Top Free VPNs for Gaming

That it all functions with far above average speeds is a nice bonus. A true high-end gaming VPN for under $10 per month. Overcoming that is helpful for a couple of reasons. A VPN will give you more privacy but not more security. If budget is a big concern for you, Surfshark might be a good option.

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  • Gamers enjoy DDoS protection as well as unlimited server switching.
  • VyprVPN also makes an app for routers that have compatible firmware.
  • VPNs can provide excellent protection against DDoS and DoS attacks.
  • Well, whichever the method, it works.

Fortunately, you have a 7-day window to get refunded if you feel like you aren’t getting enough out of PIA. I’ve done so in Europe and Mexico. For this guide, we focused on the following items:

Many bigger VPN providers tout 100 percent uptimes, ensuring that you can always connect. Keep your devices and software up to date. If you are traveling to these countries and want to play uninterrupted, you’ll need to use a VPN. Rather than being the high-end gaming PC that ExpressVPN is, NordVPN is more like someone building their own computer but skimping on the graphics card.

The only server your personal internet connection is interacting with is the VPN server, so none of the websites you visit can track you (except with browser cookies, if you allow them).

The best VPN services are:

The best services use a modern and secure VPN protocol to secure your connection. Other benefits are DDoS attack protection, ping reduction, connection stability, country exclusive access, and other country launch dates. The provider offers fast connection speeds and server access to popular gaming hotspots.

It does have the potential to slow down gaming speeds. That “something” is likely info about your online activities. If you are looking for speed, check out our list of the fastest VPN services.

You can gain access to geo-blocked games and multiplayer titles and all the while keep your data protected while evading DDoS attacks. All the Gaming VPNs that we listed were gone through a detailed process which we mentioned earlier. How many Mbps do I need for gaming with a VPN? A VPN also protects gamers from vengeful players and DDOS attacks, by increasing their overall online privacy and keeping their personal information secure. A secondary function is to re-route your connection to hide your identity. Express VPN is one of the biggest names in VPNs, you’ve likely seen or heard of them just from the ubiquity of their YouTube sponsorships. If you’re using this VPN for gaming, you also get Anti-DDoS servers that come with an advanced stability check system. For an extra fee, LiquidVPN offers private static IP addresses to users.

That way, all of your devices are protected.

VPN to The Rescue

If you have never heard of it, Outfox is a gaming network that is optimized to protect you, the gamer. You can learn about our cookies policy and how we use them by checking our Privacy Policy. And then, keep in mind that Ivacy comes with native applications for pretty much any popular platform out there. What you might not know, is that there are a lot of people utilizing VPNs for the purposes of gaming. Your data is kept secure through strong security protocols. 54 once every 3 years The three-year plan includes 3 months free this festive season! All of them offer impressive speeds and low ping times. Dedicated specialty servers are available, like Double VPN servers, P2P servers, Onion over VPN, and obfuscated servers.

To understand more about how VPNs affect connection speeds please visit our fastest VPN article. Does a VPN slow down gaming? There is a group of countries in the Five Eyes surveillance alliance that are the worst in the world. For anyone new to the VPN world, ExpressVPN is super-simple to use with a one-click startup option. If you're planning to use your VPN to access Netflix and other streaming services like HBO Go, Hulu or Sky Go - Express is simply the undisputed champion. Or try the ExpressVPN app for compatible routers, which lets you secure every device in your network, including gaming consoles such as PlayStation and Xbox that can’t install a VPN directly. They state that the service cannot be configured manually to run on a router, but TunnelBear VPN promises to collect “the minimal amount of information required to operate our service”.

There’s even a built-in ad-blocker. VPN providers (even “free” VPNs) need to keep the lights on. – Company of Heroes, StarCraft, Total Annihilation Stealth Shooter – Invisible, Inc. We also take into account pricing, with not only the charge but how you're able to pay, and whether any money-back guarantees were on offer. Yes, P2P specialty servers available. For these reasons, our selections for best VPN for online games all come with a monthly or yearly fee.

Like the other two providers on this list, ExpressVPN imposes no data caps and offers unlimited server-switching among its 100% RAM-disk network.

How To Choose A Good VPN For Gaming?

Connecting a VPN via PC is nearly the same as setting it up via Mac, only this method uses the Windows equivalent of Mac’s Internet Sharing. With a VPN, you can play games in any worldwide location including Iran and Myanmar. Keep in mind that many of these services are trying to block VPN users now by blocking known IP addresses of VPN providers. But I suspect it's that.

