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Despite that, SurfEasy is still listed as a Canadian company. This is something you just expect from a VPN. This means you can now browse anonymously without worrying about trackers. While a VPN service will protect all your traffic that comes from your device, proxies only change the IP address for the traffic that goes through the browser. Once that process is followed, you can simply trigger the VPN service off and on. Just like that version, the mobile browser also offers you to bypass VPN when accessing search engines.

Opera began testing the free VPN service in its beta Android browser app last month, and Opera 51 for Android enables users to establish a private connection between their mobile device and a remote VPN server using 256-bit encryption. IDG Enabling Opera’s new in-browser VPN takes just three taps. Let’s take a look at the speed tests results. In addition to being entirely free with unlimited bandwidth, Opera says that it’s service doesn’t log web traffic, which is a common concern among other free VPN providers – they’re often “free” for a reason and monetize your traffic by one means or another. Simply enable the VPN in-browser, select a location, and enjoy a more private connection (you can learn more about what VPNs are and how they work at the link).

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  • Search bypassing may require explanation.
  • When you turn on the built-in VPN, it is enabled only for private tabs by default.
  • Opera v51 in the Play Store adds a 256-bit encrypted VPN service with various server locations.
  • The browser VPN service is also a no-log service, which means that the VPN servers do not log and retain any activity data, all to protect users privacy.
  • Where this leaves the "VPN," and under which jurisdiction it operates under, is very unclear.
  • Once enabled, the VPN will replace your IP address with a virtual IP address making it harder for websites to track your location and identify your device.

Time to jump into the drawbacks of this VPN. Click 'Learn more' to learn and customise how Verizon Media and our partners collect and use data. Opera actually launched Opera VPN, which was a standalone iOS and Android app and even added it into its desktop browsers. Streaming music and video over the Opera VPN connection worked well, and the ping time, or network latency, was acceptable, at 2. Opera won't protect other web browsers or stand-alone email clients.

  • People are using their phones more and more nowadays, and it is important to be using a VPN on your computer as well as your smartphone.
  • That’s a particularly likely scenario for mobile users.
  • This option can be enabled from the search bar of the browser.
  • Of course, they need to monetize the product, and advertisers are always happy to buy another chunk of user information.
  • Perhaps IP hiding is the most important feature of any VPN.
  • By doing so, any service provider tracking and logging your activity will only see this virtual IP rather than your actual destination.

Opera: The Savior of Privacy?

A DNS leak bypasses the encrypted tunnel connection of your VPN, connecting you to a website with your original IP out on display. Opera has removed it's Android VPN and iOS VPN apps from their respective stores. No other settings required as it works out of the box. Just tap the icon found in the right side of the address bar instead of manually entering the address. And this is why we always recommend getting a paid solution that can be pretty affordable. To keep up the quality content on our website, we only accept user reviews that provide valuable information for our visitors. Free VPNs have little to no customer service.

  • A completely new clear data dialog for the application has been built.
  • You can toggle the VPN service on or off.
  • If I want to watch a Canadian feed of Degrassi (try it, it’s like Canadian Saved By the Bell with real problems) I have to just hope against hope that I’m connecting to a Canadian Server.

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Toggle on Enable VPN – finally, you will see a small VPN rectangle on the left next to the website address. First, as a free extension and then baked right into the browser. And you can turn off VPN at any time with the toggle switch. More than 650 million people around the world use tools like VPNs to mask their identities and avoid tracking. Once you enable the feature, our VPN will replace your IP address with a virtual IP address. So what is a VPN? It is not currently available for iPhone.

It is up to you to decide on the virtual location you want to use, and despite the choices being less than what you could get from a commercial VPN service, there are options in Europe, America and Asia. If you’re not sure whether your app has been updated, check the Opera browser’s settings and select the About Opera option at the bottom. If you’re not paying for the service, the VPN provider is probably doing something with your data to make money.

All it does is take you to a page where you can read more about what a VPN is and how it is supposed to help you. Pros of Opera VPN: Browse at high speed outside 3G coverage with Off-Road mode. Music, movies and more: If watching high-quality video is essential for you, then read our review on VPNs for Netflix. As well as being able to manually choose which continent you want your virtual location to be in (an automatic ‘Optimal’ option is the default), you can also specify when exactly you want the VPN to apply. Discovery" or "Doctor Who. Opera VPN is easy to use.

It is highly reliable, and it offers fast speeds and steady connection.

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So there are some safety concerns. And it’s basically just like the desktop version expect on your phone. Windows installer (nsis), it has an official app file. Notably, the ads blocking feature will continue to work in VPN mode which is good thinking. For those of you that don’t appreciate this, we’ve added a setting that controls how Opera will reopen active tabs when you continue in the browser. Let’s be very clear, even if the service offered by Opera is superbly effective, it won’t take care of all of our problems. In the years since, they added the VPN as a default feature into their Android browser. So maybe, just maybe, what Opera is trying to do here is getting a hike in the volume of downloads for its browser—and quite justifiably so, since they have super low penetration in the smartphone market.

