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The response time though… was 1697 min = 28 hours = 1 day, ranking them as the 37th by response speed. I tested its Android app link available on Google Play Store through VirusTotal and received no malware at all. It delivers consistent and lightning speeds from most servers and even those far away from the user’s current location still don’t suffer any major latencies.

+ It allows unblocking websites and services and getting access to all desired content.

Also keep in mind that because Hotspot Shield is a US-based company, it’s subject to the privacy laws of the United States. See why millions of users trust Hotspot Shield for their mobile security - Get it today! But, you may still think: Supported platforms: If you face any problems with usage or installation on your device, you can head to the “support” section on the Hotspot Shield website. Despite IP addresses not being stored, “wireless network, approximate location, mobile network id” is data that can be used to identify you.

One hit on a hot spot and your shield could be shattered.

Alternatives to Hotspot Shield VPN Free Proxy – Unblock Sites (Chrome Extension)

Most top providers give you the choice of buying a pre-configured router or configuring a router with the VPN manually, but Hotspot Shield doesn’t offer either of these options. Once again, the iOS app of Hotspot Shield is barely distinguishable from its Windows client. During testing I was able to unblock popular streaming services like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video globally. This means that in that single second or more, your location information and IP address are out there in the open for everyone to see, which defies the purpose of a VPN in the first place. No specialized servers. They use this VPN to engage in financial transactions, search the web, communicate with friends via email and social media, as well as a host of other sensitive and private communications. Despite in the privacy policy, it is noted that “Hotspot Shield does not share your browsing history or any other information you choose to provide, with advertises”, I have found the following data in their privacy FAQs that has bothered me: IPv6 and WebRTC leak protection aren’t built-in though, so privacy-conscious users may want to disable these capabilities in their browser.

While the speed gains are undeniable, the closed nature of this protocol raises some privacy concerns as it can't be fully audited. Yes, all connections are encrypted. The connections are all established in parallel with automatic routing which means that the user need not manually connect to specific servers. If you have been unable to access a website or your favorite streaming services including Netflix, for instance, you can use the appropriate VPN server to anonymize your identity and unlock content. It’s surprising how many users ignore this aspect when making a decision. Security is about more than just the protocol in use. As of writing this Hotspot Shield review, Hotspot Shield is legitimate and having been providing VPNs services for years without issues. Dynamic IPs that constantly change provide an extra layer of privacy and prevent you from being tracked.

The premium version exists as only one plan with four different billing options.

All Star Hotspot Shield reviews

A network of over 2500 servers supports the app. Ping speed is an indication of how quickly a response gets back after a network request is sent from your computer. With a somewhat subpar live chat feature, you’d hope that email support would be prompt and knowledgeable.

As you can see, our real IP address and location in the US remained hidden. During our testing, speeds remain unchanged regardless of the server location or content we tried to reach. Accordingly, a user may not choose server location in case he is using free version. I went for this VPN for protection for my iPhone, because I live on public connections, and discovered the bonus, unlocking Japanese music ads on YouTube that have fallen victim to regional blocking due to YouTube Red. We show this result only to give you a rough idea about how fast our current ISP is:

That’s actually not a bad result these days, as Netflix has become excellent at detecting (and shutting down) most VPN users trying to access geo-restricted content. Instead, it always uses its proprietary Catapult Hydra protocol. The company states that it does not keeps logs. Phishing websites are fraudulent websites created to steal visitors passwords or other details by imitating the original website. AnchorFree further adds assurances about its ad operations and is emphatic that it does not sell user data. HotSpot Shield has impressive speeds, good pricing, and a good number of country locations—though not a particularly exhaustive list. Although, they are not the only VPN service to be doing this, I don’t like… (Strike), I hate the practice.

This VPN also works with Netflix, though in my experience it was a little inconsistent.


It is important to note that Hotspot Shield's proprietary protocol is focused only on the performance of the VPN data transport, while using standard encryption with perfect forward secrecy. It’s one of the 7 VPNs that worked in China. There’s no live chat to be used.

Settings, The Strict Minimum

When we turned the kill switch on, our IP address wasn't visible at all. I tested it several times to make sure I wasn’t experiencing a fluke. As a result, the VPN servers were manually chosen to be the same for all of the servers. To conclude, this Hotspot Shield review found the stated privacy policy to be a bit problematic. If you're planning on using Hotspot Shield (or any VPN service) to hide your identity for life and death reasons, be sure to do far more extensive testing. Guides, once you install a dark web browser on your device, it functions just like a regular browser:. Good or bad, kindly use the comment section below to give us your brief Hotspot Shield VPN review.

