Avast SecureLine VPN: Pretty But Pricey

Notice the different ratings for “The Highwaymen” depending on the location of the server I had accessed. The company claims that this is for diagnostics and purchase processing purposes only and prevention of abuse over VPN connections. Expressvpn – our winner, 67 per month, ExpressVPN costs more than double the price of cheaper VPNs, but it is certainly worth it. SecureLine offers a 7-day free trial version.

That may seem obvious, but some other VPN operators are hidden behind shell companies registered in offshore tax havens.

Thus, those users who have already spent twice as much, won’t even learn that the price could’ve been lower! The site detected the VPN and displayed its standard 'content is not available in your location' warning message. The free trial of SecureLine VPN has all the same functions and features as the full version. The more locations there are to choose from, the better your chances are of having good internet speeds with little lagging. You can choose to start up the program and connect automatically every time you boot up your computer so that you will stay protected at all times. Servers 1,040+ in 61 Countries 53 in 34 Countries Compatibility All Devices Windows, Mac, iOS, Android Jurisdiction British Virgin Islands Czech Republic Logging Policy No Logs (Audited) Stores Connection Logs Customer Support Live Chat & Email Live Chat & Ticket Trustpilot Score 4. 99 per two years, $129. And if you’re an Avast user, you must have seen their VPN pop-ups appear when trying to access restricted content.

This is a big plus point; giving SecureLine my vote.


However, SecureLine only offers nineteen countries in their server list. Or someone’s listening into your phone conversations? All our checks gave the same results – the system is absolutely safe. Support, vPN browser extensions have even more limitations than free VPNs and Opera VPN, for example, won’t be able to offer any cybersecurity when torrenting. Feel free to leave your comment below.

Its lacking support options, somewhat high prices, and the retention of users’ connection logs make this service lag behind the industry leaders such as NordVPN. For many years now banks, government bodies and the military have been using VPNs to protect their data. Part of the terms that you agree to when signing up for Avast SecureLine VPN include allowing third parties who provide services you request to be granted access to your private information.

The company has client software aka apps for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android operating systems. You can use the VPN simultaneously on 5 devices at the same time if you choose the 5-device package. And adding encryption slows it down a little more. Dit bleek in de praktijk behoorlijk tegen te vallen. There are 29 server locations altogether, spread over 21 countries. With so many devices, a fast connection is essential. Compatibility – Does it support multiple platforms and devices? Think of it as an additional layer of defense that will make sure your data is safe and sound.

  • Avast is one of the biggest security companies in the world.
  • If you are not sure about the optimal server for your location, the software will pick one automatically.
  • Avast VPN does offer so much more though, and as they offer extremely competitive fees to subscribe I’m kind of on the line where I think, why not?
  • It is disconcerting that there is potential adware in the VPN client installation files.
  • That's a handy feature, but TunnelBear and PureVPN ($1.)

VPN Alternatives

Then again, Avast VPN works with all major platforms and devices and can be run simultaneously on up to five devices. It’s possible to integrate the app with the browser: Its VPN apps for computers and mobile devices are no exception. It allows you to secure all of your devices regardless of the platform. 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard : The difference is here, but it isn’t too big. These include the amount of data transmitted during each session. If you’re having problems with any of Avast’s app, see the troubleshooting guidelines on Avast VPN not working.

Speed: How Fast is Avast SecureLine VPN?

This is a highly acceptable speed for most browsing activities. Vyprvpn, vPNs use advanced encryption protocols and secure tunneling techniques to encapsulate all online data transfers. Deze VPN service mikt dan ook op de “doorsnee” computer gebruiker. One may use Avast SecureLine free for 7 days in case of further subscription to one-month plan. The attention of people towards data security grew tremendously after the recent privacy breaches and leaks came into light. Avast, the company behind SecureLine, is headquartered in the Czech Republic.

Avast SecureLine for Kodi

There is also an option to buy a two-year plan for $149. If you select the Mac version, mobile plans are still full price but the PC version is reduced to $29. (1%) Latency increased by 108. The program won’t slow down your computer or another device, and has above average speeds when it comes to latency, downloading and uploading via VPN. The period of free trial is offered for Avast users. A show’s distributor may have given one network exclusive rights in a particular country, so they can’t sell Netflix the rights to show it there as well. The traceable information that normal browsing broadcasts isn’t just a threat to your privacy, but your security as well, especially in certain situations:

So, this country is a member of the “5 eyes” alliance and can conduct surveillance for each Avast VPN user legislatively. Avast offers unlimited bandwidth and claims it delivers speeds of up to 2GB/s, though naturally this depends on a number of factors and is highly unlikely to reach even half this figure. Slow speeds & bandwidth limits, its audience is composed of citizens of different countries but every region has its own content restrictions. Using hyper-secure cryptographic keys to provide world-class data protection from host-to-host, network-to-network, and network-to-host. Simple buttons indicate what they do like encrypt your online connection when the VPN is turned on and your current location as it appears to others. And here is one in Tokyo: This VPN is seen as a download-and-go application. Platforms compatibility is the weak point of this VPN, as other popular platforms and gadgets like routers, Chromebooks and TVs running on OSes not from the list cannot be protected by Avast VPN. That means that all people connected to a dedicated streaming server will have the same IP.

