8 Best VPNs for BBC iPlayer to Watch Abroad (still working in 2020)

You don’t have to take their word for it. Live chat support is available on the website 24 hours per day, so be sure to ping them in the event you have any issues. Launch kodi and stream, so what is there to like about IPVanish apart from it offering the best multiplatform support according to Reddit? The different subscription plans for CyberGhost are: Access to the BBC iPlayer streaming service now requires viewers to register a BBC account and input a valid UK post code. Its browser proxy extension for Chrome makes connecting even easier. We have included several cheap VPN services in this article, so you can unblock iPlayer for less than $2 a month. Then why don’t they provide a paid plan for non-UK residents? The answer is a qualified “maybe.

  • Indeed, the UK television TV licence fees pay for BBC TV productions.
  • There are a few that perform okay, but you’re not going to get the latest protections that a paid VPN service can offer you.
  • TunnelBear is also a no-log service, which will put to rest almost all privacy concerns while online.
  • How to listen to BBC Radio abroad.
  • When accessing BBC iPlayer outside UK, connect to our VPN, and change your location to the UK.

All of the ten listed will work on Macbooks, PCs, laptops, and most smartphones that take either Windows, Chrome, Android, and iOS. It has thousands of servers and these are available in 60+ countries, one of them being the United Kingdom. Whether you’re streaming, torrenting, or checking your email, NordVPN protects your location and private data at all times with robust encryption, IP masking, and an automatic kill switch. Microsoft weekly newsletter, anyConnect VPN Client Virtual Adapter Installer Comments:. But there’s not much else to complain about TunnelBear. In fact, a few years back, BT admitted as much.

So your privacy and security are valuated. Apps are available for the macOS, iOS, Android and Windows platforms. So, applying such regulation is 100% legitimate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Signing on to the VPN is a breeze too, which will have you logged into a server in mere seconds. And then rights agreements are made with third parties, so on and so fourth. VPN apps are very important when it comes to streaming. The BBC offers some of the best entertainment to be found anywhere, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to enjoy it, no matter where you are. Consistent performance Cons: For troubleshooting, you can contact a customer representative several ways, including through live chat in need be. It has been receiving complaints and comments on its forums from disgruntled users.

It has a lot of special features, like IP address cycling and a Kill Switch, but these come at the expense of a clunky and unattractive user interface.

List of Best BBC Iplayer VPNs to Unblock TV Shows

For more detailed steps, follow the instructions below: As we have mentioned here before, iPlayer detects VPNs when there are too many connections being routed through a single server or a group of similar IP addresses. It’s also common for free VPNs to rely on money from third-party advertisers. Yes – BBC iPlayer has become quite successful in detecting and blocking VPN services (which wasn’t the case until a few years back). Finally, clear any cached data that might allow iPlayer to see your real location. Looks like BBC Two might be your new favorite channel. TunnelBear TunnelBear is a smaller VPN provider that promises a great balance of security, usability, and price.

Will It Work On My Computer Or Device?

Yes, you do, but that license will only be available to you if you live inside the UK. And even if you live in the UK, a VPN can help you secure your private data and make it inaccessible to anyone else online. In case you are wondering, this is the criteria we used to come up with our best VPN solutions. CyberGhost also boasts a strong security and privacy pedigree.

Even if you want to access BBC iPlayer from within the UK, you must have a valid license. It also has a 7-day money-back guarantee, access to dedicated IP addresses, no overloaded servers, a strict no-logging policy, and secure DNS servers. Stream like never before on BBC iPlayer. By taking on an alternative IP address when connecting to a server based in the United Kingdom, the streaming portal believes you are located in that country. BBC offers multiple channels to its online viewers. Onion over VPN available. – A VPN is guaranteed to slow your connection speeds due to encryption and the additional distance that the internet traffic has to cover to reach the VPN servers.

All of the services that we have listed below allow access to the BBC inlayer through at least one of their UK based servers at the time that we tested it. By extension, anybody who watches the BBC iPlayer using a VPN has the same functionality as a UK citizen – without paying. Access blocked websites school & work, although it may be overkill for some users, Perfect Privacy offers a number of advanced features you won’t find elsewhere. In all honesty, I would say that PrivateVPN provides you more value than you pay for.

It’s hard to find a free VPN that can bypass BBC iPlayer’s geoblocks so you can watch it from outside the UK.

