Speedify VPN (for Android) Review

We all know that the US government is a nosy one, and it is a bad omen to see the mention of USA in the VPN world. Alternatively, the business continue to claims it is other network technologies might help improve rates. The software has tools that allow users to unblock their favorite applications and services while at an office or school. Testing was done at a suburban New York home using a standard consumer cable-ISP connection.

That’s right, Speedify doesn’t offer any live chat feature. Speedify can’t unblock websites like Netflix, Hulu, iPlayer, or Prime Video. This way, users can save thousands of dollars in the process as they no longer have to purchase costly routers from other third-party companies.

  • Security – Does Speedify keep logs?
  • The session settings you can configure allow you to toggle Speedify to connect at startup, enable the redundant mode (which sends all traffic to each connection to improve reliability), choose your favorite protocol, enable or disable Jumbo MTU and set the app to disconnect on exit.
  • That’s why most of them have customer support departments.
  • Of course, it would no longer be secure without encryption.
  • There are not many providers that offer this combination.

One of the most interesting selling points of Speedify is the fact that it offers a free plan. First, you have the Servers screen where you can change your server location based on country or city. Speedify’s strangest privacy choice comes from using Google’s DNS servers by default instead of hosting its own. Speedify says in their Knowledge Base that torrenting is, on the whole, not allowed. The locations list is as follows (57): All this happens in the background, entirely transparent to your applications, which should carry on working just as they always did (except faster, hopefully). Once the installation has been completed, you can close the installer window.

33 - but it's better value than most. Small server network; Not suitable for video streaming; Collects anonymized information; Not available on routers. Since most cellular data packs are not unlimited packs, the app automatically sets a 200 MB/day, and a 2 GB/month limit on using cellular data.

Speedify would be perfect, if not for a couple glitches and poor design choices here and there. Alright my companions, it’s the moment of truth: 88 Mbps download speeds. Speedify VPN from Connectify tries to take advantage of this fact with a unique feature called channel bonding that combines multiple internet connections to make your experience faster and more reliable.

Speedify Supported Platforms

By simply using these integrations, everyone can save themselves a whole lot of trouble as they can log in immediately with just a click. These are both good policies. You can use multiple WiFi networks with Speedify, if you want. Well, if check out its Trustpilot rating, Speedify is not particularly a good VPN. Read on to find out how Speedify fares when it comes to price, security, speed, customer service, and more. A lot of relevant topics were left untouched even though the support page is filled with so many bullets.

  • Wired router - users can share a computer's Wi-Fi connection via Ethernet.
  • Then we tested various Speedify VPN servers across the globe.
  • To further enhance the collaboration within a specific environment, the hyped-up virtual private network platform also pampers business teams with a dedicated VPN server, which has the utmost proficiency of operating at higher and consistent speeds.
  • In addition to fantastic customer support, Speedify has an extensive knowledge base which covers the basics and then some.
  • There is a lot more to know about VPNs, but the basics are all you need for now.
  • With this in mind, we’ve tested Speedify with the world’s most popular streaming websites, so here are the details.
  • Having connected to the server, you may estimate how fast is your Internet with Speedify.

Speedify VPN as a Business

Here’s a summary of the biggest issues. This feature sounds very useful, but a user is most likely to use it on mobile devices only. It’s not super-packed on features overall, with only 200 servers, only Brazil Netflix access, and only standard device compatibility. Speedify VPN is a solid option for quick, anonymous browsing and streaming, but users report a few drawbacks.

According to our tests results, which we outline in a later section, this wass at least partially the case.

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If VPN speed is critical to you, head over to our roundup of the fastest VPNs in our testing. With all that additional bandwidth you’ll never have to worry about buffering videos, slow streaming, or interrupted downloads again! The writer of this article is a user of the product(s) or service(s) mentioned in this article and was not influenced by the respective owners. New VPN users will find it extremely hard to get help when needed.

It sounds quite gimmicky, but I am certainly no wireless networking wizard, so I figured I'd ask the best PC community around.

DNS Leaks Found

How is Customer Service at Speedify? 3 of Netflix's Terms of Use explains "You may view Netflix content primarily within the country in which you have established your account and only in geographic locations where we offer our service and have licensed such content. "This is certainly a free zero-configuration VPN answer in the PC. Modifying the Mac app’s parameters can be done, as usual, by clicking the gear-shaped button somewhere in the middle of the app’s main screen.

Speedify Speed Test Performance

This is true for every single VPN on the market, including ExpressVPN and NordVPN. Streaming – Does Speedify unblock US Netflix? DNS and IP Leak Tests: We have discussed this feature in detail in the later sections. Telegram adds new ‘discussion button’ to channels, in mid-2020, the company made the decision not to keep any logs. Speedify has the measures in place to detect the individual capabilities of each and every connection.

