Avast SecureLine VPN Review

The payment options include PayPal and credit/debit cards (MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express). Maar voor de mensen die iets meer eisen stellen aan uitgebreide instelmogelijkheden kan dit tegenvallen. The privacy policy reveals that use of the service is covered under California law, which is less than ideal.

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  • We decided to unpack the Avast SecureLine VPN to give you a deeper dive into what these piece of software can offer you.
  • Because with router support, you do not have to log in to the VPN every time you log on.

A VPN can help by making you anonymous. When it comes down to cost versus functionality, it appears that Avast doesn’t have a winning combination in this case. The VPN can work on up to 5 devices simultaneously, with no bandwidth shedding. The evolution of the iphone: every model from 2020–2020, the servers themselves use TrustedServer technology in tandem with the AES 256-bit cipher. Should you buy Avast SecureLine?

No ability to change or tweak the protocol (it's strictly OpenVPN-only), no kill switch, no DNS options, little more than the ability to connect when your system starts. This claim is actually plausible, as the provider doesn’t store personally identifiable information like your real IP address, the IP you connect to, your browsing activity or any other similar logs. Some of them can influence your choice of a VPN service a lot.

Click the text on the bottom to indicate that you already have an activation code and enter it to validate your subscription. This does not mean that you have no anonymity when you are surfing with Avast SecureLine VPN. – this connects to the last chosen virtual location. The beneficial point is that the software has been designed to cipher all ports, extending beyond mere encryption of Internet browser ports. It’s very fast, supports torrenting, and only keeps connection logs. It protects your data against brute force attacks.

  • But there are a number of services that offer the same features and more for a fraction of what you will pay with Avast SecureLine VPN.
  • The same goes for other Avast products as well.
  • This encrypted data is then routed through secure protocols or tunnels.
  • It’s clear that Avast put a lot of thought into designing a user-friendly VPN app.
  • Instead of just having the app connect when you access an insecure Wi-Fi network, you can have the service connect whenever it accesses anything other than specific trusted networks, or when you're using a cellular connection.
  • However, there are some real privacy concerns and some logging that does take place in the background.

Leaks: Does Avast VPN leak IP, DNS & WebRTC?

So, given the huge and useful knowledge base, the support forum, the 24/7 phone support, and the ticketing system, we must say that we are very satisfied with the customer and technical support offered by Avast. Having installed the VPN app, you online activities will be hidden from ISPs, hackers and other third parties. Your location and identity remain hidden as well. So, you may not get the same download speed on all server locations; however, you will not be disappointed by Avast review SecureLine VPN’s browsing and online streaming performance. This is excellent news shows because it gives you the peace of mind that Avast is committed to keeping you and your information secure. Thus, we expect the service to leave no stone unturned when it comes to safeguarding the user online. The service is too expensive especially compared to other apps on the market that have more features such as kill switch. So, you should not worry that someone can connect you to your online activity via such logs.

It’s not cheap but is one of the best VPNs available. They don’t promise live chat support for the service, but the user is likely to get live chat help on the website at most times of the day. This also applies to Swiss subscribers. SecureLine put in a universally below-average performance in the usual speed tests, but generally not by too much, unless you’re hoping to connect to the US, although all these speeds are acceptable for day-to-day use. The virtual private network provided by Avast will ensure that your privacy remains secure and safe while you use the Internet. I started by connecting to the server that the app identified for me as my “Optimal Location”. Your results will vary from mine depending on where you are in the world. Their apps are easy to download and install.

Tariff Plans And Prices

Avast protects 400 million people worldwide, making it number one on the market. There’s no telling whether they’re secretly doing this or not, though. You can connect to the VPN with a single-click. Netflix will try to block all VPN traffic, even if you just want to access local shows. Secure your Wi-Fi and privacy with our highly secure VPN service. It means that you can use Avast SecureLine for free but when 60 days run out, a 1-year subscription will be bought automatically. Highlights include Avast SecureLine VPN’s streaming services, speed, and user experience. While all the VPNs slow down the connection speed a little bit, the drop in speed should not be drastic so that users can enjoy smooth browsing and buffering-free streaming.

