How to Install NordVPN: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux

If you want the Internet Kill Switch, however, you’ll need to be using the IKEv2 client. It’s going to get even more complicated after this. PCMag Editors’ Choice and recommended by CNET, NordVPN is the No. You can find the full supported server list here. These include IP and DNS leak protection, obfuscation, zero activity logging, and the best encryption protocols. And that’s it, your NordVPN app is installed and you can now begin using it on your Android device. Go ahead and try it now. This tutorial will give you a simple walkthrough on how to get up and running with NordVPN quickly.

This is one of the best VPN trial windows you will find, as I explained in my guide on free trial VPNs.

The availability of some of these payment options depends on your current location. All of the above make NordVPN the ultimate multi-purpose service. Notice you are still connected to a Canadian VPN server. Having everything easily accessible across only a couple of tabs and the Quick Connect button makes getting started really quick. The notorious Netflix proxy error stops many VPNs from accessing the popular streaming service. The company also offers static IPs for sale. Response times are fast, and you’re likely to get better, in-depth information that way.

This is followed by a list of the countries in alphabetical order. In other words, NordVPN truly has servers in all of the advertised locations. Below that, there is a link to Download APK – tap that link. Cheap, the bottom line is that a VPN provides more anonymity and safer data but there is no man, woman, or child on this earth can promise with certainty that you will never be tracked when using a VPN. For example, the company offers Onion Over VPN (that is, the Tor network), P2P, and Double VPN.

ExpressVPN, Ivacy, StrongVPN, and VyprVPN are some examples. 95 per month, 1-year plan at $6. If you are frustrated with NordVPN then we recommend you check out ExpressVPN.

  • Double VPN servers do exactly as the name suggests.
  • – You can also choose specific apps to disable if the VPN connection goes down, like a web browser or a media streaming app.


You can start the download process from the Google Play Store on your TV box or smartphone. NordVPN is safe to use and honest about its Panamanian headquarters. The support team can also be contacted via email and through a form in the website. Make sure that you allow access to all features of NordVPN. It also lets you add countries to favorites and browse specialty servers, which include DoubleVPN servers, P2P servers, dedicated IP servers, and others. If you have both iPhone and Android devices, you're in luck because the NordVPN iPhone app is almost identical to the Android one. Clever attackers can set up a phony cellular tower, similar to a Femtocell, and jam the LTE and 3G bands to force nearby phones to connect via the less secure 2G connection. However, NordVPN has proven itself as a reliable pick for China many times – just remember to install the VPN before you’re in the country, or you may have trouble accessing the website and downloading the software.

That said, IPVanish and CyberGhost offer 10 and seven simultaneous connections, respectively, and Avira Phantom VPN lets you use as many devices as you like without limitation. CyberSec also allows you to browse the internet ad-free, which also improves the connection speed and reduces mobile data consumption. Recommended software, 95 ExpressVPN - . Unfortunately, NordVPN:

It blocks highly popular sites like Facebook, Wikipedia, Twitter, Google (including Google Docs and Drive), and YouTube. Then, I took a close look at its security measures and inspected the fine print in its privacy and no-logs policies. 4 alternatives to hotspot shield, the program doesn’t install anything on your computer. Over 5000 servers in 62 countries around the world.

  • Another aspect of NordVPN’s security upgrades is a full infrastructure audit.
  • IPVanish covers about the same number of countries, with Private Internet Access, TunnelBear , and ProtonVPN trailing considerably.
  • Observe that the NextDNS IP address is actually common to many of its users.
  • This service, this is also available for Windows PC, has over 4,000 servers spread all over the world to choose from when it comes to connecting to the Internet safely.
  • We begin on the NordVPN website, which is organized and polished to perfection.
  • The current average monthly price for one of PCMag's top-rated Android VPNs is $10.
  • Keep access to your favorite websites and entertainment content, and forget about censorship or bandwidth limits.

