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You know what that means right? VPN stands for virtual private network, securely encrypts all of your Internet traffic. Canada is no better: 95 for the whole year.

They also don’t offer any money-back guarantees on their VPN service.

So, before you select a VPN service provider, make sure that they allow you to download torrent files anonymously. But BTGuard did pleasantly surprise me on that. Features:, okay, I will discuss some top-rated free VPNs for you in this article. Then go back to your browser to download the final step.

In addition, there are different support pages which comes with a generic forum format.

Security & Privacy Policy

But what happens if the VPN connection suddenly drops? VPN services are all about privacy protection and online security. Despite that there’s no free trial, you do get 10MB of free anonymous e-mailing, a sweet little treat by the fine folks at TorGuard. This means that if the Canadian government were to send BTGuard a legal request for information, they would have to comply. 20% off internet security business edition was: .24 now: .99 per year. Let’s take a look at the prices and tariffs offered by BTGaurd. Moreover, its website is only as good as getting the customers to pay for a crappy VPN service.

These are good questions, especially when you’re dealing with a paid service that costs $6. Through number of different ways, you can change your IP address to a specific country of your choice or randomly select a country to download torrent. They have a relatively small server network compared to some other providers. When it comes to encryption, BTGuard is using the best of the best.

BTGuard — The Cons

But, aside some of the bad news, there some really good ones too in the queue. But if you need to pay full prize, well ProXPN is currently a better alternative to stay anonymous online with their combination of price, speed and online privacy protection. We enjoyed the introductory flash animation. Arkvpn, take, for instance, to stay in touch with friends via social media or watch videos of their favorite vlogger. What is not clear is the particular information that will be collected, or the particular purpose for which it is collected. Even after 7 days of waiting for a response from this VPN’s team, we never got a response. Many users report that the customer support portion of the website is broken, and they never get a response. I selected VPN Support and decided to submit a question. Canada has some of the strictest privacy laws in the world.

To put it in perspective, this is the same encryption used by the FBI and CIA. This brings the price down to $7. BTGuard didn’t get any prominence in the industry until TorrentFreak endorsed it on TorrentFreak. VPN Lifeguard typically endeavors to reconnect on the off chance that your union breaks. Varying customers say that they aren’t paying little respect to get a confirmation message for their tickets. Well, it’s kind of hard to miss, since it’s written all in bright red.

  • Although BTGuard does not have a dedicated client, the advantage of this is that BTGuard is compatible with every major platform.
  • 95, which breaks down to $6.

Conclusion: And The Best Bittorrent Proxy Is...

Considering the high price they set for their service, the manual configurations that their lack of custom apps entail, and the lack of depth in their FAQs, the least you’d expect is for someone to be there for the help you’d most certainly need. So, welcome to our hands-on BTGuard review! Most of the competition offer different channels so that if one does not work, you can jump on another. Here is a list of comparison factors between the two service providers. Some torrent files are available by the permission of their owners. Our connection was still encrypted, and any hackers hanging around your local wireless hotspot wouldn't easily be able to see what you were doing.


Therefore, it is good to see that the BTGuard service also accepts anonymous bitcoin payments. In addition, BTGuard provides encryption for users who are having their bandwidth throttled by their Internet Service Provider (ISP). This does not even compare to the hundreds and thousands of servers hosted in 50+ countries offered by the industry top players. In fact, as far as I am concerned, you can flick away from this review now:

While they offer unlimited download speeds on 10Gbit connections, these can quickly become bogged down by users of peer to peer downloads. BTGuard – a small VPN surviving in the brutally cold winters of Canada with servers across three countries; read its tagline “Anonymous BitTorrent services,” and you will know their reason of existence. As an additional and useful detail; credit cards, debit cards, Bitcoin, and PayPal are accepted as payment means. How to change screenshot location on mac, but this is still safer than P2P (if a VPN is not used). However, let’s not forget numerous other problematic areas. They have servers in Asia, Europe, and Canada. A quick look at their homepages will tell you how ambitious these two companies are.