The fact is though that the Company has a 24/7 phone support service which will allow you to connect to a real live person and hopefully find a solution for a problem or issue you are having with SecureLine or any other product and service offered by Avast. But you can get those features without paying as much, and it’s easy to find a VPN that supports Netflix. However, since the speed of Avast Secureline VPN connections is disappointing, we will not recommend that you choose this VPN service as your main reason for downloading torrents. The trusted brand name will also assure most users. Sadly, Avast doesn’t offer Split Tunneling. They all run over UDP, so their network should be fast enough for your favorite HD streaming media, online RPG, or first-person shooter. De service is handig voor mensen die gewoonweg simpel een VPN verbinding willen maken zonder al te veel gedoe. We weren't asked for payment details, and the client didn't even ask us to register with an email address.

Jurisdiction – Is Avast VPN located in a 5-eyes country?

In fact, you can’t even send them an email directly, but it’s possible to submit a support ticket by clicking the Contact Us button at the bottom of the FAQ pages. A yearly fee that works out as little as $4 a month ($47. )If you click this button without picking a location first, you’ll automatically be connected to the most optimal (usually the closest) server.

All the protocol options they provide use 256 bit AES encryption. First of all, you’ll need to download the installer from the official website and launch it. Firstly, the company proposes double-quick servers. If you want to learn: The overall state of security on the client is excellent apart from the kill-switch which can prove to be the chink in the armor. Avast privacy policy also says that the service doesn’t save any information that can help to identify the personality of a user and doesn’t save connection logs: Its free trial version can only be used for 60 days by Windows users. In summary, the SecureLine client is easy to download and install.

Avast SecureLine VPN: Speed and Security Tests

There are no built-in user settings to automatically connect with a VPN when your device starts or when you connect to an insecure Wi-Fi. This means that you can use a VPN connection on your mobile and tablet, as well as on your computers and laptops, if you have a subscription to Avast Secureline VPN. Secure core servers, it supports powerful 256-bits AES encryption and has no or zero logs, thereby offering an anonymous browsing experience. Any other local versions of Netflix don’t appear to be available at the moment of testing.

Below, you’ll see the results of our internet connection while testing Avast SecureLine.

If you have a laptop, tablet, and smartphone, the yearly multi-device subscription is the best bargain. When you're connected to a VPN, it creates an encrypted tunnel between your computer and the VPN company's server. Their network is built on the OpenVPN and IPsec protocols.

Perhaps, they aren’t. The data is then presented in an easy to digest form showing how many people had positive and negative experience with Avast SecureLine. It enumerates 5 VPNs available without a card and another 5 that do require one. These servers help you download anonymously and stream easily and freely. When connected to regular servers, the fastest we saw was 89 Mbps. Bandwidth usage: For many people, this product is their first introduction to the VPN phenomenon. However, if you’re a frequent traveler, a hacker, a journalist, or an activist, you may find Avast SecureLine to be poorly equipped with security features.

DNS queries go via the shortest route, which improves speeds.

Privacy & Anonymity

SecureLine VPN is a Virtual Private Network service provider that comes from the lab of a renowned internet security company—Avast offers anonymity and security to users while they’re browsing the web. The difference is here, but it isn’t too big. That means if privacy is important to you, you’ll need to do some homework before choosing a VPN service. The call was directed by the automated response to a real human representative of Avast.

Torrent Policy

99 per month, to secure five devices. On the other end of the speed spectrum is NordVPN, which delivered download speeds that were quite a bit slower, coming in at 17. There is DNS leak protection on the service as well.

The ‘Settings’ window is further divided into two sections.

