Steganos VPN Review and Stats for 2020

5 Geschwindigkeit 6. After that, the website will take you to other pages to proceed with your inquiry. Unfortunately, I was completely dissatisfied with speed test results for Steganos VPN. Monthly plans start from $12.

I liked both privacy policies of these services as they are laid out clearly. The slogan of the company is “Privacy made easy”. Missing UI features: Outsiders will get a random IP address instead of the original IP address. This setting is especially great for users who have not used VPN services before. There is no separate router configuration support available to use the service across multiple devices. VPN also encrypts the network traffic that users access.

  • Moreover, we think that your password manager may not work with Steganos Online Shield VPN.
  • Your real IP address will be exchanged for a random IP address from the huge Steganos pool.
  • All of these are achieved by tunneling your web traffic through a private network and changing your IP address.
  • At the end, the website will show you an FAQ section which will hopefully answer your question.
  • Some applications have a kill switch which can close the current session of any application using the internet thereby giving further protection.
  • If the Steganos window was minimized and you didn't spot the notification, you would carry on banking, shopping and more, assuming you were protected by the VPN, when in reality you were using your (possibly insecure) regular connection.
  • Our connection passed probes at DNSleaktest.

The main area to be focused on first is to improve the UI and add more features for the users. It is your decision whether you enter this data. When the user is trying to access the web content from geographically restricted location, this VPN service will create an automatic connection with the nearest server in the region to give a false identity to use the net. If you want to watch US content but are currently in the UK, you'll have to hop on a VPN with a server in the US to watch the TV or films you wish, othereise, you're stuck with UK-only programmes. The process is the same. (In general, any router that supports DD-WRT will work.)

As mentioned before Steganos Online Shield VPN does work with Windows 8. No monthly plans available. Spotflux is noteworthy for having embraced a fresh, modern design that redefines what we expect from a VPN service. The free version comes with all the premium version features. Despite a packet loss of around 2%, TunnelBear appeared to have little impact on our connection speed. 25, while streaming media fans should consider NordVPN or – if they like a solid security reputation – ExpressVPN.

They do not log your browsing history, data, connection times, or your IP address. It's an ongoing battlefront, however: This made connecting to the VPN a real pain. That being said, the users can worry free browse the blocked content without fear of their personal details being leaked to any government agencies or third-party sniffers.

This does at least keep basic operations very, very simple.

Areas for Improvement

DNS leak protection is enabled - and effective - by default, and Whoer. We also think that Spotflux has basically redefined that a user can expect from a great VPN service provider. The main pop up screen is loaded with ads for free version which is understood, but even for paid users, they do not provide even good user interface. 04 per six months, $6. Before starting describing the cons of the VPN, I want to mention that, as well as OkayFreedom VPN, Steganos is a basic VPN with simple software for ordinary users.


But as far as the VPN industry goes, that number is slightly below average. I chose mySteganos Online Shield VPN for Windows. But, after this point, it should be simple enough for most users to make use of the features of Steganos VPN. However, high bandwidth usage activities like streaming, gaming, etc. It uses OpenVPN software to set up and connect to its VPN servers. As we have outlined in our Steganos VPN review, there are many reasons why Steganos Online Shield isn’t the best choice for a VPN. Majority of advanced VPN services provide customers with additional useful features that can make surfing on the Internet more convenient.

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The navigation menu will help you to go over the VPN review: And we don’t mean that in the best possible manner. In other words, it isn’t a bad result but not a great one either. Although the concept behind VPNs is complicated, finding the right one for your business can be even more bewildering. While private DNS servers aren’t totally invulnerable, they do remove some risk and can better ensure that your web history remains encrypted. Note also that if a company does not make available certain data on their website, I may assume the worst and a default field will be used. This is one area where we think Steganos Online Shield VPN service can rival any of the other VPN service providers available in the market.

In other words, you should always expect a VPN service to affect your internet connection one way or another. We tested how well each service could defeat geoblocks by connecting to a US server and attempting to view US content on Netflix. International intelligence agencies collect private data and read personal e-mails and chats. And because of its purpose, a VPN service also affects the performance of your internet connection. We prefer these kind of simple, graphical interfaces, though Steganos is far from the most elegant. All tests were done on my Windows 7. Simply run the file and you’ll be setup within a few minutes.

And this numerical testing was, sadly, borne out in our real-world surfing tests. It supports a number of platforms including iOS, Android and Windows. Websites are blocked and users are constantly monitored. Virtual private networks are proving to be a safe and feasible method to avoid such problems lately, although most of the available solutions are tricky to set up and difficult to use by more inexperienced users. In some areas of our website, we use cookies to implement user functions that would otherwise not be usable.

But if you're after lots of locations, maximum speeds, configurability or anything faintly advanced, look elsewhere.