It impacts you to consider! The terms of service documentation seems to have a very straightforward “take it or leave it” tone, since on numerous occasions Netcrawled LLC have specified that they’re not responsible for anything that can go wrong, and if they claim to be responsible for some things, this responsibility is very limited. Just perform a right click on the OpenVPN app icon on your desktop and run it as administrator. How does vpn work?, they’ll keep your traffic private, help you get around geo-restrictions, and keep your ISP from throttling your traffic. And since OpenVPN is such an established piece of VPN software and otherwise, this provides BTGuard VPN the perfect opportunity to allow customers a reliable VPN service. In this BTGuard review we will critically analyze all the features so that you can easily decide and make your decision. The three months package has about 6% cost saving, the six months package will save you about 16%, and the twelve months package will save you about 25%. With PPTP, its speed was quite good for an intercontinental connection: Regardless of the region, BTGuard was not able to unblock Netflix in any of our tests.

VPN Comparison between BTGuard and PureVPN

However, our experience with torrenting was disappointing due to the fact that the connection speed was very low. It’s important to note, though, that Bitcoin isn’t completely anonymous. Just make sure you comply with their rules and regulations to make it easier for us. Singapore, Amsterdam (Netherlands), and Toronto (Canada).

Well, that’s it, you have OpenVPN and the configuration files on your PC. If you go with OpenVPN (which is seen as a more trustworthy option), you’ll need to install this VPN protocol’s GUI from its official website. Expressvpn – 30-day money back policy, with a generous 45-day money-back guarantee, you can always test the service out to see if it’s a good fit. BTGuard definitely supports torrenting. It’s done to make sure they don’t give their account details to other people.

Security & Privacy

Assessing the website doesn’t give us the feeling. The next page will ask you for account details and your preferred pricing plan. Also, they were accused that they sell personal information to third parties but all these allegations were solved. The handshake might not be considered strong enough, but on the whole, this is pretty solid encryption. Again, don’t forget to use ipleak. There’s no more information on the provider’s website referring to its refund policy. Not btGuard, they make it almost impossible to quit their service. BTGuard is the last one; support and appreciate the netizens to torrent anything anytime but only on three servers that BTGuard owns.

If you are looking for a lightweight VPN that offers robust encryption and support for torrenting, BTGuard may be the right fit for you. BTGuard offers an online privacy service. Browse the web safely and anonymously. Do I Recommend BTGuard? I used ipleak. Other services are usually more specific, detailing every single personal information that is collected and why such collection is necessary. However, it will be just okay if the service give prompt and quality responses to inquiries.

  • From its Privacy Policy, it appears that it does collect connection logs but there’s no definite information about that.
  • We might live with that from a free VPN, but not a service as expensive as this one.
  • No service is perfect, and BTGuard comes with a few flaws we can’t overlook.
  • Are you looking for a VPN USA for free?
  • The company’s official website doesn’t disclose the number of servers in their pool, but it’s not hard to figure out that it is a small number of servers going by the network coverage.
  • The official website also has very little information on BTGuard VPN features.

List Of Servers

That said, we wouldn’t recommend BTGuard to the average users. The big question is – can BTGuard unblock Netflix and other media streaming services? BTGuard advertise their services as ”Anonymous Bittorrent Services”. Privacy:, vPNArea gives you great speed and excellent applications with secure leak protection features. To use the service, you’ll have to grab the OpenVPN software. Some reviewers have reported that the service’s ticketing system even gives errors which is unheard of if we’re talking about mildly good VPN service providers. None TORRENTING:

The connection log and our screenshots speak for themselves in this matter.

The instructions include screenshots, which are extremely helpful, especially for first-time users. 5 eyes, 9 eyes, and 14 eyes countries spy on their citizens. This is a safeguard that will terminate your connection if a leak jeopardizes your anonymity. So it use *their* DNS for all your queries instead of your own default DNS. Besides, when you have the OpenVPN protocol available why would you want to connect to anything else. Because hackers can’t get to the data channel before they break into the control channel. For those who want to torrent, the VPN is a better choice because of the encryption it offers, but the proxy might be enough for some.