Some clients, on the other hand, claim that customer support is terrible and that it takes days for the support desk to reply. As alleged by some websites, the VPN service is not totally strict and reliable when it comes to privacy issues regarding sharing data and logging. If you want your review to be accepted, please write a helpful, informative and unique review - either positive or negative.

Privacy concerns have increased lately spurred on by the Cambridge Analytica scandal that was revealed in 2020. It is possible to use this VPN for free. Read on to discover how Secureline works on your device(s). By perimeter 81, the provider not only delivers the fastest connections on this list, it does a great job of protecting them, thanks to military-grade encryption, kill switch protection, the ability to block ads and much more. What is Avast VPN’s Pricing? I should note that any reliable protection of the IP address is only possible if the traffic is blocked in abnormal situations and when changing a location (with a kill switch function).

  • This will open the SecureLine client and connect you to the optimum VPN server from your location.
  • Even so, Avast SecureLine has several useful options.
  • Bear in mind, though, we test on a high-speed fibre line; you can generally expect to see slower speeds on a slower net connection.

Logging & Privacy

The VPN has no bandwidth limits and says that it supports speeds of up to 2 Gbits/s. So make sure you don’t over-use the service during that initial month. When testing the uploading and downloading speeds with SecureLine on, we noted a slowing down of the downloads with a mere 6 percent which is minimal as compared to other VPNs we have used. Seven days is enough to find out if this software suits you. This is the company that gave us excellent and reliable tools like Avast Internet Security and Avast Antivirus. His lips are moving.

Besides these, I also took a virus test with the Windows version, via virustotal. Yes, Avast VPN offers a 7-days free trial but requires you to add payment details. If you are looking for a powerful VPN at a low cost, take a look at , our current top-rated provider. Ook deze standalone software werkt zeer eenvoudig en is te downloaden wanneer je een abonnement afsluit voor deze VPN service. The first three also have the two and three-year options but they don’t give any discount, only save you from the inevitable price increase. I’m familiar with Avast, having used and recommended their antivirus program for many years, and make it my business to keep up to date with the best security practices and solutions.

It's more focused on being 'just good enough'. NordVPN provides 24/7 live support chat, email support and a searchable support library. Does it work with Netflix and Kodi? SecureLine can turn on automatically when the device connects to an unsecured network. The service provider deletes all this data after 30 days under normal circumstances.

Can Avast SecureLine VPN Unblock Netflix?

SecureLine is available for Android and iPhone or iPad devices. So the jurisdiction is not fully secure and even its not a part of any problematic alliance, it’s dilly-dallying with members of these alliances raise a big red flag that’s not ignorable at all. Again, in terms of security, this service is up there among the best of the best. (99, respectively.) Make sure that it is compatible with all of your devices and that you are happy with its performance when visiting your favorite sites. I myself have subscriptions to numerous services, including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, HBO, EPIX and many more. Still, it’s important to say again that the Czech Republic is known to cooperate with the States and other 14-Eyes members (read more about it further down the review).

Is Avast SecureLine VPN Secure?

After the tests, I have the impression that Avast has added a VPN to its products but doesn’t pay a lot of attention to its development. You may want to look elsewhere if you need a VPN specifically for use in China. However, if you visit the FAQ section of their support site, you’ll start to unravel some clues. Avast VPN is available on routers as well, so you only need to connect to a router and enjoy unrestricted internet for the entire family. 40 useful linux network commands for modern sysadmins, what happens if a VPN connection fails while I'm on a remote connection? It offers 55 servers in 34 countries; it’s quite low compared to its competitors with having more than 3000 servers. 99, respectively. At first glance, the app has an attractive design and an intuitive interface. Who would be enthusiastic about the adversaries operating by means of public Wi‑Fi(sniffers, evil twin, sidejacking), advertisers monitoring your activity on the Internet and continuous content blocking for this or that country?

Zo vind je in alle continenten behalve Afrika wel meerdere landen met VPN servers van Avast Secureline.