The main office of the company is located in Germany which provides the VPN a good boost in privacy since local laws are highly in favor of online anonymity for the internet user base. If you have the ability to change IP addresses at will then you can circumvent all these problems. Licenses for the software can be purchased either 1 month at a time, or for a full year at a discount. The app allows you to identify other devices that are in your network and block any potential threats.

If you decide to use this software let me know in the comments below to see if this is a trend or not.

However, it is still a pleasant bonus. Meanwhile one very important VPN-specific part of the client, location selection, gets almost no attention at all. Steganos provides unfettered access to a mere 10 countries. Generally speaking though, VPN service providers have faster servers in places such as USA and UK along with Australia. When I ran the scan it did show the following: The social media giant encouraged users to download Onavo Protect, a free “VPN security” service that purported to encrypt the data you transmit.

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Luckily, IP and DNS leak tests for Steganos VPN were successful. This information is used exclusively by our customer service to process your request. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t provide free trial nor does it offer money back guarantee. It was something called a Privacy Suite. It was a similarly uncertain story with our privacy tests.

This includes information about your browser version and operating system and can be used to track your browsing behavior. If that wasn’t bad enough for you already then you’ll be glad to know that you can’t really use the VPN service as soon as you install the Steganos Online Shield VPN app. Let’s check the installation file of Steganos VPN for Windows to see are there any viruses. Steganos explicitly bans "sending data not desired by the recipient" (be careful what you email), using programs "that automatically read data", like "crawlers", or engaging in the "promotion of illegal activities", including – bizarrely – gambling. Instead, they will only know your location via your VPN server (which isn’t exactly your location right?) (19) per year or $47. In addition, Steganos VPN doesn’t have key tools such as kill switch or DNS and IP leak protection.

Steganos is located in Germany, which is a proud member of the 14 Eyes alliance. VPN service providers like Private Internet Access also offer a great amount of geographic diversity when it comes to VPN servers. In recent years, the GCM encryption has gained more pace than CBC encryption. Because it's your right: Red = “Bad badge earned”. No router support:

All our company's IT security research and development are conducted in Germany.

In my previous OkayFreedom VPN review I did not recommend to use the provider for torrenting. 88 ($46 approx.) This is also an ideal time to save the activities and also the contents of the communication and possibly pass it on to authorities or secret services. Modern VPN protocols such as IKEv2 and OpenVPN are also used by the service, with the latter in particular one of the most secure protocols available. As a non-techy, it took me a while to figure out this was not the product as sold - merely with a vamped up name and a few extras thrown in (which seemed to explain the higher price) but a completely different product to SUPPLEMENT the kind of product I was supposed to receive. Maybe you don’t want to hide your online activities.

We then compare the results measured when the VPN is active to a baseline evaluation. And allows unlimited devices to connect at the same time, which is a huge highlight. Protects your internet connection using encryption. It's the age-old trade-off of security and ease of use, and it's to be expected.

No Solutions That Contain Non-declared Backdoors Are Offered.

The service provides moderate VPN features that are more convenient to those who are looking for a basic VPN service that provides average security and anonymity on the internet. All VPN services will make your internet connection slower when they are turned on. This protects your real IP address, which serves as a distinctive feature of your device - so your Internet request cannot be traced back. Despite the fact that Steganos seems to be trustworthy in terms of privacy. The connection encryption by the service prevents data theft and keeps your personal information protected. They don’t want you spoofing your location and identify and then access their exclusive streaming website versions. It is quite surprising that the people behind Steganos Online Shield VPN service didn’t think it necessary to enable these features by default. These were results with the Steganos server in the USA.

Your IP address gets concealed and it will be impossible for third parties know your online presence and activities. Limited P2P support is provided for the user to have data exchange via peer to peer exchange. This also prevents any kind of tracking while you surf the web, such as cookies or targeted advertising. I did not have any direct issue using the Steganos Online Shield 365 application or service while testing though!

The VPN detects the nearest location of the server automatically and connects to it when turned on.

How To Choose The Right Remote Support Software

Subscribers can use two devices or a supported router. All of the action takes place in a large, blue screen. Formerly known as Steganos Online Shield, the mySteganos VPN client has seen a little polish since I last took a look at it, as well as an upgrade to 23 endpoint locations from its former list of 15.

The main UI is fine, so we’d like to see more control under the hood for managing a connection.

You can quickly select country and server, choose OpenVPN or PPTP protocols, and view the session output as you connect. We guess it also works for more experienced users who don’t want to spend too much of their time setting up a VPN service. Within each VM we also used speedtest. However, we also wanted to test their performance on other support methods which sadly was absent. This wealth of options means you can find a connection almost anywhere in the world.