Avast VPN Review Reddit

Up and download speeds were barely affected when we used a local server. Avast claims that SecureLine VPN can be used for streaming, but that there are several servers which are optimized for streaming which you should use to watch geoblocked video content. It is good news since the company’s headquarters is located in the Czech Republic (not a member of any surveillance agencies, but with close relations to some). Even on public Wi-Fi hotspots, users can rest assured that Avast SecureLine is vigorously protecting them.

  • This is what you would expect from a company that specializes in digital security.
  • NordVPN’s pricing is just slightly lower than Avast’s when considering their annual subscription charge.
  • It slowed uploads by only 4.
  • Seven servers alone are in large cities across the United States, like Seattle and Miami, making it an optimal provider for US users.
  • We tested 16 servers over the period of one week and most of them provided us with reliable performances and somewhat subpar speeds.
  • The service is transparent and professional in their manner of conduct.

User Experience

I was very pleased with the overall user experience. Even if you have a no prior knowledge on how to use a VPN, you will be able to download the app, install it in a couple of minutes, and be able to use it securely by following the on-screen prompts. But we aren’t especially comforted by the Czech Republic’s cooperation with them. This works out to a monthly fee of $6. Just a simple click and you get connected to your selected server. Connections to Singapore and Australia were predictably slower, with speeds dropping by as much as 60 to 86%, but that’s not terrible by VPN standards. When you’re surfing the web without a VPN, your ISP, the government, and numerous cybercriminals can monitor your activity. As you can see, my real location in the US was hidden.

Also, it is possible to upgrade at any moment by means of only one click. At times, loading movies took a little longer than we were used to, but this was mainly due to the speed reduction that came with using American servers while we’re stationed in Europe. However, it is more than enough if you do not have any overly technical expectations. You can pay $59. At longer distances, SecureLine is still pretty speedy.

So, that means we were not able to run our usual battery of tests like in other reviews. Speed tests were run on their servers in both the US and Netherlands to see how well Avast lives up to these claims. The only real problem is that in a very competitive market it doesn’t offer any significant advantage over rivals such as stablemate HMA! For example, a DNS or WebRTC leak can cause your IP to be revealed without you even realizing it. When they detect your network connection is about to terminate, they’ll automatically kill your current session, too. There’s still no favorites system or recent servers list to speed up reconnections. In this chapter of this review of Avast VPN, I will tell you: It takes about 4 minutes to download and set up the SecureLine software on a PC or Mac.

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As we said earlier, Avast doesn’t get involved in the usual monthly charges and multi-year discounts. Browse websites anonymously and get private access. More than that, the service will unblock access to restricted content, and all this is performed at fast speeds.

Privacy Protection

Of course, this place doesn’t actually exist. Here is the screenshot: Now that we’ve discussed its Pros and Cons, it’s time to test the performance of Avast VPN. If you allow AvastVPN to connect to an optimal location automatically, it would connect you to the nearest server that won’t slow down your internet speed. How many devices can be connected to a server (or number of servers) based on a single VPN account or subscription.

At the very least, the 256-bit encryption is renowned all over the world for being completely impenetrable to brute-force attacks. The VPN services came into existence with the goal of securing the privacy and data of the user. Er is een kans dat er in de toekomst meer locaties worden toegevoegd, al lijkt die kans wel klein aangezien de afgelopen tijd Avast weinig heeft uitgebreid en verbeterd aan het serveraanbod. If you want to find out all about this VPN service package offered by consumer security service leader Avast, read on through our thorough review.

What makes Avast secure?

If you’re looking for the easiest, download-and-go VPN client, Avast SecureLine VPN gives you that. A team of 3 users connect to 3 different locations – the United Kingdom, the United States and Hong Kong – at 3 different times of day over the course of 3 days. In order to shine a light on what other Avast reviewers had to say about the software, we did a meta-analysis of 10 other reputable tech bloggers. 99 per two years or $179. Other VPNs have more success. For all of these reasons Avast have created their software so that it offers: The other server locations are displayed below that.

