There are TV Shows, Videos, Websites which are available, say in Asian countries only. Here’s the top two VPN choices for Amazon Firestick, by the Reddit community:

One of the few VPNs to work in China and UAE.

Zero-Day in LILIN Products Allowed Botnets to Spread Quickly

Lot's of more aspects you should consider while choosing the Best Firestick VPN. Regardless, this is still one of the best VPNs for the Fire Stick you can get. Therefore, you must consider the following points too before buying a VPN: Which is the best VPN for Amazon Fire TV? So that might be in a hotel room, at an overseas relative's or, of course, on the massive tele in your living room.

Step 3

A VPN also lets you avoid any legal troubles. Some servers can be unreliable and you can’t specify servers. Live chat-based customer support is on-hand 24/7. When you connect to CyberGhost, you’ll be able to choose a server dependent on what streaming service you’re using. The app is available on the Amazon Store and it is incredibly easy to set up and use.

That means it might not have a dedicated app for it. Vpn reviews, 99/mo), 12 mo . However, only US Netflix offers a full catalogue of content. Many VPN providers offer a number of security features that are worth having even though they don’t affect streaming. But, if you want a VPN with unlimited data that works with all popular TV streaming services, like Netflix and Hulu, even the best free VPNs won’t do. However, it still isn’t that difficult and you merely need to take a couple of extra steps.

PureVPN has a great list of IP Addresses from different countries to access your favorite content from anywhere. Here are the simple steps: Here is a list of top VPN services we would like to recommend for use with Amazon Fire Stick. Have a look at our IPVanish review. That means $0 at Checkout. It has a vast server network with servers in more than 60 nations. 80+ | Multi-Logins: Short for virtual private network, a VPN service encrypts the Fire TV’s internet connection and routes it through an intermediary server in a location of the user’s choosing.

Are Free VPNs Safe to Use?

Lightweight, remote-control friendly. And it’s a great service for any media junkie, especially streamers. After signing up for a new account, you are minutes away from the unrestricted Internet access.

However, not every VPN has an official app for this platform, which is where the problems arise. Based in Canada, however, the VPN has servers in limited selected countries like in Canada, US, UK, Hong Kong, Netherlands, and Germany. Also, you may request a full refund within seven days of purchase if you are unhappy for any reason. Overplay vpn speed test, it has been providing its users with a VPN as well as smart DNS services ever since it was founded in the UK back in 2020. We hear a lot about privacy breaches these days. Launch your Amazon Fire TV/Stick Head to ‘Apps’ on your Home screen.

9 Mbps Download (speed retention of 65. Cyberghost vpn, no have to have download and install any software to you personally PC, easy setup. )Even with the top VPN app being used on your device, there may be a decrease in Internet throughput speeds. Windscribe works in China and allows torrenting. In addition to full Amazon Fire TV Stick compatibility, this provider also protects your other devices. ExpressVPN provides a world-leading VPN service. So we have to make sure the VPN provides instant support for their customers. To be absolutely clear, we do not support or condone using a VPN to cover up illegal activity. Good for beginners – VPNs aren’t always easy to use yet ExpressVPN, especially once installed on your Amazon Fire Stick, is one of the easiest VPNs for Amazon.

To do this you will need to:


NordVPN, Surfshark, and CyberGhost also maintain a strong no-logs policy. Our mission, ^ [25] Hotspot Shield claims to collect "anonymous, aggregate data about which websites you visit and which apps you use. Most people who use streaming applications that provide free content, want to do so anonymously. However, this has changed as there is a host of ways to watch entertainment and online channels. Best VPNs for the Fire Stick: Sometimes they want to use this data to get more information about the market, sometimes it is to serve you with ads, and sometimes it can even be for throttling of your internet connection.

Strong encryption and a no-logging policy hide your activity from your internet service provider. Allow LAN access when turned on will not route local are network traffic through the VPN. IPVanish offers a 7-day money-back guarantee with all its services. It does not keep connection logs nor does it store usage logs. There are plenty of reasons why everyone should use a VPN. This makes it extremely easy to unblock Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and many more. Recently, HideMyAss added new IPs and improving existing servers in Dublin, Melbourne, Amsterdam, Seoul, Los Angeles, Prague and Moscow among other locations.

It is possible that you may find some more service providers who can work well with a Fire Stick.

Read our full Windscribe review. ABLE CONTENDER: It has a no logs policy and can be used on 10 devices at the same time. Of course, just because a site can be unblocked now doesn't mean it will remain that way in the future. A VPN will mask your IP address and gives you complete online anonymity while you stream Free Movies, Series, or Live TV. Here are the steps: This opens access to content designated for that region of the world.

Good Security Features

Using a VPN with your Fire Stick allows you to watch content which is blocked in your country and it will also protect your privacy so that you won’t get into trouble for using unofficial apps - all of which we cover in this guide. Number of servers: Just sign up, install, sign in, and connect. You can connect to secure servers with just one click. ExpressVPN works on virtually every Amazon device, including:

  • Additionally, I should be able to test a VPN before I decide to keep it.
  • VyprVPN owns and operates all of its servers, and they’ve located them in an above-average 70+ countries around the globe, so you shouldn’t have much of an issue in accessing geo-blocked material.