This is due to the fact that they do not offer a custom app. The process differs slightly depending on what device you are on. Essentially, all you need to do is download and execute the config files: The ticketing system seemed to work ok when we checked it, but we didn’t submit a ticket. That’s why it’s nice that BTGuard offers a second option. Although the BTGuard VPN works with OpenVPN, it still doesn’t have the functionality to work with the latest OpenVPN. 0/10 Summary BTGuard offers a very sturdy service if your main focus is torrent downloads.

Free Trial and Money Back Guarantee

Instead, users can connect to the three servers using the third party OpenVPN Software. If you need a VPN for the same reason, continue reading. Also, if you have any inquiry or issue and reach out to the BT Guard service for assistance, you’ll find that their support is almost non existent. This is the advertisement you see on its site: Well, we’ve done a round of tests and here are the results. Not BTGuard VPN.

Zero-Day in LILIN Products Allowed Botnets to Spread Quickly

BTGuard’s connection speeds are also likely not fast enough for HD streaming, especially if you aren’t located near one of BTGuard’s servers. BTGuard VPN also provides instructions to new users on how to manually configure some of the other torrent clients available in the market today. In any case, clients would require an unrivaled VPN customer as denied than an open source, in the setting of its remarkable month to month costs, $9. It was later found that the connection just stores passwords, usernames and email addresses for its own specific reference. While many modern VPNs feature a built-in kill switch, BTGuard doesn’t.

You can either download Bit storm center individual VPN a great bundle for downpour masses at a cost of $6.

BTGuard VPN as a Business

BTGuard VPN has a black logo and a dark themed website. With the DNS leaks we’ve experienced, it’s bold of BTGuard to not offer this feature. BTGuard allows credit card, PayPal and Bitcoin payments. When you’re signed in, click on Setup VPN on the right menu. It should also be noted that BTGuard offers a way for you to submit an official ticket. And there was plenty to see, with warnings that the setup file hadn't defined any server certificate verification method, used only TLSv1 to secure the control channel (more up-to-date VPNs use TLS 1. )As mentioned before BTGuard VPN is different from other best VPN service providers.

The BTGuard company is located in Toronto, Canada.

It seems like a pretty good idea to reinforce their currently-lacking customer service, though. A major downside to using BTGuard VPN is that it is based in Canada which is not a favorable location for VPN providers in terms of data retention laws. It’s so bad that we can count it in our top worst performing VPNs. The numbers above are from our test in 2020. Gladly, BTGuad doesn’t leak IP, DNS, or WebRTC. As for protocols, they use OpenVPN and PPTP, with OpenVPN being the golden standard.

BTGuard’s VPN also lacks an automatic kill switch, which is something we usually hope for in a VPN that markets itself as a tool for secure, anonymous torrenting.

They do retain some data, but knowing what data they retain isn’t easy to find out. Well, it seems that we couldn’t detect any location inconsistency during our security tests, but we did, however, noticed that connecting to the Singapore server actually lead us to the Netherlands one. The configuration files for OpenVPN can be downloaded from the account area of the site. What is BTGuard? When it comes to technology, there are always some tricks and tips available. How do I setup a multi-platform (windows-linux-mac) DIY open source (free!) You can download the OpenVPN app fairly easily.


The BTGuard site is rather lacking in details here, but there appears to be neither. BTWhat about the DNS and WebRTC Leak Protection? In the event that your customer does not strengthen encryption, BTGuard offers an encryption advantage. Therefore, you’re in constant danger of your personal information leaking online. BTGuard plan features are exactly the same. We averaged less than 5 Mbps for both the Netherlands and Singapore locations. Go for what you feel will work best for you! Anonymous VPN, the recently added Business VPN, Anonymous Proxy, the E-mail and the VPN Router buying option.


This software is open source and is very good at its job. It was founded in 2020 alongside the BTGuard BitTorrent Proxy. In the case of torrents, it is possibile to download free files from torrents even if you are living in a country where downloading files from torrent is not legal and consider crime. And for now, the bill hasn't passed yet about data retention in the U. Combine that with BTGuard’s commitment to protecting user privacy and you have a great P2P solution. Every VPN we review receives the same test. One thing is sure – BTGuard isn’t one of the affordable VPNs.