Best Wireless Routers for BBC

The BBC, Britain’s premier broadcasting service, has been the source of some of the most celebrated pieces of television and film worldwide. Want to read more about SaferVPN? Sign up to a well-known VPN provider like ExpressVPN. If BBC iPlayer is not accessible for you even under a UK IP address, use a contact form, which is provided on the official VPN website. From the moment you connect to one of our servers your IP will instantly change to one from a remote location. NordVPN also offers all that is needed in order to be able to stream blocked content. What is the geo-blocking technique? The scariest downside of using a free VPN is that you can’t always trust them to keep you safe online.

How to Watch ABC Go Outside the USA

45-day, no-risk money-back guarantee. Plus, we also have a free browser extension available for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera. BBC iPlayer is not just your average media library, but a comprehensive service that also offers a live TV.

SaferVPN’s Key Features

4K Streaming on BBC iPlayer | Fast Speeds on VoD | Best Price: For any support or general queries, you can use Ivacy’s 24/7 live chat. Enjoy seamless and fast vpn protection for your android tablet. Premium VPNs secure your private data with IP masking, bank-grade encryption, and advanced IP/DNS leak protection. Watching BBC 1 Online is surely an exciting experience. As a result, most VPNs on the market cannot successfully unlock streaming media such as Netflix and BBC iPlayer. Each VPN provider explained that their servers were set up for streaming content, rather than downloading it to a device.

The easiest way to change your IP address is to sign up for a Virtual Private Network. Usually, if attempting to access BBC iPlayer abroad the following error message will occur ‘Due to rights agreements, you need to be in the UK to stream and download programmes or watch BBC TV channels. Its app is easy-to-use and free to download on pretty much any device you can think of. As expected, not a single provider succeeded in unblocking the VoD service. Can I watch Planet Earth II on BBC iPlayer?

Can I Watch Other Streaming Services with a VPN?

So you could be in the US, and change your IP to a German address. The key to overcoming restrictions of blocked content from the UK is choosing a server from that country. Others come with the continent their servers are based in but won’t always specify which country within it that the server is actually being rerouted to. In order to watch BBC Two Livestream online outside the UK, you must have a fast BBC VPN as your companion, like Ivacy. How does a VPN unblock BBC iPlayer?

To check if you are facing this issue, connect to iPlayer, use a tool for checking DNS leaks, and run the test. Nevertheless, the VPN services that we have mentioned on this page have been able to access the BBC iPlayer without issue for a significant amount of time and have large server networks that should prevent them from experiencing any issues in the near future. Supports torrenting:, albeit limited, CyberGhost offers a free feature for users to get a sneak peek of what they would be getting if they acquire the paid service, which costs around . Download and install the VPN app on your desired platform. If you're simply looking for a VPN at a great price, visit our round-up of the best VPN deals available right now or our pick of the best streaming VPNs if you want to watch a wider range of streaming services.

That IP address comes from a server and each address is specific to your device. Instead, things will play smooth and remain unblocked for the duration that you’re logged on the VPN. What if your VPN service does not unblock BBC iPlayer library content? 5,700+ | Server locations: Well, maybe you should ask your IP address. As we mentioned earlier in this article, the BBC and some of its rights holders have taken action to block certain VPN services from accessing the BBC iPlayer. What’s the Catch with Free VPNs?

  • Your private info shared in between other computers can never be read by anyone since the tunnel is shielded with end-to-end encryption.
  • I put together a definitive list of the best free VPNs for BBC iPlayer that still work in 2020 so you can start watching His Dark Materials, Drag Race UK, and other great content for free.
  • Therefore, finding a reliable VPN that can unlock BBC iPlayer streaming media becomes more difficult.
  • BBC only blocks the IP addresses of some VPNs.
  • With that money, the BBC funds its national TV as well as all the streaming services that it provides through iPlayer.
  • The VPNs above do not unblock BBC iPlayer, even if you connect to their UK server.

BBC Iplayer FAQs

Its speeds aren’t the best, but to be fair, it didn’t let us down in streaming performance. ExpressVPN Website: And unlike IPVanish, the company is based in Panama, a place where data retention laws don’t exist. It can happen whether you are using a smartphone, PC, smart TV, game console or a streaming media box.

Of them all, NordVPN is my top recommendation.

I found three free VPNs that can reliably bypass BBC iPlayer’s tough geo-restrictions without putting your safety at risk. ” But even if you do find a free VPN that works to unblock BBC iPlayer, I assure you that you won’t be happy with the experience. Actually, most Paid VPN providers offer unlimited bandwidth by default but it is better to check beforehand. Split tunneling is another Ivacy feature that provides more flexibility while surfing and streaming. Plus, if you run into any issues, its customer service is a little slow and the live chat is manned by an AI representative. Based on your needs, maybe you don’t have to go for the most comprehensive VPN out there. Free or pro?, you choose the server and country you want, connect, and then go about your business. On top of unblocking BBC iPlayer, NordVPN also works for other streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Prime Video. The best part about ExpressVPN is that it has six different UK servers, so you can easily get a UK IP address using this VPN.


