HMA Pro 3.3 VPN review: An easy-to-use internet privacy tool

Because your traffic is exiting from the VPN company's server, you appear to have its IP address, effectively hiding your true location. There is a 30-day free trial. What do all those protocol names mean and which one should . Note that this feature should be used in conjunction with the kill switch, since renewing your IP interrupts your connection to the VPN server temporarily, which is more than enough time for leaks to occur. Connected to HMA’s Dallas, TX server in the United States: We could say that law-abiding citizens should not worry. This story, "HMA Pro VPN review: "Users even set up the router with the VPN but it should need some technical knowledge to configure the settings. In our dealings with the staff behind the live chat, we found them friendly, fast, and professional.

  • The speed test we performed on the HMA VPN network was not as fast as some of the best performing ones we have reviewed.
  • In that, users can use VPN service with certain conditions if the users violate those conditions then refund is not available.
  • The same is true with the US servers and Netflix, Hulu, and HBO.
  • How connect to a different VPN server location?
  • However, 34 Mbps on a 160 Mbps line with less than 100 MS latency is certainly not good.

This loss was within acceptable values for HMA. Crypto payments, and prepaid gift cards purchased with cash, make your transactions more anonymous. While I appreciate HMA addressing these issues openly rather than swiping them under the rug, the incident points to a serious flaw in the system. World’s fastest vpn, verified by experts, and it was consistently horrible across multiple speed tests. I tested out American Netflix from my location in Europe and found everything to work without problems. Note that in the mobile app, you’ll have to find these within the Cities list in Location Mode. ExpressVPN has a host of detailed setup guides, all easily accessible in a couple of clicks from the support page. Today, HMA is owned by the cybersecurity company Avast and still has a relatively large user base. Although HMA has worked in China in the past, it does not reliably provide service to customers in China.

With a large network, fast speeds, robust security, 24/7 live chat support, and reliable access to BBC iPlayer, it’s clear that HMA has a good service to offer. Any complete originating IP address that could identify you. Instagram, as well as offering anonymity (which stops websites gathering your data), it allows you to geo-spoof your location to make the PS4 think you’re somewhere you aren’t. The user can get the better quality of the hidemyass support and the user can conduct the quick live chat to the service provide and get the quick service option. Also, it is an ultrafast VPN, and you can easily join to the unlimited restrained content. VPN, but you need to take into consideration the following things: The evolution of HideMyAss! VPN; You are not allowed to use HideMyAss!

  • The service records the timestamp of every session connect and disconnect, a subnet of the IP address you used to connect to the service (if you connect from 92.)
  • You can choose and connect with one click.

Your review for HMA! Pro VPN

And since then? You can configure how you want the VPN to startup on your device and how the kill switch should work to block non-VPN traffic. We were impressed by how high and stable the download speed was on the closest servers. 99 a month which is a discount of 67% off. It’s concerning to say the least. Turbo vpn – free unlimited vpn & secure hotspot, if you really want to try it, you should check out the features of it below. Therefore, you can restrict the list to display only “Streaming” servers, “P2P” ones, all of them, quick access ones or a list of your favorite entries. They do so to prevent abuse and diagnose network issues. This allows them to offer geographically diverse locations to help members surf the Internet securely and unblock geo-restrictions.

Below is the support request page from the HMA website.


Here’s how the process works. HideMyAss support is somewhat limited with two online channels including the existing Knowledge Base and the Online Forum. At the end of the article, I’ll tally the score and name an overall victor. Simultaneous connections, most operating systems have built-in support for at least one of these protocols, which means you can use that protocol — and a willing VPN service — without client software. However, clicking any of the devices will show you the same dialog as above, prompting you to either buy a license or start a free trial, instead of letting you download the app as you should.