Norton Secure VPN review and test: read this before you buy it!

This will create a download link. Other payment options are currently not available. However, they have no support for separate router configuration; advanced users may try to tweak some settings using Norton DNS, but we recommend having proper info and guidance before that.

This feature worked about half the time, in my experience, and not reliably enough to access video content from other countries.

Although my DNS address was not leaked, this can still cause issues. First let’s look at the technical aspects: Norton by Symantec was perfect in detecting zero-day malware, as well as the prevalent malware attacks. All of whom offer specialist support. You can also download it for MacOS, Android phones, and iOS smartphones. Neither is Tor. If you want to be able to stream HD content using a VPN, speed is one of the big concerns. However, all virtual servers are located within the country listed; they do what they say on the tin.

The servers can be selected on the basis of location only and you can’t select individual servers within a given location. Some are harmless, others are not. For that reason, all users have to do is click their preferred connection location on the dashboard in order to initiate a connection through one of the company’s servers in 29 countries worldwide. YouTube worked fine on all servers. You can disable those from the settings menu. Its major negative is the small VPN network it operates, which currently consists of only 29 countries.

This is because it’s general support for all of Norton products. Even though it does not include many of the advanced features, this VPN solution employs top-notch encryption, enabling you to browse safely and protect your data, even on public Wi-Fi hotspots and unsecured networks. ” However, Norton’s corporate headquarters are located in the United States.

The only downside here is that they show countries, instead of individual city or server locations.

Paid Content

When it comes to plans and pricing, Norton does things a little differently compared to most other antivirus companies. With no real setup required users can quickly find themselves browsing safely and anonymously from their phone, tablet, or PC. A Norton representative told me, "Norton Secure VPN does not log information about where you go on the internet. "They also were able to remotely access users computers for troubleshooting. This feature can be helpful for various usages across a wider network.

The provider lacks enough security features that are offered by some of the better providers such as PureVPN and Surfshark. In our tests, For an automatically chosen server, we had a 90. The second tab is “Network protection”. Although the company promotes bank-grade protection, their website does not specify the type of protocols they support to guarantee this protection. What is Norton Secure VPN’s jurisdiction?

You can either use the Auto-select option to connect to a server or you can select one from a list of servers as shown below. Even though VPNs are very complex technically, this should not make life hard for the user! Additionally, you can choose to launch the application at system startup and automatically establish a VPN connection. Unfortunately, unlike other VPN services, Norton Secure VPN offers absolutely no support for P2P sharing so torrenting is out of the question. Luckily, Norton’s developers have designed the software to make subsequent scans a lot faster — skipping over previously scanned files and only focusing on newer or recently modified files. This seems sensible — I wouldn’t want my passwords automatically sent to unverified websites. On the other hand, you could download a privacy-centric mobile browser like Ghostery or DuckDuckGo and get even more nuanced privacy options without having to cough up a yearly subscription fee.

  • If you are looking for an effective, trusted and easy to use VPN, then Norton Secure VPN ticks all your requirements.
  • I'd still like to see Norton offer more coverage for Africa and South America, specifically.
  • ”, doesn’t have a black or white answer.
  • The main dashboard can only be accessed by clicking on the tray icon on the taskbar.
  • Installation from there is handled by the appropriate store (Google Play or Apple iTunes).
  • Thus, you can browse the web freely without constantly being followed.

Pricing And Plans

You can use it to make copies of your data and store them outside your device. My one minor complaint about Norton’s user-interface is that there’s no desktop application for Norton Password Manager — only a browser-based web app. This will protect your online identity while surfing. If you want to cover up to 10 devices, the annual plan costs $59. Keep in mine that I always warn against choosing a VPN solely for its speed test results. This isn’t a big deal, however, as you can access all of your Norton apps via the main menu. But there’s also a fourth tab which shows the wifi you’re connected to, with auto-alert and connection settings for unsecured wifi networks.

This has led to VPNs becoming more popular than ever as they offer security and anonymity when online. In total, it has servers distributed on 6 continents. 99 to cover a single device, $79. It works fluently and is easy to setup.

All information a VPN provider keeps about you and your activities is known as logs.

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But wait, there’s more! Also, a minimum of 512 Mb RAM is required for Recovery Tool. We experienced a bug pattern in the VPN where connecting/disconnecting several times from servers, results in a pseudo-crash where none of the connection buttons work after that.

You don’t have the option of choosing an individual city or server, which can be frustrating if a specific server is causing issues.