Here’s a pricing table to see the deals: Clients are available for Windows, macOS, Android and iOS, but no connection instructions are provided for other operating systems or embedded systems such as NAS devices and routers. While not as bad as usage logs (which Avast VPN does not keep), it is, nevertheless, concerning. No stand-out features. However, torrenting is only allowed on 5 European and 3 US servers. Download speed decreased by 62. It’s best to avoid these VPN’s for full anonymity. If you want your review to be accepted, please write a helpful, informative and unique review - either positive or negative.

Avast Secureline at a Glance

They’re not the fastest, but not the slowest, either. 06 Mbps and upload speed of 16. This isn't particularly busy, but it does get some use – the Windows section of the forum alone had nine threads created in October 2020, for instance, and most of these had a helpful response in less than an hour. Similar products, however, the best server isn’t the best one, and we don’t suggest using this option. Free internet security software for Android and iOS users.

99 for an Android or iOS phones or devices, but you can by a license for up to 5 devices for $79.

What is VPN

We tested SecureLine VPN in the UK and it defaulted to a location in London. This is somewhat made up for by the absence of data retention laws in the Czech Republic and it not being a Fourteen Eyes member state. You can view videos without any lag while using the VPN with streaming sites. The main page lists just 15 articles organized into three categories (Basic Usage, Subscription and Purchase, Technical Issues), and many of those are on something other than core VPN issues (creating an Avast Account, GDPR Compliance, two articles on activating the product, two more on cancelling automatic renewal – you get the idea). With that in mind, let us go over the information collected by Avast:

When you’re researching VPN providers, it’s important to never get hung up on a VPN’s performance in just one or two categories. Anonymous surfing, so, you must keep a VPN for Mac in your bag pack list. I’ve tested “live” chats on numerous VPNs and sometimes it took them hours to get back to me (hint: )Firstly, you can instantly get a subscription. Now using Avast VPN for sensitive tasks and torrenting is much safer than before.

That’s still in the same area as the desktop client, though, and it’s hardly troublingly slow. Pricing, these are all within 1. They do not record the IP addresses you visit and do not record the websites you browse. The privacy policy confirms that Avast SecureLine VPN doesn’t collect any data about your activity online. However, there is no live chat or customer support service through email, which can be a huge drawback for some. Plus, you can use it to watch Netflix, download torrents, and share files via a Peer-to-Peer connection. If you’ve been told that you need a virtual private network (VPN) to browse the web, send and receive e-mail messages, and stream videos, but you don’t know anything about VPNs, Avast SecureLine VPN is a great place to begin.

The best alternatives found for Avast VPN are:

First of all, Avast SecureLine VPN boasts of unblocking ALL content. However, it depends on your requirements, if features like Netflix compatibility and router support is essential for you, then there are undoubtedly much better and even more affordable VPN options that you most definitely go for. It would have been nice if this was a consistent occurrence instead of just hit and miss. What is Avast VPN’s Pricing? Kill switches work by detecting the termination of your network connection is about to terminate and automatically kill your current session to protect your data. Even though Avast SecureLine VPN does provide good all-round security, there still lies the question as to whether it can be trusted or not.

A Line, Secured

Other virtual private network applications, such as Express, Surfshark, and Nord, have servers in hundreds of cities. Any of these is half off with the purchase of a yearly Windows license, but the Mac license gets you a discount only on the Windows one. Before moving to its locality, let’s go through a little background check of origination. This poses great risk at revealing your identity, but thanks to Avast’s Kill Switch feature that disables the entire internet, you remain secure. That leads us to use the manual approach, which requires manually connecting to each server through the app and then running tests using Fast. That means there was almost 30 percent less latency with SecureLine than without, a feat I've yet to see duplicated. I tried all three UK servers but only had success with one. Will vpn software slow down my computer? You may not care about some of this data, but you should certainly be worried about more sensitive data like your online banking details. In fact, the increase in download speed was just over 41%.

This subscription bought on Windows worked on all the other OSs. Cyberghost – dedicated vpn servers for streaming, for example, the UK Netflix doesn’t have some movies/shows/series you’ll find on US Netflix like the Mad Men, 30 Rock, and Parks and Recreation. A server in Germany gave me a download speed of 43. The rate at which data is transferred from the server to your device. The VPN still has room for improvement in other areas.

Click “Finish”. But unlike some other VPNs, you cannot use the same account for multiple devices. If you’re already a paid Avast antivirus user, you probably can get better prices. Yes, because it’s the only VPN that has a trial period of 60 days (on Windows only). Furthermore, while the price-tags aren’t too steep, they are still high, especially when compared to what you can get with the similarly-priced rivals. Freelan – free open source vpn for windows, why use Linux? This application for Windows, Android and iOS allows ciphering the Internet connection, making your web-surfing anonymous, hiding your real IP from third parties and the ISP.

As we discussed earlier, there are not many options on this service, and the same goes with the user interface as well.