And, there’s even a speed test—it’s something I find surprisingly handy that only a small number of VPNs include. Additional options present in this menu include the ability to connect at startup and a redundant mode that "sends all traffic across each part of the connection for reliability. "Second, I use Speedify for streaming video also in my home country when I'm on a cellular connection, since many poor connections work much better with Speedify. Speedify can also come in handy for video calling, and VoIP, as it will try its best (and succeed) to keep your connection stable. There are over 80 countries available, with multiple servers in the bigger cities.

Some VPN service providers such as NordVPN provider users upwards of 4000 VPN servers. Creative super x-fi air review: spatial audio done right. But there are plenty of Netflix-friendly alternatives here. We have mostly bad news when it comes to using Speedify and Netflix. Speedify is a pretty very good service. 99 per year (at $4. )You won’t find live chat or phone support options with Speedify VPN. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a service that provided solutions for both these issues?

User Experience: Simple to use

New member bonus. Based in Philadelphia, Speedify is basically a service designed to help users with their internet connection issues, in addition to helping them enjoy a free and open internet. As mentioned at the top as well, Speedify, as a VPN company, has its headquarters in Pennsylvania, USA. How many devices can be connected to a server (or number of servers) based on a single VPN account or subscription. The first response is a statement which tells the user specifics about Speedify’s business hours and how if the user has asked his/her question during that time, the company would respond to it. Better gaming experience by reducing lag and improving latency. This will bring you to a split panel where you’ll find your daily and monthly usage of the app.

Speedify is a much stronger VPN than I expected, but it’s not for everyone. That way, Speedify optimizes the connection you get from your ISP. One way to test any VPN service for speed is to try and download some file of a fixed size from a given server. That’s because the list of P2P-friendly servers is very limited, and the more people connect to them, the slower the speed gets. So, I think that mostly wraps up the basics, as far as the plans go.

In this section we look at the key features all VPNs have and see how Speedify matches up.

Speed & Performance

Internet connections appear at the top with VPN connection data just below. Last, but not least, you can enable Siri popups and configure them from the Siri Shortcuts section in the Settings menu. Is this VPN better than typical VPNs offered in today’s market? This doesn’t offer more bulk discount as you might expect. The US, as a member of the Five Eyes intelligence alliance, is known for carrying out mass government surveillance, as well as corporate surveillance. In fact, Speedify doesn’t have a lot of presence on Trustpilot.


There are a few more features in the privacy settings: It’s a very basic one, with no sorting options or even favorites, sadly. If you want your review to be accepted, please write a helpful, informative and unique review - either positive or negative.

Popular Speedify Alternatives

After all, Speedify was initially advertised as an internet speed-boosting tool. Sending your private DNS queries straight to one of the biggest collectors of personal data doesn’t seem to fit with protection anonymity. Speedify has a kill switch, but only on desktops. 24/7 live support, if you drive out of your garage, someone can follow your car and track where you went, how long you were there, and when you returned home. In practical terms, a VPN with more servers and server locations closer to you will likely perform better.

Encryption & Other Features

However, since Speedify comes with some aces in its sleeve, its interface was designed to reflect just that. Unfortunately, online chatting is unavailable at present. Speedify VPN also falters when it comes to the total number of VPN locations in which it maintains servers. The feature is helpful for better performance of Speedify network connections as regards speeds and reliability. The 14 Eyes Alliance is nothing short of an international surveillance alliance that encompasses several countries, which work together to collect and share mass surveillance data. So, even though they’re not specifically tracking which sites you visit, they know who you are, where you are, what device you’re using, and what your real IP is. Whether you seek to protect your personal data, improve speed for streaming or multiplayer gaming or to access various services unavailable for your location, Speedify can offer you all of that.

This will open a pop-up giving you access to customer support resources, your account information, and this is where you can generate logs (in case of a technical problem). If you want to tinker with the app’s options, you can do so by clicking the gear-shaped button in the middle of the screen. Specifications of hotspot shield free vpn, dedicated apps for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS make it simple to set up on a variety of devices even if you have little technical knowledge. If you use the buttons to change the views, you can also access a usage breakdown (pie chart) and a connection quality graph that you can set to display values for latency or packet losses. All of these are just computers run by simply thousands of volunteers around the world. I wouldn’t say I was blown away in any way since I did encounter a few buffering issues. Their mobile apps are top-notch with a full set of options to protect yourself and control your connection. Because of this, Netflix now attempts to block VPNs as well.