Cons of Opera VPN:

What about Android users? Switch to Off-Road mode in Opera to save data and browse faster. Therefore, it is important to check how well it emulates a VPN. The built-in VPN has advantages but also disadvantages over dedicated VPN applications. When enabled, the VPN will hide the user's physical location and will make it hard to track their behavior on the Web.

The "Browser VPN" part of Opera's privacy policy simply states that: Click the above box to enable it. Reviewed byЕвгений, just click the free ExpressVPN download button in the above of this short article. This was the worst performance of the nine free VPN services we examined.

What Protocols Are Used?

29 percent, followed by UC Browser with 7. You’re going to get a display that shows bandwidth used during the week as well as the bandwidth you have used during the month. You can get Opera’s browsers for Android freely on Google Play. The encryption hides your physical location, and because you don't have to log in, the VPN server doesn't retain any activity data. Opera VPN not only logs your usage, but they might be selling your data. We’ve already mentioned that Opera VPN offers low but usable speeds.

A VPN is also wrapped into the desktop version of Opera. This reduces the risk of malicious third parties collecting sensitive information. #3 nordvpn, but some companies, like Amazon, are truly global. 10 Best VPN Services for Mac and Windows for 2020 (Paid and Free). This service will not do much more for you. The reason we have added quote marks around “VPN” is that it is, in fact, a browser proxy rather than a true VPN.

Opera said the rollout had already begun but that it would take more or less time to hit Google Play depending on the region. I tested the US region and got low and medium quality unlocked videos (due to low connection speed through Opera VPN): Or need to control your Android’s data use? And, remember, Opera VPN is a browser-based proxy. Having a separate VPN app meant that there were users using their VPN but not their browser.

Clicking on this does not enable a chatbot or even a contact form.


To create your own home screen shortcut, long tap on the Opera icon in your device’s home screen and tap to select, or long tap to create a permanent link to the desired function. For example, DepositFiles. Why is Opera Browser Offering a Free VPN? This update also adds other new features to Opera’s Android browser. Overall, Opera gives a substantial amount of privacy and encryption for someone who’s looking for a minimal use for a VPN. Are you suffering from web pages with small text? Today’s update integrates this functionality directly into Opera’s primary mobile browser. Moreover, our VPN is a no-log service, which means that we will not collect any information that travels through the network servers.

How much of nothing you get?


Is it a good idea to use a VPN? The reason why we are including this built-in VPN in our Android browser is because it gives you that extra layer of protection that you are searching for in your daily mobile browsing. The built-in VPN is free, meaning users don’t need to download additional apps on their smartphones or pay additional fees as they would for other private VPN services. So this hands-on test was a huge win. They list only two features on the product page. We were consistently able to connect and stream video, whether connected to "Europe," "Americas" or "Asia. To accessing geo-restricted content, but if you're happy with the basics, there's plenty to like here. "For example, if you torrent via external software your ISP would be able to see your torrent activity.

Let’s put that devil’s advocate hat on our head for a moment here. A pigeon in front of the cat with its eyes closed. And, thanks to unclear jurisdiction, it is very possible that this company will disclose your data to law enforcement if they are asked for it. Opera has added a free VPN service to its Android browser. Keep reading this Opera VPN review to find out if this free provider is worth the cost. Let’s take a look at how to use it, what it has to offer, and how well it protects your identity and data. We have included a text size setting which will affect the general text layout of the web page according to your preferences. If you are concerned about your online security and privacy and want your traffic to be close to 100% secure, it is better to show preference to another provider.

Opera VPN Overview

Finally, it doesn’t work with Netflix, which makes this VPN pretty much useless. Opera for Android is planning to offer VPN service for free. 42 (or similar, see below). Users can pick a server of their choice from a range of locations. When we look at the service as a whole, we feel that Opera is doing what you would expect any free service to do. 18 Mbps for upload.

  • You can Turn the toggle on or off VPN.
  • 53 percent browsing usage share, has grown aggressive with its feature offerings in recent quarters.
  • So we decided to try the European location.
  • Each service was tested three times using Ookla's Speedtest, and the service's connection times, network latency (i.)
  • See, when you enable Ad blocking, you are disallowing sites to store several, not all, types of cookies on your browser that tracks your movements.
  • How to get Opera VPN for free?
  • But this is a special chapter.

Opera VPN alternatives

Doing this enables users to send and receive their data across shared or public networks as if their portable computing devices were directly connected to the private network. Tap on the Opera icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen. So if you want to get all the benefits a real VPN service offers, you should look for another solution. 3 Jelly Bean or earlier, as Chromium has recently ceased support for those older devices. 0 for the first time. Something to remember is that the service is in no way connected to your name or to you. This functionality is available with the version 51 update that's rolling out to the Google Play Store now. Check out 9to5Google on YouTube for more news:

Technically, the Opera Browser is a Norwegian company. Requires your personal info when signing up, for more information, visit the ProtonVPN website. It is already there. Opera is a Norwegian company, but the developer SurfEasy, responsible for the creation of Opera's VPN, is a Canadian country.