With this in mind, we’ve prepared a handy table, found just below this paragraph. However, the first step (as always) is to sign-up for BTGuard. 1-year BTGuard VPN for $7. Nowadays they are better organized and things are more transparent. “Simple download & install” – No. A short-range period later, download and demonstrate the customer for your working structure.

Being a good provider, we expected BTGuard. There is no 24/7 live chat support or even a phone line to call. The official word is that they do not collect any kind of records “No records of usage stored”. BTGuard anonymizes your downloads and is also compatible with Vuze and uTorrent.

Logging and Privacy

As you can imagine, I do not recommend BTGuard. BT Guard floors their offer to a single device connection. After the 5th notice, the ISP may take a mitigation measure to prevent future infringement. Anyways let’s test whether BTGuard can protect IPs from leaking. Established in 2020, BTGuard is based in Canada and is specifically designed to allow file sharing through Bittorrent. You can opt for a subscription or a single payment. You can also use this service with other clients, but it requires that you configure them manually.

But still, it’s better than nothing. It allows choosing 6 apps that will be blocked from accessing the Internet on disconnection – not as good as what, for instance, NordVPN offers, specifically, blocking all traffic of all apps. I protect myself from lawyers and their cease and desist letters by using BTGuard BitTorrent Proxy. This is insanely lousy and pretty scary considering the high price that people pay.

Here, in this BTGuard VPN review, once you have installed the software, the user must download the.

Download Torrents Anonymously – The Wrap Up

BTGuard’s VPN supports most common devices, and it’ll come as no surprise that the likes of Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux are supported. As is generally done, they utilize 256-piece OpenVPN relationship for completely encoded looking to express that they don’t perform logging utilizing all structures. Under no obvious direct, BTGuard does not screen the web use or logs of the IP areas of the clients. This website features affiliate links. But on the other hand, the good news is that they compensate by using an OpenVPN protocol as well, which is regarded as one of the most secure protocols in the industry. As you can see, BTGuard isn’t really the most secure VPN out there, and there are many better options out there. BTGuard doesn’t have a US server, so I tested if I could watch a Canada-only movie while connected to its Canadian server.

My computer now routes all my torrent traffic through the BTGuard server before sending it to me. A company that doesn’t have a powerful customer support service can be seen as a scam and will lose their customers’ trust with such behavior. Most times, iOS users would even prefer to establish connection with the IKEv2 protocol. It also supports mobile devices (iOS and Android), routers and game consoles. 95, you can access the three-month, six-month, and yearly modes, respectively. We don’t recommend using BTGuard in China or any restricted internet access country.

Pricing Options

This puts BTGuard squarely under the jurisdiction of the 5 Eyes surveillance alliance. The overall design gives a clear indication that BTGuard VPN employee professionals to do that job and create a good brand image. With the VPN connected, Android users can block malwares, adwares and hackers. Locate the OpenVPN GUI shortcut, then right click and hit Properties. Well, BTGuard. You will be asked for your username and password. BTGuard (BitTorrent) has developed exclusively for torrenting; its support for torrenting is what you found all over its interface.

However, BTGuard claims to keep absolutely no logs of people's generated data and online activity. But don’t you think it is kinda defeats the purpose of simultaneous connections? Canada has passed multiple privacy invading laws in the last couple of years. No native applications; Small server network; Leaks data; Weak encryption; Can’t unblock websites; Unhelpful customer support; Overpriced.

Again, this is one of theservices that hasn’t bothered to release their own client.

Feature Summary

We’re sure that you want to know which platforms BTGuard supports. I tried contacting BTGuard to see why their. Here, we even thought of your convenience and left this quick-access table of content, to help you skip right to the part that interests you most. You probably noticed, though, that some of them come with a small drawback. And how have things changed since then? BTGuard doesn't have a customized one, at least not yet.

It was going well until: You can also access a knowledge base section on the support section of the BTGuard website, but you should know that it only holds 31 articles, most of which are actually FAQs. Torrenting is the process of downloading large files at fast speeds by connecting with the computers of other users.

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Perform a couple of clicks and you’ll find out that most of it is just a facade. BTGuard VPN privacy policy too is not clear and that is always a concerning sign. BTGuard allows payment through credit card, debit card, PayPal and Bitcoin. Torrenting, on the other hand, works. It is the best one available right now, so it definitely counts as a plus! The privacy policy of BT Guard VPN was also revealing.

However, still, in this BTGuard VPN review, there are some things which worry’s me to some extent. That sounds positive, but because there are no definitions of terms it's hard to tell for sure. There’s no option for Trials here. The privacy policy of bTGuard is short at under 250 words, and this one has gone a bit too far, although we’d normally say contracts that are shorter are greater.

Basic settings that would simply be effected by toggling a button on or off in a custom app, would be difficult because of not having a custom app.

We could maybe find a way to excuse that if the company has 100 other locations which are all where they should be, but as BTGuard has only three locations in total, it's more of an issue. BTGuard is fairly simple and the use of the OpenVPN protocol allows it to be compatible with a series of devices. Sometimes we think that BTGuard VPN just wants to rob people off their money and nothing else.

The Internet It Just Gives and Gives and Gives.

BTGuard VPN fails, time and time again, to provide a respectable VPN service. Or maybe, you even frown upon anything less than ExpressVPN’s impressive network. Generally speaking, it’s fitting that you research planned lanes with respect to the association and pick. And here it is with OpenVPN:

Once connected, the taskbar icon will turn green – indicating that your Web connection has been secured. Other VPNs also attempt to inform their subscribers about updates to the platform. As previously mentioned, BTGuard does not have its own VPN software. More precisely, there’s a series of strong privacy laws in Canada, preventing commercial entities from collecting more than what’s needed. Decent device compatibility, as long as it’s not existing on PIA’s database. Worse, the user was also apparently “harassed through [their] email” by the company.

But it is definitely a competitive one.


The only way to get in touch with customer support is to submit a ticket through the BTGuard website. That’s the question to ponder. Unfortunately, BTGuard has no free trial option. Simply select the desired location and connect to the server.

But maybe it’s just the outdated PPTP protocol. Regardless, we weren’t able to enjoy top speeds from any of the VPN’s servers, which is a huge downfall considering the fact that allowing Bittorrent usage is BTGuard’s main focus. Moving on to information sharing with third parties, BTGuard mentions that they “ do not sell, trade or rent your personal information to other companies ”, which sounds good. Most VPN solutions that are serious about their clients won’t offer a trial period. The only best thing is – BTGuard supports several operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and Mac. With the PPTP protocol being considered as insecure, we recommend the users, not to use it at any cost.

  • A user who downloads free files through torrents does not get fines or punishment for downloading a file in first attempt.
  • And with this said, we’ve found that BTGuard comes with the smallest server network yet.

BTGuard Cost, Plans, & Payment Methods

After this step is also complete, you will have to run the OpenVPN client by using the double click action. However, it’s not too bad. Top 7 best password managers in 2020, once you’ve tried out its services, you will understand why we rank IPVanish as the number 1 VPN service provider in our overall review, and in several sub-categories. The BT in their name stands for Bit Torrent.

These can be paid for monthly or yearly (with a 25% price reduction for paying annually). Sadly, BTGuard doesn’t provide live customer or tech-support. Here’s the answer I got: The following table will show much you need to pay for each of these, as well as how much you can save. However, the encryption is only valid if you take the VPN package. We’ve already mentioned it uses the OpenVPN app.

Customer service is next to nothing, and even if you use the ticket system (via email), it can be hard work getting a decent response. But the fact that it doesn’t work on pretty much any other device is frustrating. For instance, here are some of the most important ones: At the moment, BTGuard offers four subscription plans. When testing we could not get this VPN to work properly and we received zero response from customer service.

BTGuard VPN offers the following plans

When you connect to a VPN server successfully, the icon will turn to green. They don’t have fancy features. In regards to your privacy as a user, BTGuard’s official statement is that they don’t keep any records. (95 per month) – If you wish to download files anonymously, then this package is best suited for your purpose.