That doesn’t at all times occur mainly because reliably with your telephone’s default settings. This plan is free of charge, but limited to 1GB of data transfer per month and can be used only on 1 device. AES isn’t bad by the way—it’s industry standard, military grade-stuff. Overall, Speedify is easy to use. In this Speedify review, we take an in-depth look at this channel bonding VPN and its ability to provide a faster and secure connection for its users. Windows, what users think of the performance of Windscribe VPN. ChaCha is backed up by RFC 7539 Standard and ChaCha over DTLS by RFC 7905. Therefore, it is important that a VPN covers not just a wide geographic area, but also those specific countries that do not allow unfettered internet access. The articles themselves are detailed and easy to understand.

  • While the detail and clarity of the company’s privacy policy is impressive, that last statement keeps us a little bit concerned when it comes to privacy.
  • Even though 128-bit encryption is safe enough, we do expect the highest grade encryption possible because it will only tighten up the security.
  • Speedify boasts 200+ servers in 50 locations around the world, which is promising.
  • Though you might encounter some loss in speed at times, the extra protection that the service provides by encrypting your internet traffic makes it worth it.
  • Configuring your Apple pc or PERSONAL COMPUTER to use Wi-Fi and Ethernet at the same time is a very simple method.
  • Let’s talk about the Windows client’s user interface.

Conclusion: Do I Recommend Speedify?

This eliminates the possibility of Windows leaking DNS to your local networks. Speedify comes with a relatively simple UI. However, one said the interface was quite complicated. Servers and Location: It combines all available WiFi, 3G, 4G, and Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections to boost internet speed and reliability. I like how the macOS client is. 99 per month per user, for which you get a lot of amazing features.

The speed decreased by 95% on the P2P server, and only God knows how a download will ever get completed at such a rate. Speedify is a unique VPN that offers a convenient and secure connection while boosting the speed of your connection. You can’t talk with an agent by phone or live chat. (49/Month at NordVPN) offers over 5,000 servers; TorGuard's network surpasses 4,000 servers; and Private Internet Access and CyberGhost breach the 3,000-server mark. This feature is basically a mode to access streaming services.

Pricing (Summary)

So a VPN on top would help you take care of both issues at the same time. Bottom line, Speedify does exactly what it promises. They clearly mention on their website that:

What is Speedify?

As a result, it will be hard to get the app and it’s unlikely to be very reliable. Users who want to connect up to a total of five simultaneous devices and unlock an unlimited amount of data can do so with the help of a paid package. This is the feature that we think differentiates Speedify from the rest of its competitors.


Selecting a server in a different location is simple, and changing settings is straightforward. Considering many different VPNs provide a live-chat customer service alternative, we were unable too impressed to get the autoresponse by using their workplace hours. Unlike the usual VPN services, this company doesn’t apply any time restrictions to your free account and all plans give access to the full service itself, meaning that no update is necessary to enjoy more server locations or specific high-standard features. And if you want to explore more options, check out the best VPNs available today. The service is available through the use of custom iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac apps. They have a lot of general information articles, which a lot basic VPNs skimp on. It’s also worth mentioning that Speedify has a Family plan (for up to 5 users).

Connectify, Inc. It automatically reconnected in a second or two, and our real IP address was never exposed to the outside world. The first thing you’ll have to do is set up your device, which consists of installing the Speedify VPN profile, giving the app permission to use location information and enabling notifications permission. The second and third tier—Individuals and Families—are the “normal” VPN plans you’re used to. If you are looking a VPN for your business, Speedify VPN provider offers the plan for team users. Generally speaking, this is sufficient to establish the company indeed does not record its customers’ traffic logs.

Isn’t that cool?

Contact Details

Our download speeds are 250Mbps, typically averaging a speed of 230Mbps, even during peak times. Apps are available for Mac and PC, iOS and Android. Payment options include major credit and debit cards or PayPal. 30 ms; Download: We couldn’t access it through the desktop client, but we did have success through the iOS app. Notice that at the top of the window, you have two connection slots.

99 per year for the annual plan here. GREAT performance. If you ask the question of working with China to a Speedify representative, the representative would tell you that the company doesn’t have any plans on making their service work in China. Clicking that will show you different metrics. I say this because Speedify is a US-based VPN provider based in Philadelphia, which as we all know falls under the surveillance jurisdiction of the 5 eyes. There’s a simple radio button and text to show connection status, and a helpful speed graph at the bottom. In addition to that, there are two pricing plans: As you can see, Speedify has servers in about 50 locations.

These multiple connections are then used simultaneously or alternately to give the user fast internet speeds on the network. Apart from that, users have the option of viewing whether they have connected to a given server or not. The majority of these servers are in Europe and North America. 17 per month, or $49. From the account settings section, you can change your password or get help. This works best when bonding multiple connections, because the lost packets can be easily routed through other connection, but it also works when using a single one.

