Avast Secureline VPN Review 2020: Is it Safe? Our Guide Pros & Cons

How to download Avast VPN? When you’re surfing the web without a VPN, your ISP, the government, and numerous cybercriminals can monitor your activity. If you don’t know what you should back up on your computer, read this post - If you don’t know what you should back up on your computer, read this post - What to Back up on PC? The company is rapidly developing.

NordVPN’s pricing is just slightly lower than Avast’s when considering their annual subscription charge.

As a customer, I didn’t appreciate such an approach to pricing. DNS queries go via the shortest route, which improves speeds. There is also no option to filter server locations by continent in the app, and no recent server list to help to speed up your reconnections. This only applies to users of its free anti-virus package, and Avast has confirmed with us that it does not collect customer information from Secureline.

You will need to fill a form and present some details about your purchase. No matter how secure you think your Mac is, it makes good sense to use a VPN while online. So far, so not-very-great, but the picture improved when we logged back into the New York server and were able to view Netflix content without difficulty. What’s In It For You? It is compatible with Windows PCs, Macs, iOS, and Android devices.

  • To conclude, one can say that Avast SecureLine VPN is a simple and convenient program that can be used on different operating systems, which is especially important for users with multiple devices and multitask approach.
  • A VPN might protect you from inadvertently downloading malicious files.

Norton Secure VPN Free Trials

The prices are adequate and the discounts allow saving up to 44%. Finally, there’s also a 5-devices plan available that will cover every single platform you own, including Win, Mac, iOS, and Android: Netflix is obliged to block it from anyone in that country. However, these connections are not immune to other electronic threats such as Virus, Malware and Network Attacks. You do not need to be tech savvy to use this VPN.

However, when we downloaded a 428MB video file while connected to SecureLine VPN, it took a slow 14 minutes and 21 seconds — a 376 percent slowdown from the non-VPN time of 3: You can get clients for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android, but nothing more – not even downloadable OpenVPN configuration files which might let you manually set up other software and devices. Indeed, such drastic differences between the free and the full version make the “trial” part of the free trial false.

  • To use the software, you just have to download, install, launch, and enter the activation code that is emailed to you.
  • Another crucial point is how secure it is.
  • Fortunately, New York worked just fine, and we were able to view and stream YouTube clips.
  • The main page lists just 15 articles organized into three categories (Basic Usage, Subscription and Purchase, Technical Issues), and many of those are on something other than core VPN issues (creating an Avast Account, GDPR Compliance, two articles on activating the product, two more on cancelling automatic renewal – you get the idea).

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In addition, Avast SecureLine VPN can detect if you are using an unsecured WiFi network and prompt you to activate the VPN, or even connect automatically. We hope this Avast VPN Review helped you to learn more about Avast SecureLine VPN! This has made it more difficult for providers to guarantee that their VPNs will work in China. Yes, because it’s the only VPN that has a trial period of 60 days (on Windows only). SecureLine, by comparison, is a bare-bones service. This allows you to bypass geographic restrictions in accessing sites, provides a degree of anonymity, and protects your PC from snooping wireless hotspots. – highest upload rates in Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, France (53, 064 – 49, 444 Mbps). The help center is searchable, but you can also browse guides and FAQs by topic.

There at the bottom of the screen, you should see a pre-checked option ‘Ask me to start SecureLine whenever I connect to an unsecured Wi-Fi’. Moreover, the UK is a member of the reconnaissance alliance “5 eyes”, that is why there is no guarantee that the users won’t be tracked in some circumstances. Ultimately, it’s up for you to decide whether you need this service or not, and whether it makes sense to use Avast Passwords over its competition. We fought our way through the mammoth 20,000-word privacy policy, though, and eventually uncovered some useful information.

Supported protocols: That’s a good thing. If you can’t find the answer to your question on the website, there is a contact form that you can fill out on the website to get in touch with Avast customer support. But to get Avast's premium, 24/7 telephone tech support, you'll have to pay a fee ranging from $79 to $299. Crackle kodi addon 2020, the VPN add-ons for Firefox concentrate on the end-user establishment and retrieves simultaneously displays the website content using the VPN add-ons management. Also, I really like the way NordVPN shows the popularity and latency of each server, making it easier to choose a good one.

Computer Geek

If you go for the free trial, no registration is needed. So does Facebook, even if you didn’t get to those websites through a Facebook link. The interface of the app intuitively results in pleasant user experience in using the app. Besides, there are no records of the sites you visit, the IP addresses accessed from your devices, and the data transfer. You may have seen some news stories recently about Avast sharing its users data. Netflix knows when you’re using an Avast connection, and won’t let you stream movies or shows. Or someone’s listening into your phone conversations? The next part of this Avast VPN review will tell you about its Cons.