Nord VPN requires your permission to connect. To do this, download the Firefox for Fire TV browser and visit ipleak. With over 256-Bit AES encryption, OpenVPN, IKEv2, IPVanish offers strong connection security. Those who prefer to watch their favorite shows on a big TV screen often go for Amazon FireStick, as it is probably the best value for money. Windscribe has 2 completely free tiers, and one is up to 10GB per month, which will go a long way if you stick to 480p streams, will still get you 20+ hours of 720p HD streaming on you favorite addon. Like the paid VPNs, TunnelBear also has no logs policy that means, TunnelBear never accounts for what you are accessing over the internet. You’ll get a confirmation message saying the APK is installed.

That’s one of the reasons why it is our top pick for the best FireStick VPN. CLICK HERE or link below for TROYPOINT Newsletter Subscription: Countries, CleanWeb, and Whitelister. 100 | Encryption: It gives you on-demand access to thousands of hours of video from Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, and more.

Changing Amazon Region for FireStick

Of course, if you only plan on streaming movies on Netflix this may not be so much of an issue but it can still be nice to have these extra privacy features. How to know if someone blocked your number on their iphone (updated for 2020). Pros:, we're actively working on more testing and research, and expect this list to change throughout the year. These include a firewall-based kill switch, DNS leak protection, and superb OpenVPN encryption. The VPN is well designed to work best with Amazon’s Firestick device.

Not all Virtual Private Network providers are equal.

Why do I need an Amazon Firestick VPN?

Even third-party and apps developers keep a log of your internet activities. For more information, please see Best VPNs for Popcorn Time. Whether you’re using Amazon TV, BBC iPlayer or Netflix, CyberGhost makes it easy to unblock these popular streaming services.

100% streaming-friendly. Allows lots of simultaneous connections for your other devices. Using a free VPN is as good as no VPN at all. Also owns and operates its VPN servers.

Now you can open your streaming apps and you'll see content from the country your VPN has you appearing in. Singapore’s position on this matter is not confirmed. Select a VPN server located nearest to the streaming content you’d like to access. IP addresses are how websites and streaming services recognize what country their users are in.


Tutorials for a wide range of router firmware are available on its website as well. Not all VPN providers support the Fire TV Stick natively. Never any logs kept – The company’s zero-logging policy is great for users who are located in countries with very strict internet laws. For more information, scroll down to the next section. Once you have a VPN enabled on your Fire TV, your newly assigned IP address should allow you to unblock most geographically restricted content. Express VPN has servers based in over 90 countries.

PureVPN is from one of those few VPN services which will provide you a great VPN service without slowing down your device.

Obviously, performance is always important for streaming, so you want a VPN provider that offers fast and reliable connections. So for example, if they’ve given a French network exclusive rights to the show XYZ, then they can’t allow Netflix to make that show available in France as well. For instance, it offers a limited number of servers for the free version. 24/7 Live Chat Support and Email Support Best Deal:

It’s easy to use and, more importantly, offers excellent speeds. Security and Privacy. I've seen and read out multiple cases where users got legal notice and fined for a hefty amount.

  • With 24*7 support and 30-days money-back guarantee, Nord VPN is something you can definitely rely on.
  • The VPN service providers tested include StrongVPN, NordVPN, ExpressVPN, IPVanish, SurfShark, PureVPN, CyberGhost VPN, HideMyAss, and many more.
  • Get the app from the store directly or via the “downloader” app.
  • Firestick is one of the best media streaming devices you can have for your entertainment setup.

Remote Control Friendly

Be it short hops or long distance connections, IPVanish is without a doubt one of the best performing premium VPN providers for firestick. IPVanish is one of few providers that owns and operates their own network. The service has an automatic kill switch, supports split tunneling, and promises it won’t log your online activities. What is a vpn? Let's start off with the biggest win it offers:. Once you have opted to remove this barrier you can have an unlimited dose of entertainment.

Finally, you can always install a VPN on a router to protect all your household device. This of course includes Netflix. Almost all VPN services these days allow multiple simultaneous connections, which is the number of devices you can use the same VPN on at the same time. So, since I understand that most of you don’t like browsing through VPN reviews, here’s are two well-renowned VPNs that don’t really work with Firestick: CyberGhost is great for beginners. It only costs $5.

Best ExpressVPN Settings for FireStick

The app occupies 24. On its left-side menu, you will find 3 important options i. This provider owns and operates its 1,200 servers, located in over 60 countries around the globe. If you have an IPVanish account then enter “Username” and “Password” to login. This VPN service was founded by two fighters for the freedom of the Web from the USA, and it’s based in Switzerland. Low cost – it’s a cheap option over a 13-month period. It just needs an HDMI input and your non-smart TV will be turned into a Smart TV.

European servers: Lastly, free VPNs don’t have any kind of encryption. The feature I liked most about Surfshark is its unlimited device connections.

Does a VPN work on Fire TV and TV Stick?

To get around this, you can download and install the Remote for Fire TV application, which is available on the Amazon Store. If you are in a hurry, here’s the quick overview of the top VPN for Amazon FireStick. Try it for yourself with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

With AES 256 military-grade encryption, you can always be sure that your streaming activities on Amazon Fire TV Stick are protected.

They’ve been community favorites for going on a decade now, and with good reason. We will take you through this process below. Read on for the details, the features to look out for in a VPN, and whether you should spend your money on one. In terms of locations, there are over 700 servers in 70 countries, so the choice should be wide enough for most people.