10 Best Free VPN Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2020

Total 45,869 users 49. The platform is user-friendly and easy to navigate. 5GB per month of free data -- but you'll have to tweet about the service to get two-thirds of that. New – You can now use one IPVanish VPN account on up to 10 devices at the same time! Keep your online identity safe and access 100% private internet with a VPN for South Korea.

But VPN 360 can do everything you could want from a VPN service even for free, which includes protecting your privacy with state-of-the-art encryption and helping you bypass geo-restrictions. • Account will be charged for renewal within 24hours of the end of the current period, and the cost of the renewal will be provided. Encryption & Security Features:

  • They have excellent customer care, albeit communication options are limited to email, social media (Facebook and Twitter), and ticketing.
  • 95 CyberGhost VPN 8 40-70 90 8 $2.
  • Anyone using the browser can enable it in just a few clicks and protect their activity inside the browser.
  • Additionally, being part of a US-based firm means that TunnelBear, which is based in Canada, is subject to US consumer-privacy protections.
  • A paid VPN service is what would be ideal in such a situation.
  • A VPN is a network technology that provides a secure tunnel for the transmission of your data over private and public networks.

If you don’t see some of these settings in your IPVanish application that means that you don’t have the most recent update. CyberGhost VPN has 4 subscriptions of varying lengths as well as extra dedicated IP addresses: As you can tell by the name, Private Internet Access emphasizes user privacy. And because the parent company is based in the U. You need additional privacy measures, a requirement that is best fulfilled by VPN services. Finally, we’ve arrived at the section where we talk about free VPNs. The free plan is pretty limited, as it doesn’t allow access to many servers. Although we’d prefer that OpenVPN be available on iOS devices as well, TunnelBear doesn’t post pre-shared IPsec keys publicly, avoiding one of the main problems with the protocol since publicly shared keys make the associated connections trivial to break or spoof.

The only big issue is the 24-hour trial length. Download from the App Store (Free, $35. )A real contender in all categories. Please help us make our app the most used Free VPN on iOS by sending us your feedback and suggestions. Best-in-class security and privacy. They are P2P-friendly. 99 per month/$83. Free VPNs or Paid VPNs.

Those who are satisfied iPhone customers know that iPhone’s security standards are better than its alternatives like Android.

TorGuard VPN (for iPhone)

Of course, it is a limitation but since our focus is iOS right now, Cloak VPN must get extra points for this exclusivity. Opera VPN doesn’t have any other configurations or additional opportunities, as well as a paid plan. VPNBook doesn’t require you to sign up. The most famous case of this was Hola, which was caught in 2020 quietly stealing their users' bandwidth and selling it, mercenary-style, to whatever group wanted to deploy their userbase as a botnet. Users require the right information the right VPN provider specifically designed to keep iPhones safe. There is one slight problem, though.

There aren’t many real downsides to Private Internet Access. This means you can browse with no interruptions and no targeted ads. Let’s take a look. So those were some of the top free VPN services you can install on Android to bypass country restrictions. TunnelBear says it does not store and cannot provide a customer’s name, address, phone, data of birth, IP address, connection logs, or activity logs. On short-range connections to UK or Netherlands-based servers, we found it was one of the fastest VPNs out there.

I started this Kung Fu Vampire thing at 14 years old. And you can run 5 devices on one account. In response, governments have implemented new regulations that are meant to protect consumers but threaten our privacy. In excess of 1,700 servers.


A solid choice. The free VPNs I have recommended do not store any personally identifiable information. Norton has long been a popular name in the world of home security. Which VPN has a free trial? Profiles let you easily access different settings for various online activities, and the interface looks more like something from a Bond film than your average VPN. Otherwise, the VPN works well. There are also no known cases of surrendering users’ private data to third parties with vested interests. IPVanish allows anyone to create a free account, and then use the account on almost any platform, including iPhone and iPad.

There’s an advanced kill-switch, PIA’s technology against ads and malware, DNS and IPv6 leak protection, and plenty more. Everybody likes a freebie, so it makes sense that free VPNs have become so popular over the last few years. The free VPN for iPhone service also has a premium version that ensures better quality and customer satisfaction. The app boasts everything you should need in a VPN, including a no logging policy, unlimited bandwidth, and a surprisingly reasonable price tag. While it is a well-known fact that iOS is one of the most secure and reliable operating systems, there is always a chance that you will not get the protection you need when you use the internet. You can also spend $11.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you just want your VPN for browsing, it’ll probably keep you going for the full month. Nothing matters more to us that our user's privacy, and our commitment to protecting your data is second-to-none. When you're connected to Wi-Fi, you're vulnerable. Windows, macOs, Android, iOS. So no – they are not safe.