The main thing I didn’t like was the installation process. Coronavirus challenges capacity, but core networks are holding up As the new coronavirus continues its infestation and more people work from home, the impact of the increased traffic on networks in the US so far seems to be minimal. The software is straightforward, offering a choice of 27 locations majoring on Europe and North America – there are only three Asian locations, while Central and South America aren't represented at all.

Compatibility Across Devices

At about $84 for a full year of service (could be cheaper with multi-year plans), it ranks among the less expensive options compared to other services, but still offers more premium features than just about any other service out there and is our choice for best VPN service. (03), but opt for the one-year plan and you'll pay a mere $4. In the Privacy Policy, it is noted that the VPN does not store personally identifiable information about its users, Neither IP addresses nor names are collected. The only downside is that you’ll have to sacrifice some bandwidth and speed: It's the only VPN service we've seen so far that supports IPv6 connections, and the app incorporates some useful extra features such as ad and tracking blockers, a cookie eraser and browser anonymiser. As we have said many times before, simplicity trumps complexity when it comes to installation processes. All members of “14 Eyes” countries are able to collect personal data of Internet users and share it with each other. All this means is that even if you are protected in your office, Steganos Online Shield can secure your information when you are at home and alone.

17 No 0 VPN SERVICE JURISDICTION Based In (Country) JURISDICTION Fourteen Eyes? To make my review easy to read, I have divided all features of Steganos VPN into pros and cons. While iPlayer content did work, a Netflix crackdown meant that we couldn't stream US content on any server we tried, even using the Smart-Play feature. Steganos doesn't provide OpenVPN configuration files, which prevented us setting up our usual performance testing tools. None of the VPN service providers do so that isn’t really a positive. Most of Europe hovered around a disappointing 10-20Mbps. However, macOS users will be hugely disappointed to hear that you aren’t able to use the service at the time of writing. However, you’ll find that these aren’t so detailed.

The client interface and desktop notifications let you know when the VPN connects and disconnects. We repeated this test three times per provider, and also accounted for the location of VPN services’ server (which can partially impact speed). Users must also remember that not all public WiFi connections are secure so it is mandatory to implement network protection. (00 at Amazon) running Windows 8. I do not think so. We live online, are constantly connected to each other, and have limitless access to information. So, if you experience some Ad targeting while using the product, you can be sure that this DNS collects the user data which will eventually fall in wrong hands sooner or later.

You can pay for your subscription only via PayPal or credit card, which is disappointing considering you don’t have the option to make a payment using anonymous methods such as Bitcoin.

Buffered VPN

We store your data on specially protected Steganos servers in Germany. Automatically erase cookies: They do not even have the main software window and only have single pop-up of connection screen when accessed from tray notification in the taskbar. Plus its app aesthetics quickly get old and the ursine corporate personality can be tough to bear. Use high-speed servers at more locations worldwide to bypass geo blocks and censorship. Streaming website such as Netflix and Hulu know this and that’s why they are taking aggressive measures against VPN services around the world. When you are using a premium flat plane, you need to provide personal details such as name, e-mail address, city, postal code, etc.

There's a 14-day trial, after which yearly licences cost $40, $50 or $58 for three, five or seven devices. As for logging, Steganos collects ” ‘standard’ information: The bandwidth allotted to the free subscribers is limited to 2 GB. That’s not terribly fast, of course, but for a server located on another continent it’s not bad, either. Since that’s the connection that most users of this product are likely to get—it’s designed for non-techie types, clearly—we decided to do the testing on that server. Through the positive feedback and assistance those in the community offered, I’ve been able to take this step into compiling all of my related work in one location and moving away from the Google Spreadsheet that it was originally created on. Almost no inbound ports are blocked, and P2P traffic is allowed on a small sub-group of the claimed total of 557 servers, which spans 49 countries. It’s clearly aimed at users who aren’t that familiar with VPNs and who need something simple that they can use to get better privacy while surfing.

Final Thoughts

Because it doesn’t have any packages. You also have the contact support via a web form on the official website where you can add multiple attachments. Access to it is only possible for a few specially authorized persons. When you use the OkayFreedom VPN software download, you can freely access even the blocked videos in uncensored form. Some servers in remote areas may not even connect and can also give long connection time. Each of these features combined works hand in hand with the aforementioned encryption and security protocols. These are features which are offered by most VPN service providers and are enabled by default. You can change your language, set cookie removal exceptions, export support logs and configure start-up settings.

It’s important to realize that if you’re not encrypting, your private information is in danger of being misused. It might be worth it if you use a VPN primarily for streaming and other activities that necessitate super-fast speeds, but otherwise it’s hard to justify paying that much. What kind of a two-phase setup process is this anyway? This seems to be the only option for the service. By default, we chose the servers closest to our location and also selected automatically by the VPN. Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, India, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, and the USA. That and it did mask who I was online and added another level of security.