Users' Reviews

219 Keep-Alive: This will bring up a list of all the servers in Germany and you can quickly find one with a low load percentage as is shown in the first screenshot below. This part of the security plan deals with the third-party data centers where NordVPN servers are physically located. Well, if you've got any doubts about it, you can download NordVPN Free which offers us a 7-day trial version. Which brings us to our next talking point. In terms of VPN usage specifically, "NordVPN guarantees a strict no-logs policy for NordVPN services, meaning that your activities using NordVPN Services are provided by automated technical process, are not monitored, recorded, logged, stored or passed to any third party. What is a vpn? (beginners guide), even though it does have some downsides, this is still one of the best VPNs according to Reddit. "Tyrell then replied: We were very close to our original speeds, which is a great result.

It offers built-in obfuscation features that will conceal VPN traffic and get around the Great Firewall of China. As a result, VPN apps can’t just be downloaded from stores like elsewhere in the world. Testing these steps on both iOS and Android were ineffective, at least in the TechRepublic office. Tapping on any of these will display a list of servers that you can connect to accomplish that goal. We redesigned Settings to make it easier to navigate. This is useful wherever VPNs may be getting blocked.

Once you install the software on your system, you simply enter your account information and click ‘connect’. VPNs are great for securing your data, but they can significantly slow your connection speed. Buffering can be the ultimate buzzkill. Just stop, seriously. Although such attacks are primarily the work of researchers, you can take comfort in the fact that VPNs work over cellular connections, too. Use TCP – switches to the TCP protocol. Second, NordVPN offers “obfuscated servers.

Feature-wise, it’s pretty similar to Pi-hole.

NordVPN: Best VPN Fast, Secure & Unlimited Tags

Windows is the most popular operating system in the world, so it makes sense to start with NordVPN’s Windows app. You’ll enjoy bulletproof AES-256-CBC encryption with the OpenVPN protocol – one of the strongest combinations available. It allows you to connect up to six devices simultaneously, with a possibility for even more if you set it up on a supported router. 1, since we experienced playback problems with the Netflix app on our Google Pixel with Android 9, even when not connected to the VPN. Get the best of shivarweb!, however, keep in mind that our baseline speeds were relatively fast. This tab contains a list of servers by purposes which include the following:

To see how NordVPN compares with other streaming-optimized VPNs, take a look at the best services for streaming. The best speedometer apps for android to know how fast you are going. As a retail package, NordVPN comes in a full size box that is recognizable to anyone who has searched for software before. In the screenshot below, you can see:

I then proceeded to uninstall nord and cancel my subscription to no avail.

Then tap on either P2P, Obfuscated, Dedicated IP, Double VPN, or Onion over VPN to automatically connect to a server. This is when a VPN claims to have a server in one country, but it’s actually in a different location. First slide left to Europe on the map interface and then zoom in to France. 1 VPN service for more than 12 millions users worldwide. HBO or Netflix might not be available in your country. Tap on the country you want to automatically connect to a server. It will seem that your internet connection is not working. On a positive note, however, you will have plenty of time to test out the service risk-free with the 30-day refund window.

Customer Service

This will bring up a list of servers in that country with load percentages so you can connect to a less crowded server and presumably faster one. I obtained a copy of the audit and examined the findings. Additionally, NordVPN also works with other streaming services, such as BBC iPlayer, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. One drawback, however, is that NordVPN is no longer supporting PayPal payments. Some reviewers have mentioned sudden crashes, but we were unable to replicate them during our testing. The best things to get for your new laptop. I will try to find a better solution for the PC. Remember the specialty servers we mentioned earlier? You should see a screenshot similar to the one shown on the left below.

(76 every two years), and the cheapest, 3-year subscription that includes the biggest savings and is available for the price of $3. Each time you connect to the internet, your data is routed through a different IP address, protecting you with every unique connection. Complete privacy, after analyzing a lot of responses from various Reddit and Sub-Reddit threats, we learned that NordVPN and ExpressVPN exist as the two most popular options for unblocking Netflix. NordVPN is based in Panama, as the country has no mandatory data retention laws and does not participate in the Five Eyes or Fourteen Eyes alliances.

Because hey, every second of your time is precious. They offer dedicated IP addresses in the following locations: If you don’t care where you want to connect, the Quick Connect button gets you into a secure connection as fast as possible. For those wanting a higher level of privacy and security, the double-VPN servers are a great option to consider.