NordVPN for Gaming

The important thing with VPNs and gaming is that you don’t sacrifice speed for security. Then comes the testing of the VPNs themselves. As long as you have not used beyond 10 hours, 100 sessions, or 10 GB of data, Buffered VPN will give a full refund. Keep in mind that, though many gamers would prefer to have a free VPN for playing games, most free options are lacking in important features. A Tier 1 network means the VPN provider connects its servers to the fastest possible network available. A VPN is a virtual private network that will encrypt your data, and give users the ability to choose servers from other countries and locations. Most of the major devices and platforms are supported.

Best Gaming VPN for Mac

You're probably thinking that's a daft idea - that even if you used one of the best VPNs you would still end up with a slower connection and a higher ping time. However, below are our top five fastest VPNs for gaming that we highly recommend. Of course, it’s difficult to state this categorically, and everyone’s mileage will vary, but in some of our VPN testing, we’ve actually found our connection to be faster with the VPN turned on compared to our standard rates.

CyberGhost works on these devices: It comes with a kill switch and can be configured on your router. You’ve likely heard how much they can help you with streaming videos, protect your privacy, and even get around censorship internet providers. A good, trustworthy VPN company clearly states what information it gathers, and why it does so.

With so many options available, we recommend shopping around and testing a few different countries with your gaming VPN. How else can I speed up my VPN connection? Anything that can affect ping time, download and upload speeds isn’t typically a good idea and can have a negative impact on overall in-game performance. The best option is to subscribe to a fast VPN in the first place. Every player would just want to beat other players from all locations and win the game. US menu is crap. Tunnelbear vpn, interesting extras include an option to get a personal VPN server with traffic dedicated just to you, ensuring you'll always get the best performance. You can have access to the earliest release date for every game. I enjoyed being able to use split-tunneling to protect my gaming connection whilst being able to browse normally elsewhere.

  • It’s unlimited, is priced at $9/month or $49 annually, and includes unlimited bandwidth for an unlimited number of devices.
  • The higher your benchmark speed is without a VPN - the more confident you can be about using a VPN.
  • VyprVPN owns and operates all of its VPN servers, keeping your information safe from third-party server operators and providing quick response times when issues arise.

Want More for Your Gaming Experience?

No data logging, whatsoever – confirmed via an independent audit. They could collect your data and browsing habits for commercial purposes. Online gaming is arguably one of the most popular online activities today.

Why Use a VPN for Gaming?

It’s reliable, too, offering stable connections to 5,000+ servers in 89 countries. 3-Year Plan goes for $2. In terms of payment, PureVPN accepts multiple payment methods including PayPal, Alipay, Payment wall and coin, etc.

Internet threats are genuine, even on gaming platforms. Think apt-get upgrade is taking longer than the actual config will. There are several important factors to keep in mind when choosing a gaming VPN. Yes, it's more expensive than the other two options listed here, but for the extra dollar per month you're getting insane speeds. IPVanish has easy-to-install apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Amazon Fire TV. We really liked IPVanish overall and it's high on our list for sure. And it’s very easy to install and configure.

95/month and $99. What am I missing about your requirements. All of these features (plus others like IP/DNS leak protection and 5 simultaneous connections) make CyberGhost a great option. You won’t get a NAT firewall or DDoS protection. A VPN will help you get around any geographical restrictions. However, you get to enjoy significant discounts with long term plans, with price points of $69 and $79 for the yearly and 24 month plans, respectively.

8 Best VPN's for Gaming in 2020

VyprVPN operates 100% without third-parties, so you can trust that your data is being handled with care, and not sold to an advertiser! As of 2020, more than 2. It could even reach the high thousands.

With the proper technology, it can be easy for online users to gain access to your personal information if it is not properly secured. It’s all about the route taken between servers. For more information on using a PS4 VPN please check out our guide. If you’re a less avid online gamer, Windscribe’s free VPN might also be a good idea. The second thing you need is reliability. You’re safeguarded against malicious gamers by 256-bit AES encryption and an automatic kill switch. With a VPN by your side, you can make sure to never again be victim to ISP data throttling.

If you continue to use this site without changing your settings, you consent to our cookies policy. Indeed, a VPN emulates some properties of a circuit-switched network over a packet-switched network. IPVanish is owned by j2 Global, the parent company of PCMag's publisher, Ziff Davis. You will also be able to more accurately predict how long it will take for you to arrive at your destination if you use a train. Whether you’re looking to unblock geo-restricted games, get a better connection to distant servers, or avoid throttling/DDoS attacks, a VPN will be the MVP on your team.