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VPNs can also be used to circumvent internet restrictions, either imposed by oppressive governments or, say, the BBC making sure that only UK citizens can stream videos. NordVPN allows P2P file sharing on servers in 46 of the countries they serve. In this case, you should know how to clean the leftovers after the above removal: Enjoy reduced prices with an Avast coupon from PCWorld. 0 Ice Cream Sandwich or higher. These are standard protection protocols that prevent hackers, your ISP, the government, and advertisers from snooping on your browsing history and online activities. We were pleasantly surprised when Avast didn’t prompt us to enter our credit card information to download the free trial – and they didn’t require an email address either.


It depends on what “good” means to you, but, overall, this is a decent product that will make sure to keep you safe from outside threats. As you can imagine, copyright holders and Internet Service Providers don’t appreciate such activities. 0 and higher), an extra feature is provided for Android TV; as well as iPhone, iPad with iOS (version 5.

What can be done about it? Avast has a unique pricing strategy for its VPN service. Even if one does, there will be no data to give to it, since SecureLine VPN keeps no usage logs. A team of 3 users connect to 3 different locations – the United Kingdom, the United States and Hong Kong – at 3 different times of day over the course of 3 days. I did not detect any DNS or IP leaks during my tests. You can receive a full refund as long as you request it within 30 days of purchasing a subscription. There are many advantages using the Avast VPN services.

99/month (Annual Plan). According to statistics, the number of Linux users is rather thin; the same goes for the owners of the Chromebook. While not as bad as usage logs (which Avast VPN does not keep), it is, nevertheless, concerning. However, if you follow those links today, you won’t find any relevant information.

Besides, some rivaling products do offer a 100% free version of their Virtual Private Networks.

Reasons Behind My Reviews and Ratings

And press “Activate SecureLine”. The short story is that 256-bit is the best in the business right now. Avast says it does log your connection information when you use SecureLine VPN. 55 is a joke compared to some of the bigger brands that offer thousands (think ExpressVPN or PureVPN). So if you are in market for basic, but fast, connectivity then Avast Secureline is worth taking a look at. So we can say that the Avast VPN is pretty fast (not the fastest) and not the slowest either. Quick aside – it’s also noteworthy from a privacy standpoint that Avast does not accept any form of anonymous payments.

A 1-year one for all devices for $79.

The app automatically updates the drivers to ensure that your system has the latest drivers. It’s easy to set up, even if you’ve never used a VPN before. It is possible to use this VPN for free. The VPN proved to be safe on every server, with small percentage of possible server errors (Not found).

While I appreciate the variety of pricing options Avast allows, it can be a challenge to understand.

Just double-click on the uninstaller, a new removing wizard will display on the desk, and you just need to follow the instructions to complete the whole removing process. Some users may think that leaving invalid preferences and support files on the hard drive does not do much harm. Initially, it consisted of the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. I was not blocked by Netflix’s VPN ban at any time.

As a lightweight yet powerful utility, Osx Uninstaller will guarantee you a clean, complete uninstallation result.

Simultaneous Connections

90 Mbps Visit Site Read Review Avast Secureline VPN 73. However, torrenting is only allowed on 5 European and 3 US servers. You can choose from the following options: (6 monthly) for Avast Secureline. The no-log policy is good for privacy-conscious folks, and the fast speeds make up for a lot. But sometimes this less number of server can often cause some kind of setback in the use of Avast VPN. What's more, Avast has partners all over the world that it can rely on to extend the capacity of its servers. Once you've done that, you can enjoy Avast's added protection without having to adjust features or worry.

This handy little feature makes sure that none of your personal data might ‘leak’ outside the VPN connection without you realizing it, divulging your browsing activity or true physical location. The VPN still has room for improvement in other areas. Free hide.me for kodi, find the app through the search box. While the list of VPNs that do work with them is rather thin, this is still a con. PayPal and credit or debit card are your only options. 05 pm US (Miami) 16.

At last, if you have any questions and suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact us via the email [email protected]. It supports Windows 10/8/7, which can provide data protection & disaster recovery solution for you. Unlike some VPN providers, SecureLine lacks ad blocking on any platform. The FAQ section may also be of help with some basic questions. Keep following the instructions and “Agree” to the license terms to continue. Why to choose Avast SecureLine? SecureLine also has fewer configuration options than other VPN providers. The payment options, much like the pricing, are a bit lacking in comparison to other competitors who offer other payment methods such as Bitcoin, Perfect Money, etc.

TOR Compatibility

So a major setback for us. Your license is now activated. You might have performance issues when you using the private network. The app itself doesn’t take up a lot of space on your computer, and it won’t interfere with existing files. Again, you probably won't notice a difference if you're casually browsing or watching Youtube videos.

If you already use Avast products, SecureLine VPN isn’t a bad choice.