Using the app can speed up your computer. Other times we received that dreaded Netflix error telling us that they detected our VPN. Hide.me vpn, authentication settings Next, click on Advanced… Check the box for Send all traffic over VPN connection, then click OK. With 2GB of monthly traffic, you won’t be able to enjoy your favorite shows online, but for basic browsing, that should be enough. 10 Torrenting, Streaming Videos, Multiplayer Games. Basically, SecureLine VPN may three matters So it’s the proper product for anybody who is traveling a whole lot, or would like to stop by certain content which is restricted through your house region. Usually, they have more options, more settings, and, once again, affect everything Internet-related on your device. For my IP leak test, I went to ipleak.

Each website you visit can see your IP address and system information, and most likely collect that information. We were pleasantly surprised when Avast didn’t prompt us to enter our credit card information to download the free trial – and they didn’t require an email address either. While the country isn’t part of any of the major intelligence-sharing agreements that we discuss on a regular basis, it does cooperate with the Five Eyes agreement countries. Firefox private network, let’s start with the good news. You will still have access to the customer service and the user interface is seen as easy to use even for a first time user.

  • The best way to do this by doing research to find a dependable VPN service that can handle this area.
  • They have AES 256 bit encryption.
  • At the same time, we got solid 35-45 Mbps on the Australian server, which was a pleasant surprise.
  • Obviously, the closer your physical location is to the server you’re connected to, the faster speed you’re going to receive, but I was pleasantly surprised with speeds even on the servers very far removed from me.
  • That could give away your identity or location.
  • Everything is right there in front of you – it only takes a couple of clicks to turn this VPN on, select a server, and become a digital shadow.

SecureLine Netflix & Streaming Support

When the app opens, it will show a short slideshow tutorial. Help & settings, bUDGET-FRIENDLY:. All forms of the dashboard show your subscription details at the bottom as well as purchase and license links if they have not been registered as is the case for the free trial. The 256-bit encryption is regarded as the strongest in the industry right now, so you can be sure that you have only the best encryption securing your information. With this VPN, it is possible to protect up to ten devices simultaneously, but, again, there are no big incentives for that.

The dashboard takes four different states: You are now connected to the service, and you can safely browse the web. Pro; certainly some of the servers that popped up seemed familiar. It’s quite convenient that you can choose a tariff and pay for it directly from the app. 99 weekly plan that's ideal for vacations. Additionally, Avast is constantly testing their servers.


Later, new countries joined the alliance, turning it into Nine Eyes and Fourteen Eyes. When we contacted the company, the support staff was very professional and friendly and managed to answer all of our questions. From the side of privacy and security, the UK plays an important role. When you compare it with the industry’s best VPN service like PureVPN, you will find that it has a 4. Prague in the Czech Republic, Frankfurt in Germany, Amsterdam in the Netherlands, NYC in New York, Miami in Florida, Seattle in Washington, London in the UK or Paris, France. Now we tested Avast VPN speed in UK server:

As for the basic VPN protocols, it uses IPSec and OpenVPN on UDP with AES-256-bit encryption. Whether you are looking to enrich your Avast software collection with VPN protection or thinking about using it as an introduction to its software, keep reading this unbiased Avast SecureLine VPN review to learn all about its features and performance and determine if it meets your cybersecurity demands and preferences. However, at the time of writing, we are a bit disappointed. That’s not bad, but it’s not especially great either. Server locations: Streaming – Does Avast SecureLine VPN Work with Netflix? Browser extensions are available for the Firefox and Chrome platforms.

Some of the best offers include Hotspot Shield, Windscribe, Speedify, and Hide. Is it an attempt to milk money from customers with maximum efficiency? SecureLine is also available as an optional upgrade to Avast Antivirus, with the same features and an integrated interface. Vyprvpn, it was very easy to set up the service and choose a server. Hence, I have put Kill Switch in the pros section. 52 pm Australia (Melbourne) 62. But if you're downloading torrents or doing anything else where someone might record and investigate your IP address, it could allow them to connect those actions back to your Avast account.