Need help with installation? Open BBC iPlayer and start watching! There are a number of features that allow you to hide your identity online though including IP address masking. I was able to stream with minimal buffering, but it wasn’t fast enough to watch anything in high definition.

Why does BBC iPlayer block VPNs?

Chrome and Firefox browser users can make use of the provider’s extensions. And when you connect to a new server, you get allocated a new IP address which may now be able to unblock the streaming service. What happens if a vpn connection fails while i'm on a remote connection? Do you know what this means?

BBC iPlayer VPN:

Based on this affirmation we can easily conclude that BBC iPlayer is applying geo-restrictions. Every VPN in the chart above has been recently tested as working with all the most popular British TV sites and services, no matter where you are in the world. However, some shows are made by independent production companies, so they may be sold to another streaming service, much like what happened with Peaky Blinders. On another note, try to remember that there are very few things online that are free. For example, free VPNs do not have powerful privacy and security features, cannot protect user privacy and data security, and may expose your private information.

Torrenting and P2P allowance. Double VPN feature. The most important in using VPN for iPlayer abroad is to constantly pretend that you are located in the UK so keep an eye on your devices (Windows, MAC). But when you are ready to entertain yourself with iPlayer, the VPN performs just as dutifully. Apart from this, CyberGhost offers over 3,700 servers worldwide with 412 of them situated in the United Kingdom. Once you are done with that, you are all set to stream different shows and movies on BBC iPlayer conveniently at all times. Hexatech unlimited vpn proxy software features and description, hopefully, now you have successfully installed Hexatech VPN For PC. 99/month so you’ll have to pay a total of $59.

Great for the end-consumer. If you’re asked to enter a postcode — the UK equivalent of a zip code — just enter any UK postcode that you can find on Google. I was also looking for impressive server coverage in the UK. Also, other VPN services don’t tell you to clear your browser cookies, or to stream in Incognito mode in Chrome/Firefox—so we’ll tell you. Picture your IP address as your home’s internet connection.

  • Therefore to get BBC iPlayer on Kodi outside the UK, you can use the iPlayer WWW add-on and enjoy unlimited access, you must use Ivacy’s iPlayer VPN.
  • There are more than 2,000 servers available across a whopping 140 countries, and they’re easy to connect to thanks to the simple app interface.
  • BBC iPlayer has stopped working on my VPN.
  • What is it with restrictions?
  • It scored well in our speed tests, so you should have no problem streaming the latest season of Peaky Blinders in HD.
  • They have about 6 servers located in the U.


In the UK, it has 580+ servers, which is the highest UK coverage I’ve seen. However, you can install it on routers to get complete coverage for your entire household. IvacyVPN is a VPN based in Singapore that is an exceptional all-rounder. The company has a ‘no log’ policy which means that it does not keep any paper trail of the activities that its users carry out when they are connected to one of its VPN servers. TunnelBear is still adding new features, allows up to 5 simultaneous connections, and has a great ad-blocker plug in and mobile app. That is to say, you don’t need to worry. It is a software that manages your traffic so that your data travel through a VPN server instead of your ISP’s network. This means that you can be confident that details of your browsing activities will remain private as there is simply no record for authorities or anyone else to request.

B. If you use KeepSolid SmartDNS:

Live chat support can be contacted 24/7. In order to watch CBBC on iPlayer live, you must opt for Ivacy, the best UK VPN in the world today. As the world's oldest national broadcasting organization, the BBC stands as a fundamental pillar in the history of journalism and entertainment. What can I watch on the BBC with a VPN? To make tuning in even easier, CyberGhost has dedicated streaming profiles for BBC iPlayer. CyberGhost is the best option for BBC iPlayer fans who are in the market for the fastest connections available.

Just connect to a suitable UK server and start streaming.

I recommend NordVPN for its budget-friendly prices, large server network, fast speeds, top-notch security, and user-friendly streaming features. Unlimited server connections. Plus, the BBC recently joined forces with ITV to launch a new streaming service called BritBox, which became available in the U. Flash a router with new firmware, over the past year, they have improved their server infrastructure and now provide stellar performance. The free version does share information about the sites and apps you use with advertisers, but the data is anonymised and can’t be linked to your account. You may also have to wait awhile before the entertainment begins. If you visit the iPlayer website while not in the UK, you will be welcomed with a message – BBC iPlayer only works in the UK.