Research their features, pros and cons. You must specify the IP address of the destination VPN Server, instead of DDNS hostname (. )Tunnelbear allows you to dip your hand into the honey for free if you use under 500 MB of data per month. These factors have led civil rights groups and security experts to recommend installing a VPN on all devices and networks. Choose the right Phantom VPN option for you: That also means a clean and easy-to-use app that works on mobile or desktop and gives you up to 1.

OpenVPN (TCP) and OpenVPN (UDP) are the available settings for VPN Protocol.

Free VPN can be run on Android devices using version 4. Interesting in learning more about this VPN? Finally, if you have to connect to the internet through a proxy, then you should already have the proxy information. TunnelBear’s app is impressively easy to use. That’s it – your connection is now safe and secure. It is the only VPN on our Top 10 list that doesn’t even require an email. Monthly/Annually/2-years Renewal price after trial :

On the other hand, a paid VPN offers other protocols that include PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN, SSTP and more to tunnel your connections.


Top 3 Free VPNs for iOS devices

The other downside is that Betternet doesn’t appear to show your IP address or location even if you’re connected for free. Indonesia vpn212638635. TechRadar has secured an exclusive deal from TunnelBear that gives you all this for as little as $4. But the likelihood you'll suffer such an attack is vanishingly small. TunnelBear is a reputable provider from Canada, that you never have to worry about in terms of its policies.

Thankfully, it’s unlimited. It is for this reason that free plans have some or all the following restrictions: Or you could just surf using tor. A brief look at its website will tell you what it’s about.

Free VPN encrypts your data and safely connects you to any web site or mobile app. The button will say “Watch a video and connect” but within moments, your VPN is active. Does your provider log anything? They sell your data, meaning that basically whatever you download/upload via your Internet connection while connected to the free VPN is up for sale. All this, totally free of charge.

  • You can find an article about Redditor reviews here on Cool Tech Zone.
  • The developer’s key focus is to keep the application straight-forward and uncomplicated.
  • Fourth of all, there are dozens of VPN providers that build ads into their mobile apps.
  • Potential speed slowdowns due to the load on free servers.
  • But if you can live with that, this is an impressive provider with a strict no logging policy, and you can sign up with nothing more than your email address.

Hideman VPN

You can enjoy a full encryption security system while the software's turbo-boosting technology is able to make sure speeds stay at their maximum possible performance throughout your connection time. The others on this list, like Goose VPN, are good but not great. On top of that, VyperVPN’s app has been updated often and looks fantastic. Some VPNs excel in certain areas while completely dropping the ball in others. However, I was able to access HBO GO and YouTube. NordVPN comes with P2P capability, a kill switch, Tor over VPN, smart DNS service, a dedicated IP, and SOCKS5 proxies. 15GB (500MB/day); Lets you access streaming services abroad: Free VPN is doing everything we can to keep this app simple and easy to use.

However, you also have to pay for it as it has one of the most expensive monthly prices on the list. It boasts a unique feature. Do note that you’ll need to create and set up an OpenVPN server yourself in order to use this application. Not only do they have a contender for the best customer support in the VPN space, but their support offerings would also make those of many other software companies seem weak by comparison.

Laptop, Smartphone Or Tablet?

826 Number of servers in trial plan : More people are connected to multiple devices at home and work, and cybercrime is increasing daily. Pros and cons of Windscribe VPN: Both premium versions and the free version have the no logging policy as well. Most free VPNs restrict your bandwidth, and some deliberately slow your connection speed, leading to lag and buffering. That subscription typically lets you install protection on five or ten devices, though a few VPN tools put no limit on the number of devices.

And the great news is that the free tier is actually good enough for pretty much anyone who just needs a basic VPN to hide their identity and encrypt their web traffic.

What's the difference between free and paid VPNs?

They have quality speed, albeit not as fast as ExpressVPN or the others. OpenVPN configuration files are supplied for Linux users, but the service does not currently support devices such as routers. You can access geo-restricted content and surf the web anonymously. That’s better than most and free VPNs with bandwidth restrictions tend to work better than those that don’t. If your router doesn’t support VPNs, look around to see if you can replace the firmware with an open-source alternative like DD-WRT or Tomato. You too could sell your shit on local Facebook groups. For optimum performance the VPN will juice all your internet connection to get the most out of it combining it with Ethernet (fixed Broadband) connection. Only people looking for a short-term and free service.

Is Free VPN as safe as Paid VPN?

We think you should opt for a better paid VPN, though (see below). Opera’s VPN service uses the Norwegian company’s own server infrastructure and explicitly states that it does not log any information about your browsing activity or the IP address you connect from. If you’re looking for better privacy solutions for free for platforms other than iPhone, you can see the following articles: For the best security, use your VPN and also connect using HTTPS whenever it's available.