Avast Secureline: The Not-So-Good

We have scanned the file and URLs associated with this software program in more than 50 of the world's leading antivirus services; no possible threat has been detected. “Do we have a secure line? Do you feel like you’re being watched or followed? As a minor downside, there is no option to set this VPN up on a router.

Surely I’ll have more success with them. In contrast, a VPN that doesn’t log your activity won’t be able to give away your information under any circumstances. It is the first VPN I know of that has several different prices for the same services at once.

China has been cracking down on VPN use in recent years. Access to this VPN for Android, iPhone, or iPad is $19. 3 seconds and a network latency — how long data takes to get to its destination — of 37 milliseconds, more than double the latency without the VPN running. Be sure to research a VPN provider’s privacy protections by considering the following: If you are looking for a short-term VPN, Avast SecureLine VPN might be a good option. However, if you only have one P. It's more focused on being 'just good enough'.

‘Bank Grade' Encryption and Security

The VPN supports up to five simultaneous device connections with each account. Make sure you have an open and active Internet without any firewalls and proxy servers before continuing to use the following solutions. Before buying a subscription it is offered to start a period of free trial. NordVPN has 5,550+ servers well spread out among 60 countries.

99 yearly to get Avast Secureline on all five devices. All VPN providers really should have this option. Unlike some VPNs, though, it doesn’t offer a choice of encryption protocols. You can view videos without any lag while using the VPN with streaming sites. But it comes up short of the best VPNs thanks to an expensive and inflexible pricing plan and unimpressive server infrastructure. Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, HBO, Showtime and Hulu.

Star VPN - Free VPN Proxy & Unlimited VPN Security

The “general” section only has five settings. So, that user can take advantages of complete online freedom. Moreover, the developers claim that Avast SecureLine VPN does not keep activity logs. The kill switch will disconnect your Internet connection when your VPN protection fails. In the Avast VPN Price And Plans sections, we covered all the available plans, including the payment options, the MBG, and the free trial.

  • It’s not bad, but not the best.
  • People who download the content from torrent sites will be pleased to know that the site does support torrenting on some services.
  • NordVPN makes use of high-level AES-256 bit encryption to protect their connections, offering OpenVPN with TCP/UDP, IKEv2/IPsec, L2TP/IPSec, PPTP and SSTP protocols.

Torrenting Is Allowed

When you purchase your subscription of choice, you’ll need to supply your country, first name, last name, zip code and email address. Not only is it significantly fewer than major VPNs have, but it is also far too few on its own. But if you still use these two Operating systems you can download this version of Avast SecureLine VPN by following this link. Avast VPN PureVPN PrivateVPN Price $19.

Info on servers of Avast SecureLine VPN

We already mentioned it in the Pros: This is unusual in the VPN industry. Access any content – We can get you around content blocks. The reason given is “diagnostic purposes”. Is built and aimed to protect the privacy of the users which use the Internet to connect with others. (56) a month on its annual plan, and that gets you coverage for any five devices, not just one. If you are a political activist where trust is a life or death situation, you need to be using something like Tor in addition to a VPN. One of the reasons for Avast VPN not working is that your Internet is not working properly.

Overall, Avast Secureline VPN is a well built, solid VPN client. There is an option to change servers when using the SecureLine VPN. I used to make that mistake in the past until I learned the extent to which my personal information is at stake. 67 for each month of use or about $16 per year for each device.

The support service is worth using in case of some troubles with the VPN. Their server speeds are top of the line, they even landed in the top 10 of our fastest reviewed VPNs, but still fall behind the top providers like Express and NordVPN. Some ad networks and government services can monitor web traffic – these unpleasant things can be easily avoided, and Avast VPN gives you all the tools. Many customers have also complained that the software does not support advanced features such as kill switch.

Every piece of software has its benefits and drawbacks, and SecureLine is no different.

Related topics about Avast SecureLine VPN

Stay tuned for other interesting stuff. Something strange goes on with this VPN. That's because a VPN can connect to servers located in places other than your actual, physical location. Mikrotik routerboard rb2020uias-2hnd-in, a port is one of these markers. By 2020, the market size of VPNs is expected to be around $36 billion. However, SecureLine is constantly adding new servers to the general network to meet the high standards. My personal take: We have moaned about this problem throughout the duration of this review, but its something that we feel Avast need to work on to improve the product. There are 29 server locations altogether, spread over 21 countries.

Currently, they are out of luck with Avast VPN as well. Does the provider save logs related to their users’ online antics? Alternatively, paying an annual $65 ($8. )This is really dangerous. This is military-grade encryption.

45/Month at Private Internet Access) ; that service has more than 3,000 servers available for users.

It is available on Win, Mac, and mobile platforms (iOS and Android).