Enterprises, Mobile Operators & MVNOs

95/month or $83. Therefore, you can access options related to servers, sessions, notifications, and privacy. Speedify doesn’t have that. Whatever you think, I want to hear it!

I also love the fact that the Android app offers nearly identical features that you can find in the Windows or the Mac app of Speedify.

Speedify has no problem using all three mobile operators at the same time, gracefully overcoming hundreds of dropped network connections every day without stumbling, and usually making it possible even to watch football. However, it is currently not available on smart TVs or gaming consoles. The company sells itself more on performance than the VPN side, and doesn't highlight the number of servers it has, or where they're located.

One perk is you get access to the full network of worldwide servers, which is very uncommon for a free plan. This is welcome news given that Netflix is cracking now on the use of VPNs to access its libraries and very few providers are able to unblock US Netflix. We can see in this VPN’s technical documentation that IPv6 is also supported – but we strongly recommend you test this on our own (if your ISP supports IPv6, to begin with). But exercise due care because there may be penalties if you are caught. On the other hand, if you know you want to download torrents or get access to region-blocked content, you can play around with it and test the speed on a few different servers. However, not every VPN can effectively do this. How does a virtual private network work?, the encryption feature is important when you connect to WiFi in a restaurant, cafe, hotel, the airport, or any other public network. Having connected to Speedify servers, one can conduct a speed test of individual and combined connections. Speedify’s channel bonding features always works well on smartphones.

  • Which will prevent virtually any ISP out of deliberately throttling your across the internet connection speed.
  • In addition, the dedicated VPN server further assists working groups by satiating them with stable IP address to whitelist IPs for specific security services.
  • This combined performance makes Speedify solidly average, ranking 31st out of 78 VPNs.
  • Established in 2020, Speedify is a part of the brand family of Connectify, Inc, company located in Philadelphia, PA, which supports an open and free Internet for all.
  • But if you’re not interested in the channel bonding, Speedify is good but maybe not the best.

Top Reviews

The provider of Speedify takes care of users’ security and privacy. My personal take: The redundant mode sends all the traffic across each connection to improve its overall reliability. However, this report was heavily focused on a few well-known VPNs so it could have been easily a marketing trick.

Our Experience With Their Support Team

But if you sign up for the commercial plan, this is a little more logging than we would usually expect. So if anyone wants to get a VPN for the family, this is probably worth a look at least because of price. Our research shows that users should face no problems in connecting to US Netflix with any of Speedify’s US-based VPN servers. However, if for some reason the related articles don’t offer any help, you can also shoot them an email.

Speedify Pros

What about OpenVPN? Their refund policy, on the other hand, is pretty great. 7 best vpn for china in 2020, this VPN Chrome extension is available with built-in privacy and security features such as a plethora of anonymous IPs and 256-bit AES encryption. The actual channel bonding feature!

This is probably Speedify’s biggest selling point.

Now, let’s connected to a nearby server. So as far as free VPNs go, this is probably one of the best ones around. Here’s a quick look at what they’ve done right in the last few years. They claim to have DNS leak protection.

The problem with low server counts is twofold: However, as you can expect, the free plan comes with certain limitations, as described in the table found below. Privacy policy, the protection of clients’ personal data is not limited in masking IP addresses. Many establishments, like Wikipedia even, will use it as a way to move big files at the significantly quicker clip. Another option that lurks just below the Encrypted option is the Data Optimization option.

Although installation on Amazon Fire TV is not as straightforward as installing the VPN on your phone or computer, the Speedify Customer Service Knowledge Base offers an article that gives step-by-step instructions.

Servers and Server Locations

This is precisely what channel bonding is made for and that too with the safety of the VPN net. Speedify doesn’t just connect to US Netflix but it also does so seamlessly and does it every time. Tested by “pinging” the server, it’s the amount of time it takes for it to receive and process your request.

They should discuss the general topics related to the VPN, such as security, a bit more to throw some more light on the product from the user’s perspective.

Yes, that is it. In the US, we connected to a server located in Miami. This permission will alert the user to adapter limits and data usage. The other is a gray plus sign, for me to add a connection. As with many other VPNs, Speedify's servers are mostly located in North America, Europe, and Asia.

It is also possible to make Speedify turn itself on the moment your computer is turned on, which, depending on the server chosen, your physical distance to it and your own ISP’s provided speed increases your speed up to 100Mbps.

Which is really cool! Usually it is expected to be at least a 10 DL and 8 Up. Speedify allows P2P traffic through its servers in the Netherlands.