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Tor Guard

With more than 155 million people playing video games in the US alone, online gaming has become a mainstream form of entertainment more than ever. In an era when you might feel like the performance hit is necessary, we’ll do our best to tell you which VPN will compromise your gaming the least. All you need to do is select a server location where you can access the games you want to play. Another good thing about their pricing is that their monthly pricing isn’t that outrageous at $10 per month if you don’t feel like committing to a huge chunk of time. However, free VPNs are rarely good for gaming. However, that doesn’t mean your VPN gaming experience needs to be an unpleasant one. So let’s see how you can enjoy it specifically for online gaming and where you can get your gaming VPN download.

These countries are Australia, Canada, New Zealand, The United Kingdom, and The United States. No matter what device you use to play games, ExpressVPN has a corresponding APP to serve you. All of the apps provide military-grade encryption to keep things undercover. Keep in mind all the VPNs in this chart have more features than are listed here, so this is just a very basic summary. A VPN can also help you gain early access to games by switching your IP to another region.

What Is a VPN?

Free VPNs usually have a limited number of servers, cap data transfers, require queueing to connect, and throttle bandwidth. The protocol has known security vulnerabilities. You can start the game and connect to multiplayer servers just like you normally would on an unsecured network.

If you’re a competitive gamer and the other team is using dirty tactics to target your IP address with a denial-of-service attack, many VPNs have built-in protections against that. The service features a worldwide server network with plenty of locations and 200,000+ IP addresses, plus there’s a NAT firewall to block unrequested inbound traffic and a host of easy-to-use apps for almost every device. 95 monthly or $60 annually for unlimited data across a maximum of three clients (not to mention the monthly $12. )Some countries try to restrict or ban VPN usage because of its association with criminal activity. VyprVPN owns each one of their servers. OpenVPN encryption is implemented extremely secure, so this VPN that is fantastic for privacy, and will protect your console or PC against DDoS attacks. Sadly, there’s a 10 GB monthly data limit, and the speeds might not be good enough for gaming.

PRIVACY ALERT: Websites you visit can find out who you are

Gamers are sometimes too busy playing online to realise they’re exposing themselves to online risks, unless they’re already using a top gaming VPN. It takes money to maintain servers, so it’s no surprise that connection speeds suffer. IPVanish provides high speed connections, no bandwidth limits and over 40,000 available IP addresses across the globe to choose from. This is a private network to connect you to other users and access the internet through that private network. Make a better choice with our top five list.

If you want to participate in those tournaments, you’ll need a VPN to change your IP address. These are some of the best available VPNs for gaming and other online activities. IPVanish uses a shared IP system. Check out our guide for some handy advice.

73 (Turkey) Fifa 20 (PS4) PlayStation Store $78. SSTP (Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol): The best services have no data limits, hold strict no-log policies, won’t throttle your connection speed, and most importantly, they use high levels of encryption to keep you safe and secure. Though again, this depends on the VPN and the server that you connect to (as well as how many people are using that server). Good old bandwidth and a stable connection will go a long way in keeping you in the game and playing competitively. This is one of the main reasons why I use a VPN to play online. Gaming might not be most people’s reason for using a VPN, but having one can prove to be very useful. If you're looking at a service that offers fewer devices per subscription, it better offer something pretty impressive to balance that out.


As with all of these companies, if you make in-game purchases, IPVanish will keep your transactions encrypted and safe from general hacking. You will certainly see different specific results depending on where you live and which VPN server you use. It’ll also provide users with a market-leading router app and apps available on popular gaming console such as Playstation 4 and Xbox.

Speedtest speeds are a mixed bag, though. 76 once every 2 years. The next thing you need to know is how to install one on all your devices. 45-day money back guarantee. Downloadable content (DLC) may only be available in certain countries due to region-specific games, meaning geographical borders can act as physical barriers when it comes to downloading certain games. But it is not always possible due to geo-restrictions that could be enforced by the gaming company or the government. With over 6000+ servers, serious encryption, and zero traffic or connection logs stored, CyberGhost is another provider that takes the “private” in “virtual private network” to heart.

Best VPN for Gaming in 2020 – In-Depth Review

Apps are easy to install and use, and are highly configurable for your gaming Cons: One of the best features of this VPN is its interface — thanks to several dedicated profiles, you can let CyberGhost know what you’re using it for, and it will provide the optimal performance for your needs. If all you want to do is access a game that’s geo-blocked in your area, consider using a SOCKS5 proxy. Even if you just play a game in your spare time and don’t stream or compete in eSports there are risks to using your own IP address. The most popular feature of VPN, a. Protect your IP address and gain at least two or three other benefits a VPN can provide. That means if your priority is to play on a VPN without lag, IPVanish is an excellent choice.