Clicking on the help button does not start a live chat, it does not take you to a contact form, and it does not open a help ticket. Opera VPN will gather only the data that has some marketing value like your search history or interests. A VPN or Virtual Private Network is a virtual private network that extends a private network across a public network. The results were just as bad as before. Opera for Android 51 will enable the users to browse the web securely by easily connecting to a VPN server, from within their browser. The feature is currently undergoing testing and is slowly rolling out to Opera beta users, the company said in a blog post Thursday.

Privacy And Security Features

In theory, yes. That includes anonymity from ALL prying eyes, even including the VPN company themselves. Your information is not secured and identifying data is not stripped away. Opera's browsers for Android is freely available on Google Play.

This is a free solution for them that works,” said Wallman.

Set your top sites and bookmarks in the Speed Dial - open them with one click! That is just par for the course. Users of the desktop web browser already enjoy its free and unlimited VPN just as the mobile browser also offers you to bypass VPN when accessing search engines. Today, Internet users are searching for great solutions that give them more confidence when browsing the web.

This will keep your private data protected from intruders when you’re connected to a public Wi-Fi network.

What do you think about this new feature? Unfortunately, those wanting to access the US version of Netflix are also out of luck… when I tried, Netflix successfully detected that I was running “a proxy” and refused to play. More than 42 percent of VPN users on mobile devices use VPN on a daily basis, and 35 percent of VPN users on computers use VPN daily. Opera has plans to add further locations as well. The company, which claims to have 320 million users across all its services, says its latest Android browser version is available to download from Google Play and will be rolled out gradually across the globe. Thanks to this app you'll be able to browse the internet anonymously and safely from anywhere in the world.


Today, we will talk about how to set it up, as well as go over the pros and cons of using Opera's mobile VPN. Opera released plans to extend its server-bases to different locations around the globe. Because of the dangers that leaks present to those seeking true online anonymity, we put all of our VPNs through a series of tests to see if they’re secure. The search engines including Google bring the result based on your location to match your query. It's better to use the free plans that paid VPN companies offer as samples of their services. A VPN lets you route all your device's data through a secure connection before heading out into the wider internet.

74 percent mobile usage share (both Android and iOS combined) at the end of February, according to web analytics service StatCounter. This is now available with one tap from the address bar. Now, the company has announced a new VPN, which is integrated with the Opera browser.

However, if you are in any way, shape, or form concerned about privacy and true security, this isn’t the option for you.

How to Install

However, based on my experience of testing VPNs for streaming, I do not think it is for long. The best free movie streaming sites, if you must download and share such content, then use a powerful VPN service to avoid being caught. Yes, many Opera VPN reviews claim that it works with Netflix. Perhaps to best capture the audience, this was the way to move forward. Here is the thing. Opera said its VPN is a no-log service — the company won’t collect information that goes through network servers, which is good news for privacy advocates. More and more users are becoming cautious about their online privacy.

Setting Up Opera VPN for Android

What encryption is applied by Opera VPN? Which makes using them a complete waste of time. Simply download Opera’s browser from the Google Play Store, then access the Settings menu and turn on the VPN. You don't need to download any extra apps for extensions to use the VPN, and there's no registration – just toggle it on in the browser's settings. Privacy over bandwidth. The integrated VPN was distributed to a few beta testers at the beginning of last month who were assigned the task of helping the company report problems. Opera’s VPN has no usage limits, comes with strong 256-bit encryption, and doesn’t require a login, so your data isn’t even stored by Opera itself. Opera first experimented with a free VPN service as a standalone app.

11 alternative and related products to Opera VPN for Android

They offer three: Ever since the viking-themed app opened its doors, its VPN service has been one of the best thanks to the fact that it's both free and easy to use. Vyprvpn – an impressive desktop vpn – for a price, you've heard the advice before:. So if one of the “Big 4” tech companies can do it, why can’t the other, smaller companies? Honestly, we were tempted to leave this section blank. After a long beta testing the free built-in free VPN service is now finally available in the stable version of Opera Browser for Android. If you are using a phone with Android version 7. Angered by the VPN community’s seeming abuse of their service, Netflix launched a counter-offensive, employing strict and powerful VPN blocking software to keep unauthorized users out of geo-blocked content. After it’s activated, the VPN will appear next to your search bar.

Servers and platforms of Opera VPN

Instead of sending and receiving information over a public network where it could potentially be intercepted by a malicious actor, all of those exchanges are handled by the server. ” These are the servers in: There is investment involved. But in any case, you don’t need to pay for it, so you have nothing to lose using Opera VPN.

No torrenting, no protection for anything outside the browser, IP leaks, no device compatibility, no torrenting, and absolutely no customer support round out the perfect storm of VPN horror. This is a free VPN and you don’t need to buy it, but it’s STILL not even worth using. There are VPNs out there that can still achieve fast speeds while hiding your activity. Why this matters: Yes, the speed is low. It just takes you to a general Opera browser help page where you can read a bit more about the VPN. That means not only is Opera VPN logging all of your activity and information, but they are required to hand it over to the Canadian government if asked. After enabling it, you will have to tap on the blue VPN icon on the address bar, but the icon only appears when you open a site.