700+ Number of servers in trial plan : You can try the service for free for a week. Well, why did I take this long to switch to @opera? Open the Settings app and toward the top, switch on VPN. View our detailed SurfEasy review to learn everything regarding this VPN. IPVanish’s interface could use some improvements and the service is expensive. It will provide you with everything you need.


They provide a very good VPN experience with the fewest compromises, and we fully recommend using them over not using a VPN at all. But there are also some real dangers with free VPN services worth knowing about. At the top of that list is the service’s emphasis on not tracking your data. Simply install their software and you are good to go. Scramble adds obfuscation to Open VPN which may allow it to bypass Websites or services that block VPNs. Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux. So we’ve created this list from our reviews of full priced versions that include a free or trial option, so read on below to see what we think. I'm using a vpn now but it locked me in as Thailand for the service I wanted to use.

ProtonVPN Free Unlimited data allowance Specifications Number of servers:


Recently, the provider added Shadowsocks, the most modern protocol that allows bypassing censorship to all its apps including the mobile ones. ProtonVPN is one of the newer VPN solutions around, but they’re also one of the best when it comes to free VPN service. We are going to be short and on-point about this – stay away from free VPNs. If you still haven’t picked a best free VPN for iPhone then get one ASAP!

99 per month/$35. Great features are available such as AES-256 default encryption, OpenVPN, L2TP over IPSec with 256-bit AES encryption, anti-virus, 200 IP addresses, a kill switch, P2P, and they accept Bitcoin. Last few weeks during a bear market I have:

However, when it comes to your online privacy, there’s not much that Apple can do to protect you. It’s perfectly easy to activate on iPhone with one tap and connect to the “optimal” location. It's important to note however, that a completely free VPN service often comes with a hidden price. Netflix library – is driving VPN adoption at a massive rate. ProtonVPN restricts only the speed.

Well, 46 percent of iPhone users backed Apple’s refusal to unlock that iPhone, against 35 percent who wanted it unlocked.

7 Best Free VPN Apps for iPhone

IPVanish provides a slick, user-friendly application, that can be installed directly through the Amazon app store. Well, good thing Hotspot Shield can be used on any smartphone. Start IPVanish will automatically launch the application when the Firestick or Fire TV is turned on. Free VPNs certainly look attractive, but there are some pretty big differences between free and subscription-based virtual private networks. This means you won’t be able to stream UK platforms, such as ITV Hub or BBC iPlayer. Most however will sell user data or provide a something to a third party that will, again, compromise your privacy. Data is uploaded from your device to the VPN server and exits the public internet. Bandwidth and speed caps could mean that you can’t actually use them for streaming or torrenting.


ExpressVPN is our #1 Choice. When it comes to iOS, a VPN will encrypt all incoming and outgoing data. It’ll boot you from the network after 60 minutes. Its technological infrastructure is one of the world’s largest. It’s a safe jurisdiction with laws that restrict outside access to private information. NordVPN has an awe-inspiring server list – its thousands of servers spread across 60+ countries.

It will easily bypass most streaming sites’ geoblocks.

Their free version of the software is pretty good and rather than making you their product they hope that you’ll love the service so much you will upgrade it. For those who would like unlimited data, it would just be $3 per month. Here are the best Android VPN apps and free VPN apps! Even with no VPN, your connection to a site that uses HTTPS, as Google wants every site to do, is encrypted.

Windscribe is easy to sign up for and doesn't require any personal information (makes sense to give your email address though, otherwise you'll be locked out if you forget your password).

The short answer is that you can’t. It is not exactly free, but offers a 7-day free trial exclusively for iPhone users. Step 1: download, just tap “Skip and connect” right underneath. I’ve been using Betternet for years and it has always reliably connected me to the Internet through a VPN. Some VPNs sneak ad-serving trackers through the loopholes in your browser's media-reading features, which then stay on your digital trail like a prison warden in a B-grade remake of Escape from Alcatraz. When you connect to the free Wi-Fi at the public library, airport, coffee shop, grocery, or wherever, your security is in the hands of the hotspot owner. Japan public-vpn-177.

NordVPN, Surfshark, CyberGhost VPN, and Mullvad also possess some outstanding qualities.

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• No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active subscription period. Read our full Surfshark review. This smart software lets you use multiple connections to enhance speed, for example both Wi-Fi and 4G data connections when on a mobile device – ensuring top performance speeds. We know a lot of people like that. There are a number of considerations you need to make before picking a free VPN.

On top of that, the client lacks a kill switch to automatically disconnect your from the internet if your link to the VPN drops: