Avast Secureline VPN 2020: Updated Review of Features (Pros & Cons)

Prevents DNS leaks that could reveal the real IP address. The first server I checked for IP leaks was the one in Germany: You can do this in one of two ways. More than three hours later, I still hadn’t heard back. They have a small server network with just 55 servers and only offer client support to paying customers.

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I strongly recommend Avast secure line due to its great security feature. Also, care should be used when torrenting because, despite Avast having reliable IP and DNS leak protection, it doesn’t offer a kill switch. First of all, we looked at the facts as stated in the VPN’s privacy policy. There are plenty of customers who chose Avast Secureline because of the well-known brand name. Ease of use, go over some of these SaferVPN evaluations and scrutinize each of the applications in your shortlist in detail. At the very least, the 256-bit encryption is renowned all over the world for being completely impenetrable to brute-force attacks. But those were the old days. Every other VPN provider charges a flat fee for their subscription service, regardless of what device you’re using.

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In this article, I’ll share the 10 most important VPN features to keep in mind when you’re shopping for VPNs. SecureLine provides access to servers in 55 cities across 34 countries, with 16 servers in the United States. The service provides needs to provide more options to the user, be it in the protocols or the customization options. You can pay for your Avast plan via a credit card, debit card, or PayPal. The company recently acquired one of the world’s leading VPN firms, “HideMyAss! On the other hand, Avast SecureLine provided us with 39. It is the interface through which the user interacts with the service, and a good user interface can make a lot of difference when the user must choose between two comparable services.

  • Forget about its expensive pricing – Avast SecureLine VPN is a very basic service.
  • With its headquarters in Prague, Avast is subject to intrusive EU data laws and intelligence agreements with other countries such as the US.
  • Avast VPN also has obfuscation servers.
  • Avast has been developing security products since 1988 and has a long track record of quality, privacy, and protection.
  • It’s easy to set up, even if you’ve never used a VPN before.
  • Kill switches are a critical safeguard or backup plan.
  • Instead, it’s better to go for a more private, better encrypted VPN such as ExpressVPN or PIA.

Avast VPN Review – Editors Views

It takes about 4 minutes to download and set up the SecureLine software on a PC or Mac. The speeds of this VPN service are disappointing and the privacy policy is not ideal as far as we are concerned. Avast includes the essential features to make your online activities more private and more secure, and offers an acceptable but average download speed. If you prefer not being 100% anonymous online and you want to unblock Netflix when you travel outside the USA, Avast SecureLine will do just fine. What is Avast SecureLine VPN? Bovendien worden de data ook nog versleuteld en moet deze ontsleuteld worden. Retailers: fight back vs. the coronavirus, this amount of server coverage gives Hide My Ass the edge over a number of other providers, who don’t have such large networks. By the end of this review, you will have more knowledge about the product as well as the VPN in general, and you will most likely be able to make an informed decision about the product.

The software offers the most basic and easy-to-configure interface by allowing you to select the servers from a drop-down menu and automatically selecting the language. And changing your location is as easy as selecting a country off of the server list inside of the user interface. The company is currently protecting millions of businesses and consumers against real-time threats by using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies. The program will notify you via pop-up notifications whenever there is a change in your VPN status, which some people may find annoying. Highlights include Avast SecureLine VPN’s streaming services, speed, and user experience. Let’s see what SecureLine VPN has for you:


However, keeping in mind that the client does not offer many customization options, it should take a lot less time to connect to the network. Safervpn, the service is claimed to unblock almost all geo-restricted publications, YouTube videos, or content on services like Netflix. Though the program functions perfectly as a basic VPN, it lacks many additional features commonly offered by other mainstream VPNs. Features of Avast SecureLine VPN security include: The VPN service encrypts the data of the users for the while it is in the VPN tunnel.

Just like many other companies (McAfee, Kaspersky, AVG, etc.) According to the Avast VPN FAQ page: Avast VPN also doesn’t work to unblock any other major streaming site like BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Disney+ Amazon Prime or even Sports channels.

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No live chat or email options were disappointing. Ook heb je de mogelijkheid om een specifieke locatie server locatie te kiezen, dit is bijvoorbeeld nodig wanneer je een geografische blokkade wilt omzeilen om bijvoorbeeld NPO gemist in het buitenland te kijken. NordVPN is hands-down is the best overall VPN option on the Canadian market today. Thank you kindly for your support.

There is a 7-days long trial period which will help you to decide if you want to use this product and if so, define your main preferences. There is no live chat, though, which is disappointing. Online privacy, as well as unblocking all of the online content your school network administrators don’t want you to see, there are a number of other benefits that come from using a VPN:. Performance on Android was even more impressive than on the desktop.

Avast VPN is currently offered for $59. The average connection speeds are a study in contrasts. Connecting to a VPN server within the software and apps is easy and intiitive. That’s why we tried out Avast SecureLine for an extended period. We decided to unpack the Avast SecureLine VPN to give you a deeper dive into what these piece of software can offer you.

The paid version does offer an upgrade in customer service too which offers a 24/7 phone-based service.

No Router Support

You’ll also need to provide your payment details. Mac package – The bigger is the device, the more its user is to pay. Features, run quietly in the background and not stay connected, and not contain any ads or popups. We are also aware of the lineage of Avast SecureLine VPN, therefore expect more than average performance in this section. The streaming giant has done this to protect its copyright pacts it has with other media houses. The app is easy-to-use so even a newbie will have no problems using it. I’m not aware of many VPN services that offer this option if it appeals to you.

  • Overall, the software works and protects you while browsing, but it lacks any of the additional features available with other clients that cost the same amount of money.
  • Once you get your VPN client, it’s only a matter of several clicks in the “OK-Next-I accept…-Next-Next-Install-Finish” drill to get it up and running.
  • Android package – This plan is ideal for Android holders, as it allows protecting your device for quite a moderate price.
  • Just the last digits will be anonymized.
  • OpenVPN itself is a secure, open-source software and that’s best for protocol support to VPNs.
  • 5 Devices for three years – $219.
  • Like IPVanish, it supports different payment methods apart from cryptocurrencies.

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Besides, internet connections will stay dead defended against outside interventions. Avast protects 400 million people worldwide, making it number one on the market. Sadly, the server selection was the best part about the client, and things go downhill from here. Among them is the VPN service.

That’s a lot of personal information considering alternatives such as cryptostorm (read our cryptostorm review) require none. This is excellent news for gamers who want to use Avast VPN for online gaming. Moreover, the burger menu on the top right of the clients navigates you towards ‘Settings’. Why would someone do this? Avast VPN has receiving an average rating of 2/5 on Trustpilot from a total of 2,656 user reviews. The service provider discussed various issues related to the privacy of the user and data collection on the service. I delineated the IP addresses with which data was exchanged outside of a VPN tunnel in red. But even that can be “frowned upon” by your government or media streamers.

5 Devices for one year – $79. For example, you can set it to automatically connect every time your computer starts up. 04 Mbps Upload Speeds: OpenVPN protocol is considered to be the current leader of the protocols used in the VPN service. But what about their VPN software? It makes it quite easy for Netflix to notice some strange activity and take measures. If you already use Avast products, SecureLine VPN isn’t a bad choice. 55 pm Unprotected 20.

Safety & Security

Unlike many other VPN providers, Avast SecureLine allows torrent downloads. We’re delighted to see that Avast has added a kill switch, though, and its registration-free seven-day trial is a useful addition. Logically, if there is no information left afterwards, no records – no one gets to know about what resources you have visited. However, when we connected to the UK Streaming server, we failed to access Netflix UK. The extension itself does not provide a VPN service. This is why I can’t call this feature a definite advantage, despite it being impressive. But they’re a good first line of defense against those who want to track your online behavior and spy on your data.

Is this a decent provider?

Avast VPN is safe and doesn’t leak your IP at all. You have server locations in South Africa, Malaysia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Venezuela… the list goes on. This VPN appears to be basic protection for PC and mobile devices only. And if viewing multimedia content is your main goal, it does post some excellent streaming times. Reviews, (CyberGhost also offers 45 days, but most providers stop at 30, and Private Internet Access only gives you 7.). And no router support. If you are trying to avoid your American ISP – then you are simply replacing distrust of Comcast/Charter with the trust of your VPN, which, if it is Avast, still explicitly holding those investigative powers over you. There is furthermore data accumulation by the analytics services employed by the VPN service provider. Even though this service cannot unblock both Netflix and BBC iPlayer, we thought it would perform better with less popular streaming sites like Hulu and Amazon Prime Video.