Only major credit cards. 0 or later versions of the operating system. Speed (summary), a lot of VPNs only offer Bitcoin, so Hoxx gets points for offering more. Avast includes the essential features to make your online activities more private and more secure, and offers an acceptable but average download speed. Moreover, the provider claims that it has servers with a speed rate to 2Gbit/s.

Unfortunately, I had a similar lack of success when streaming from the BBC. It also masks your specific IP address so that others will not be able to detect or identify you easily. Sadly, there are no significant discounts for long-term commitments. They are located in the same data center or even on the same server: One of the most important things that a VPN does to keep you safe is mask your IP address.

Avast SecureLine VPN: Frequently Asked Questions

How to use Avast VPN? One of the features we did enjoy was the way the software connects to a VPN server whenever it detects any other network other than your specified secure list, even when you’re using a mobile device. Pricing is, well, complicated, as Avast does things very differently to most of the competition. Does nordvpn work in china?, available on iOS, Mac, Windows, and Android. It’s quite convenient that you can choose a tariff and pay for it directly from the app.

Thus, you shouldn’t just use Avast to protect your computer. These are the most famous modern-day platforms, and we were pleased by how well all the clients and apps work. Next, I connected to a server in the UK. At checkout, you can also select a two- or three-year plan for $149. Cisco anyconnect secure mobility client, download the free NordVPN on multiple devices that contain different operating systems because it supports several platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome, Android, iOS, and Firefox. Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. And indeed, there are a few: If you want to buy it, you’re limited to either a credit card or PayPal.

Finally one additional point here to note is that in our all the tests we have found Avast VPN application to be leakage and malware free. That helps to keep whatever you were doing private and away from prying eyes. Secure core servers, 5GB per month, in practice. In fact, it’s like a whole world of confusing information where even trustworthy information is near-useless since it’s so complex.

For most regular users, this is more than enough traffic for a day.

Security At Its Finest

As I have mentioned earlier, Avast VPN has an unusual price policy. You should wait for around 1 minute after you plug out the router’s main power cable and then you can plug everything back in. I cannot say that this provider is bad. What makes the lack of a kill switch on mobile devices so dangerous? The team working on SecureLine made sure that even the most inexperienced users could start using it from the get-go.

Why Should You Trust Me?

If you’re not impressed, I live in a part of Australia that’s not too speedy, and my son was gaming at the time. I discard the highest and lowest results, average what's left, and find a percent change for latency, download speed, and upload speed between the two sets of results. This one is in Brussels: More on this in the following section. Despite the change in pricing, I still expected more features from SecureLine. My experience is that download speeds may be 50-75% of unprotected speeds. A User is able to choose the server to be connected through. Simple, isn’t it?

But you can get those features without paying as much, and it’s easy to find a VPN that supports Netflix. The good news is that we found the Avast Secureline connection to be leak-free. What sets Avast SecureLine apart from others is its large number of server locations and above-average performance. Using a VPN is great for security, but it can make some basic things really tedious. We liked how clean and clear the whole process is. It’s available for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.

Avast also pointed out that SecureLine fixes a DNS leak issue, providing customers with improved security. Are you curious about I don’t want to have to turn off my VPN and compromise my security every time I watch Netflix, but unfortunately that’s exactly what I’d have to do when using Avast SecureLine. In these cases, they don’t just see your data—they could also redirect you to fake sites where they can steal your accounts and passwords. Goose vpn, and the good news is that TechRadar readers can get a little perk when they sign up, too. It integrates well with Avast's antivirus software, but there's no way to make SecureLine VPN work with Linux, Chromebook computers or open-source routers. I was also able to access Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, HBO GO, and BBC iPlayer.

Product Information

The second type of SecureLine pop-ups are the ones which come only if you have the SecureLine VPN activated. Our mission, anonymous payment options. However, it does not have a particularly high number of server choices or country choices. There's no "kill switch" option to cut off all internet activity if the connection to the VPN server is lost. And even if you end up paying for Avast SecureLine VPN there’s always a 30-day money back guarantee, too. There are other combinations of PCs and billing cycles to explore. Three alternatives to Avast VPN: I then reveal how well each provider performs in a particular service category, declaring a winner in each one. You can also install the VPN as a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox.

And adding encryption slows it down a little more. I found some different pros and cons that I will discuss in more detail below. There are numerous license keys available here with us which you can use for free without much to think of.

This problem has been solved: The design of the interface is straightforward. A stand-out feature of the software is Avast SecureLine's kill switch – which protects your privacy if your connection is ever lost. They achieve this by creating a secure, encrypted tunnel between your computer and the VPN server. To no surprise, trashing the app from Finder > Applications does not completely uninstall Avast Security from your Mac. Covering one Android or iOS device is relatively cheap at $15 ($19. )TunnelBear, in particular, provides a standalone ad-blocking browser plug-in that looks and works great.

Also, what you are waiting get secure your privacy today with Avast VPN.