NordVPN: Best VPN Fast, Secure & Unlimited Screenshots

We don't choose a best VPN for China due to the potentially severe consequences of it failing. When individuals search for a VPN application to meet their specific requirements, they try gaining as much unbiased information as possible. If you subscribed to NordVPN via PayPal in the past, you might have noticed something odd. Upon further confirmation, it seems that this was really the only solution. All you have to do is uninstall the app and you'll be back to working order. Just download and run!

Overall, NordVPN offers exceptional P2P support and a variety of features for smooth, safe torrenting. There are more than 4,600 servers in 46 countries specifically tailored for torrents. That's the most of any VPN service we've tested. Allows up to six concurrent connections, which is more than most. Don't worry--it's not permanent. If you want more control over the server that you connect to in a country, then long-hold the location pin.

  • It's true that cellular networks are more secure than Wi-Fi, generally.
  • Studying or working abroad?
  • Tapping on the “Smart Play” tab will bring up a screen like the second one.
  • We will examine this in greater detail later in this review.
  • Moreover, this seems to be a general problem on all the servers.

Price and Value for Money – Is NordVPN Worth It?

You can use DNS over TLS, DNS over HTTPS, and regular DNS. So far, we’ve covered everything you need to know about NordVPN, except one thing – how it feels in a hands-on test. Both apps also recognize if you are in a restricted location and load obfuscated servers, which it did while I was in Oman last year. A decrease in download of 9. I share free so you please don’t change password.

Please read this article.

Specialty Servers

Get in touch with award-winning customer service agents every time you have an issue or a question you are stumbling upon. NordVPN is one of the few premium services that provide a free trial and also offers a no questions asked 30-day money-back guarantee as well. To me, this is a very scary prospect and so I wanted to make sure my loved ones were using a VPN.

For example, you can make an exception for your home Wi-Fi if you trust it. You can feel assured that your identity remains anonymous at all times, even when unblocking VoD services or streaming pirated content via unofficial/third-party apps/SaaS. Oh, and also encrypted proxy extensions for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are available. But with NordVPN you can, and watch them on the big screen through your NVIDIA SHIELD TV. All of the apps are very comfortable to use, even for beginners. The tutorial has been made on a device running Android 6. China’s VPN laws are extremely complex and user experiences vary from one person to another. Right in the center of the top part of the app is a large switch that lets you quickly connect and disconnect from a VPN server.

And let’s not forget the CyberSec technology, which is essentially a blocker of malware, malicious websites, phishing, and ads. Anyone looking to secure their internet data and their keep their usage concealed from government bodies, should consider looking into NordVPN. Next, scroll to the bottom of the list and click Show advanced settings. Here’s what we got out of all this. And does its latest coupon make it better value for your money than ExpressVPN and CyberGhost? You can also connect to Tor over VPN, or Onion over VPN as this service calls it. CloudVPN is a registered US company.

  • 99 a month, you can secure up to 6 devices at the same time, and NordVPN has apps for all popular operating systems.
  • Many VPNs declare that they don’t allow file sharing, while others will allow it, but for legal reasons, won’t tell you that.

Security & Privacy

Gambling on a subscription might be risky if you're not sure about your Wi-Fi's compatibility, but there's good news if you want to try it: This will only block nominated apps from getting internet access without the VPN while allowing all other traffic to pass unprotected. At the time of this review, NordVPN is offering a discounted three-year subscription price with the three-year plan. The good news for torrenting fans doesn’t stop here.

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You’re in a good position, and you can enjoy both NextDNS and NordVPN. The second warning was actually allowing NordVPN to establish a VPN connection. We’ll cover NordVPN’s overall support shortly. So you’ve heard good things about NordVPN and decided to try it out. A kill switch is important because it blocks traffic if the VPN connection drops, which protects you from de-anonymization and your regular traffic being exposed. Digging around the website a bit you’ll quickly find a blog with lots of useful and interesting content such as what to do if your data is leaked, how safe jailbreaking of iPhone really is, how to delete your LinkedIn account, and more.


In addition to Android, NordVPN offers clients for Chrome, Firefox, iOS, Linux, macOS, and Windows. This is a smart move that we’ve already seen with other VPN providers, such as ExpressVPN and also Perfect Privacy. This sale ends 09-15-19. Travelling for business or pleasure? This tutorial will teach you how to install and use NordVPN on Android.