Every once in awhile, big-time companies like Avast offer all kinds of discounts and coupons to attract new users.
Generally, considering the price, IPVanish gives you better value at its price because it allows you to pick a plan that suits your needs.

Security – Is Avast SecureLine VPN Safe?

After all, the crypto-currency is the favorite for any online privacy advocate. Can i specify a partial policy on a connection? (for example, only ike algorithms, but not ipsec). It allows you to secure all of your devices regardless of the platform. As mentioned, the HQ is located in the Czech Republic, and that is a big turn-off for private users.

They offer free diagnosis service on call, helpful articles, support pages, and a user forum. Today, many VPNs offer their free trials without requiring a credit card. To see how Avast SecureLine performs, we ran several speed tests in various locations. We then connected to the physically closest server for our location, and the download speed was similar to that of the optimal server. I still had a representative of mine test the service in China (as part of our 80+ providers analysis), but it did not work. Unfortunately, there is no option to increase the multi-device subscription to include more devices. How good is Avast VPN?

Trustworthiness – Trustpilot, Play Store, Reddit & Customer Support

By that time, you should know enough about both providers to be able to make an informed choice between the two. Streaming – Does Avast VPN work with Netflix? It’s safe to say that, if you want the simple VPN app for your computer or mobile devices, Avast SecureLine VPN can give that to you. The VPN’s monthly subscription price is reasonable for the value it offers.

Avast VPN: Features and Opportunities

If security is your priority, Avast offers a feature that not all services do: For example, you can only use one protocol, depending on which operating system you use OpenVPN on Windows and IPSec on Mac computers and Macbooks. Furthermore, if you choose to commit for a long time, you won’t get any significant discounts from the company. Privacy protection, nordVPN's iPlayer troubleshooting page recommends using its browser extension as a last resort, though, and that solved the problem, finally allowing us to stream content. This is how antivirus subscriptions are sold, but it makes no sense to do this with VPN services. In the event of your VPN dropping the connection, your IP address will not be exposed. We conducted three tests, trying to find out if there is any IP, DNS, or WebRTC leakage. However, if a serious service that can provide advanced functions like bypassing the Great Firewall of China is what you’re looking for, then we say you should look elsewhere. Mac holders have the choice to choose among 1, 2 or 3-year subscription.

Streaming: Excellent coverage for multiple services

Avast is simply fairer with its customers. There’s never a guarantee of perfect anonymity, but Avast does a pretty good job of protecting your online privacy. SecureLine VPN was launched quite recently – in 2020. Avast will save even more information about you when you use their SecureLine service. We don’t have any evidence that Avast has been sharing data with Five Eyes countries. Is the reason for it the support of political sanctions? Why I say so is because the VPN’s user interface design is a bit outdated but extremely powerful. Applications of udp, (Don't worry about the details of this diagram, just get the general drift that a lot of stuff being sent is encrypted, and that there needs to be a PPTP server (here labeled VPN Device) at both ends of the connection.). Is there Avast VPN for iPhone?

’ – quoted directly from the source. How effective is Avast Secureline? However, when you look at the value of the pricing & the licensing restrictions – it’s still not the best deal among premium VPN providers. You can't switch among VPN protocols, which are fixed to OpenVPN for Windows and Android, and IPSec for Mac and iOS. The positive answer is explained by a set of functions it offers its clients: Along with a toggle switch that turns the VPN on and off, there’s an option to change the location that appears to others.

Apart from the live chat support, the user can submit a query ticket as well and get the response over email. Avast offers unlimited bandwidth and claims it delivers speeds of up to 2GB/s, though naturally this depends on a number of factors and is highly unlikely to reach even half this figure. This function, though, is turned off by default. Secondly, P2P file-sharing technology is supported by this VPN. Is it an attempt to milk money from customers with maximum efficiency?

This is due to a server network that featureseven on overseas locations,and support for computer and mobile devices.