Is it a free of paid VPN? Most antivirus companies only offer their lowest-paying companies basic malware protection, but Norton packs in lots of valuable extra features. 42Mbps for the Netherlands and 43.

No, Norton is owned by Broadcom, and McAfee is owned by TPG Capital.
  • Even if you visit the US website, it won’t let you pay with a card from these countries.
  • Norton’s VPN is just too basic.
  • It also says that your data is secured and you are connected to a VPN server.

Countries And Servers

Whether you can download and share files on a peer-to-peer or P2P network as opposed to a single server. He offered to take remote access of my computer to resolve my issue. Considering the fact that the US is a key member of the Five Eyes surveillance alliance, it can be difficult for VPN providers to guarantee user privacy and protect them from state surveillance. As no data is collected, it shouldn’t be anything to worry about. 98 per year (plus applicable taxes) for ten devices. Therefore, you can’t count on Norton for your streaming needs.

Click the Settings link in the Norton Antivirus window to navigate to Settings. A virtual private network (VPN) helps you protect all the financial data, passwords, and other personal information that leaves your device whenever you use the internet. In our experience, Norton's front line support agents aren't VPN specialists. In the case of any issues with Norton Secure VPN, all you need to do is go to their support site, but they are not as good as you expect. In short, Norton Cloud Backup is an excellent cloud storage service. This detects malware by examining the behaviour of running applications.

User Reviews for Norton Secure VPN

Once on the app store, tap on the “Install” button for the app. Here’s what we found using the site speedtest. What is the definition of a kill switch and why is it important?

This will bring up the setup screen.


99 a year, users can also get a firewall, parental controls, a password manager, virus protection, backup storage, and more. Crackle kodi addon 2020, before jumping to any conclusions, make sure to research about this VPN. A kill switch essentially is like a fuse which can stop internet connection as soon as server and client connection is off. As for support, forget it. There are no sorting options, but this would be overkill with such a short list. You can cut the cost a bit by paying annually. Click the Antivirus and SONAR Exclusions link and then click the Configure link next to Items to Exclude from Scans. What happens is you can download the “free” version, and then after a 30-day trial, it will default to the premium version which asks you to pay money to keep using it. All you’ll need is your email and password.

These allow such agencies to seize the data logs or even entire servers of VPNs.

Do We Recommend Norton Secure VPN?

This list of subscriptions is incomplete and may have several more variations, for example, you can separately purchase Norton Secure VPN or Norton Security + Norton Secure VPN at a discount. Based on bank-grade data encryption, this VPN allows you to stay completely safe and anonymous while surfing the Internet. Like most non-specialist providers, the company is just assuming its customers aren't that concerned about the fine technical details, and they've not made any real efforts to spell out exactly what's going on. The client is accessible as a docked pop-up from the notification area, so you can’t move it around the screen. That clues you into their customer segment.

• Norton Secure VPN Subscription: This verges on a bug: For a very reasonable price, you can purchase the VPN as part a Norton 360 Deluxe plan, which also includes features like a password manager, cloud storage, antivirus software, and more. That's one reason I'm more interested in testing the amount of speed lost (which for most VPNs is typically half or more) across both high-speed and slower connection types, and in using tools like speedtest. Norton’s “360-degree” marketing angle is actually meaningful — it really does all I’ve ever expected my antivirus to do.

Symantec offers up to a 60-day money back guarantee. But it's still cheaper than some - ExpressVPN asks $100 ($77) to cover three devices for one year - and you shouldn't necessarily be put off by the price alone. Important settings are neatly organized into tabs.

System Requirements

But for the first year you'll pay only $39. Trojan horses disguise themselves as video player downloads, which harmful sites say you need to download in order to watch that cute cat video. Here’s an in-depth look. This is fine for regular web browsing, but not good enough for even Standard Definition video.

(Somewhere down in the footer.) If a part of your data is visible despite an active VPN connection, this is called a leak. They also have 24/7 live chat and phone options. 99/monthly or $39. Overall, it’s great to have access to live chat and phone support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. (You know what I mean.) No fiddling with network settings or proxy servers. This definitely isn’t the product you’ve been looking for.

Norton WiFi Privacy VPN Server Locations

Just open the app, select the Virtual Location tab, then choose the country you want. There are 3 tabs, the first of which you can use to connect to the VPN service and see your currently selected server and public IP address. If you do not yet have an account when you subscribe to their service, it will prompt you to create one by entering an email address and a password. The VPN has the option to either select the server from the given list or use the auto select function to connect to a server.