Uploads averaged 29. We browsed the app's Version History page, looking for improvements we might have missed, but without success. As you connect to another virtual location using a VPN, you may also forget that these apps are running.

This refers to the amount of bandwidth used, when and how you started the service, which browsers and AnchorFree apps you used, which operating system and device, as well as some other network information. They can browse and surf to their hearts content without the risk of being charged. Turbo vpn, by continuing on our site, you're giving us consent to feed your browser cookies. It also displays how much data has downloaded and uploaded since establishing the connection; plus how long the session has been active.

Did You Know?

Thank you Hotspot Shield VPN for the effort at assuring me, but I’m still not convinced. The company states that all data generated by online activity gets deleted from the servers once a session closes. Their claims about “anonymous browsing”, “secure Wi-Fi connection”, etc. Anyhow, it just keeps the connection logs for further references, and there is a note specifying that it is against illegal contents and is commonly mentioned by all VPN providers. Tunnelbear free, a small number of servers didn't appear to be in the advertised locations, and there is no kill switch in the iOS app. 6 Months – $8. • want access to any blocked online content (Netflix, Hulu, BBC, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc.)

The free version is a limited version of the same service in which users may only connect to the US server.

In this case both the apps try to configure the network settings while one of them can’t fulfill all the settings properly. Even if you've a relatively slow internet connection, that should ensure you see fractionally better performance than the competition. The abundance of third-party trackers used in the Android app and lack of transparency regarding Catapult Hydra is also concerning. I used a 60 Mbps connection in North America to measure the download speeds of various servers. The VPN’s unique Catapult Hydra protocol was designed to fix some of the latency issues in the IPsec and OpenVPN protocols that can reduce connection speeds.

The company was quick to fix the issue, however. Thank you for your support! Despite its strengths, we have concerns about this VPN’s ability to protect your security, privacy, and anonymity. Divoom pixoo backpack: light up the world (with pixel art). And this makes us nervous, especially when you look at the obscured definition this company uses to describe an IP address. Beginners may also be better off with other providers given the lackluster customer support provided by Hotspot Shield.

If you cannot feel the presence of a VPN server when using a VPN, your VPN app is outstanding indeed.


That said, from what I've seen, it appears to follow the design established with the Windows application, which we appreciate. AnchorFree says this protocol doubles download speeds of large files and increases ping times. As a streaming VPN there are few VPNs that are so quick - so take it for a test run! It's owned and operated by AnchorFree and operates right from Silicon Valley. You can get the Hotspot Shield app from iTunes, Google Play to use the service on iOS and Android devices.


They do not modify encryption in any way, but they substantially impact the performance to provide the fastest VPN technology in the world for both users and businesses. To do this kind of testing, I always use a fresh install so some other company's VPN leftovers aren't clogging up the system and possibly influencing results. Top rated usenet, basic covers PPTP, IPSec, Cisco IPSec, Mac, and Windows software. Whenever a user is on a public hotspot or unsecured network, the VPN app ensures that there are no snoopers or attackers looking on the user’s computer or online activities. • Browse anonymously & bypass firewalls to avoid being tracked—free for Hotspot Shield VPN Chrome extension users! The 24/7 live chat is responsive and helpful; we were assisted by a friendly representative within a few minutes. AnchorFree's Hotspot Shield Premium is the commercial edition of the company's hugely popular ad-sponsored VPN service. When connecting to the Hotspot Shield VPN, your IP is collected, though encrypted and stored only for the duration of a VPN session.

Only simple questions were asked and probably half of the answers could have been found from their article base. Since all data is routed through a VPN server, there is an inevitable reduction in speed. Windows 10 installer (nsis), what do I lose by going free? While some people (I included) do not like the auto-renewal strategy, its appeal to convenience and uninterrupted access will win over some users.

The IP leak prevention option is also on by default, but you can decide to turn it off. The irony of this is that the Hotspot Shield website is currently blocked in China. The VPN connects quickly and even lets you easily hop from one location to another without disconnecting. Antivirus protection – This VPN doubles as antivirus software by preventing hacking, viruses and WiFi users to get access to your personal accounts. Elite users do not see sponsored ads, can use Virtual Locations to switch countries to access, and can have unlimited usage and access to content (Free users have certain limits).