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(16/month) a year which allows five devices per license. The other feature that makes the VPN better in comparison with OkayFreedom VPN is compatibility with different platforms. They do not provide a kill switch function.

Secure protocol: When you hover over the computer icon in the middle of the configuration screen, you can see the IP address the VPN has assigned to you. Users can click on each scenario to turn on the appropriate effect and the related but appropriate configuration. There is absolutely no need to worry about privacy when you download OkayFreedom VPN for Windows. The company seems to be strict about downloading copyrighted material. There will not be any additional advertisements.

ExpressVPN finished at the very top of our speed test, slowing down browsing by less than 10% without compromising anything in the way of security (the network is SSL secured with 256-bit encryption).

Other than that the Steganos Online Shield 365 itself installed very quickly and simply. Switching to the US gave us a usable 20-25Mbps, but a UK-Japan connection saw downloads drop to 10Mbps or less, and other server speeds were a little unpredictable. SAFE FROM HACKERS Whether passwords, e-mails, photos, payment or bank data - mySteganos Online Shield VPN protects your private and business data from hackers and observation. Our innovations include the world’s first commercial steganography application, software that let’s you hide data in pictures and sound files. While we're not convinced that it offers perfect anonymity, it could be a cheap and effective way to secure a public wireless connection or view content from other territories. What is a VPN?


When activated, your VPN creates an encrypted tunnel to the secure server of your choice, which in turn connects you to the public Internet. F-Secure's Freedome managed to combine stealth and privacy with good performance, so it's our recommendation for those who need neither P2P or router support. Actually, there are three plans. But that doesn’t mean it is worthless. We're confident that each of the services here provides additional security for anyone connecting over an unsecured or public network, but we saw significant variation in whether third parties could potentially log our DNS requests and in how well each service disguised the fact that we might be using a VPN. Username, email address and IP is collected. A VPN service can help you do that. 75 per month Learn more Our score:

We should stress that the number of variables involved means that these tests can only provide an indication of how well each service might perform.

The user can not choose this. The service doesn't require personal details such as an email address. 50 242 PrivateTunnel 5. I made several screenshots to see how much the VPN has reduced my speed.

Actually, there is nothing difficult in it. In each case the host experienced no packet loss, allowing us to measure any losses through the VPN. NordVPN also offers an additional level of security simply because it’s based in Panama, where there are no mandatory data-retention laws. Furthermore, however, Steganos also opens all the data to be transferred, even if they were apparently encrypted securely between users and website. There are some familiar clauses about the company website, and how it uses Google Analytics and cookies – not ideal, but very similar to other providers, and not something which impacts the core service. Every user can configure his browser in such a way that all or certain cookies are accepted or rejected or that a request for permission is made before a cookie is set. Some of the UI functions like bandwidth packets, total data usage, proxy settings, protocol modes, etc.

On tests conducted through speedtest.


In our case, we tested the connected time for an automatically chosen location. IPv6 is not yet widespread (it accounts for only about 25% of web traffic), so some VPNs fail to properly direct traffic through their secure tunnels. The app also protects you in mobile networks (3G, LTE/4G, EDGE and GPRS). If you're looking for a VPN for streaming, try a premium service with a global server network, like.

These data - unless necessary for the execution of the purchase process - will not be made accessible to third parties in extracts. 42Mbps for the Netherlands and 43. The VPN has not provided the server intensity and traffic details, so users have to manually select servers from the list and connect to the most reliable server. I used my ASUS Ultra Book running Windows 8 Pro 64 bit. It is highly recommended to use a VPN which is based in a country where the government does not enforce obligatory data confinement. Steganos offers 3 main pricing plans:

Server Locations

Users who are only interested in turning the VPN service on or off probably should not give much attention to the issue of not having enough VPN server information. Steganos’ advanced encryption options make hiding photos, documents and contact data easy — an invaluable tool when you consider how many laptops are lost or stolen everyday. Let’s have a look. Moreover, during our research for this Steganos Online Shield VPN review, we found that it took a lot of time to connect to a given VPN server. Clicking on the scenario automatically turns on the appropriate configuration—handy for users who don't quite know how to translate what they want into specific configuration settings. In our quest to find the best VPN service, we were often faced with confusing interfaces that reminded us of the ’90s (and not in a good way).

Everything that you need to do and that needs to happen to make Steganos Online Shield work on the user’s machine takes place inside a big blue screen. Moreover, if you have an encrypted connection then entities such as hackers, advertising companies, and government agencies can’t track your movements and hence can’t look at your online traffic. You may choose among ad blocker, tracking prevention, and cookies erasing.