Privacy And Security

Where you probably should get carried away is the difference between the baseline download speed and the download speed with a VPN. Whichever subscription you opt for, there are multiple payment methods at your disposal - credit cards, PayPal, Alipay, gift cards, and more. 9 /10 Read more Average Speed * : A web-based Support Center organizes its articles by platform, as well as categories like Payments and Subscriptions, Manage Account and Common Issues. Are there any free vpns that support linux?, this can often be available for an additional fee. Support effectiveness could be measured by contact channels, response time and communication quality.

Signing Up Process

The new policy will take effect at the start of October, 2020, but has already been published. The IP address is not associated with your VPN browsing activity. It’s extremely easy to install and set up a Hotspot Shield VPN free: You can also use the app for free, but it will display ads, and you can only stay connected to one VPN server in the US. Some more articles you might also be interested in …, but if you want to go the free route, these are the best options out there. A test for security leaks was very satisfying, as all leaks were plugged. It uses 128-bit AES encryption, 2048-bit RSA certificates for server authentication, and incorporates perfect forward secrecy.

It claims to be the largest VPN provider with over 650 million users, and their business philosophy is about providing privacy and security to everyone.

Videos And Screenshots

However, this doesn’t work with Hotspot Shield’s proprietary protocol, so I had to settle for using an online speed tester. 99 is over $4. Basically, that’s all; this is how easy it is to use Hotspot Shield. When it comes to user privacy, it is essential to have a VPN that features a network kill switch. While it will perform every function you’ve come to expect from a VPN including cloaking your IP address and encrypting data, it also features a host of other functionalities which will not be found in its peers.

Another alternative would be P2P. From here, the privacy policy becomes worrying. The VPN will mask your IP address and hide your P2P activity from your ISP. A VPN that is easy-to-use, fast, secure, and reliable is the perfect tool for them.

  • One of the great things about Hotspot Shield is that, unlike some of their competitors, they completely and wholeheartedly support anonymous torrenting.
  • I was troubled by previous wording regarding this specific issue, but have accepted the explanation and no longer consider it to be an explicit threat to privacy.
  • However, is Hotspot Shield really the best VPN for peer-to-peer file sharing?
  • This level of security seems Okay and would usually be considered secure.
  • Information possesses the world; the most successful ones own it.

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The tool has a repository of millions of spam and malicious websites in its database. Many apps record your browsing history and interests too, which can be prevented by implementing a VPN. Furthermore, the free version is often used as a platform for different promotional campaigns, which means you are bombarded with advertisements. Unlimited bandwidth! • Connect using one of many free Virtual Locations, or become Elite and access premium locations. As of January 2020, HotSpot Shield is by far the fastest VPN I’ve tested.

The streaming company has been very aggressive about cracking down on people spoofing their location in order to access Netflix content that isn't available in a particular geographic market. The quickest ways to turn your screen off in windows. This is how Hotspot shield describes that encryption: I canceled that initial connection. Unsurprisingly, the features associated with free version are limited as compared to paid versions. Their benefits are endless. This will automatically open multiple tabs containing different promotions. Through a VPN, spontaneous internet users can do just about anything they like without the risk of getting caught for accessing prohibited websites and the best part is they do not have to be wary of illegal content. 99 Money Back Guarantee :

A Shield for Your Hotspot? It’s easy to use and features intuitive native apps for the popular OS platforms. Across the world in Hong Kong, we got a download speed of 68 Mbps.

Price & Free Trail for Hotspot Shield VPN:

The company has recently been accused of tracking, logging, and selling customers’ information to third-parties, which goes against its claim of ensuring complete user anonymity. Premium and Free. In some parts of its literature, the company states that it never logs or stores IP addresses. Although the company claimed that the allegations were unfounded, they did modify the Privacy Policy and their advertising practices to become more privacy-friendly. One year plan ($5. )We would love to see Hotspot Shield increase the functionality of their VPN with additional features. Even with the kill switch turned off, the client didn't leak our real IP address when we changed locations, and our IP address was exposed for typically no more than a couple of seconds if the connection dropped. You can connect up to five simultaneous devices with Hotspot Shield.