Betternet Review 2020: Free and User-Friendly App

Do you think that Betternet is good free VPN service to try in 2020? And even if we were able to get around geo-restrictions, the server speed was so slow that streaming was all but impossible. Betternet was far from forthcoming with the details of its encryption.

Well, there’s a free version. However, they need to work on speed and features to render a hundred percent customer satisfaction. Reviewed byebrahim, the VPN also offers strong security, including powerful AES encryption and an automatic kill switch. Security - Is Betternet VPN Safe?

It is easy to miss it. Other, more fully featured VPNs offer more protocol options, but in general, you won’t need them. Yes, only 50 MB data to test out the service. Among the most notable events, Canadian ISPs can now charge money to expose digital pirates, there’s the question whether this country will ban ‘copyright infringing’ VPN services, and we have the first case of prosecuting an IPTV provider.

However, because their service is free, they do have a rather large number of users.

Speed: How Fast are Betternet Servers?

While the Betternet’s free VPN service is 100% free, it also offers a premium service. Surfeasy (opera free vpn), however, using an external VPN app has some disadvantages as it affects the entire system. With the last Betternet review, I found IPv4 leaks, IPv6 leaks, and also DNS leaks. The service is best known for its largely unrestricted free plan. Within the last week, it would seem, Betternet has undergone a significant change in its pricing and judging from unhappy comments on the app stores, one wonders how much longer Betternet will be able to maintain its popularity. Here is a screenshot from the privacy policy: Thus, a person that has reached 21 and more can run the service only. Speed – Is Betternet fast?

  • 99 per month, the cost of the service is brought down closer to its true value, though even this price may be inflated.
  • Pressing connect results in the middle screen below.

Design: A little confusing

Betternet’s paid plan is a little pricey considering that there are many premium VPNs out there with more features and better performance that offer lower prices. Similar to the Windows app, Betternet also offers an easy to use app for macOS as well. Betternet wants you to try out their premium service for yourself so that you can compare it with their free service. The VPN slowed my download speeds considerably. After all, the whole point of a VPN is to get a measure of security through anonymity, and all decent VPNs strive for reliable performance. I would instead advise users to opt for a safe service, like PureVPN, which keep users anonymous and safe online at extremely affordable rates, and does not sell adverts to users! When I tried to unblock the US Netflix show “Grey’s Anatomy” after connecting to the US server, I received the following error message on my screen.

Taking a moment to see if the VPN provider website is secured with HTTPS in the website URL can help save you from falling for a scam (learn more about the difference between http and https). Your approximate city location is logged and shared with advertisers, and advertisers can also access your device’s IMEI, advertising ID, MAC address, and wireless carrier. Factors to consider when choosing a vpn for popcorn time. Betternet encrypts all traffic between the user and its servers using TLS 1. This time around, we got 147.

If I had written this review even two weeks ago, I would have said one of the downsides was the free version had some advertisements. Check to find out whether my IP, DNS, and WebRTC were left exposed or not. Vpnmonitor, so you can say that it is one of the best VPN apps for Android Smartphones and Tablets. They may also be able to see your IP address if your device isn’t connected to Betternet. The premium version also provides five simultaneous connections, open VPN encryption and no adverts whatsoever, which is really great compared to the free version. The average result was about 3.

The dropped connection exposes your IP address which is exactly what you don’t want a VPN to do.


While it may be popular with some mobile users, it also suffers from a very troubling history. Betternet is, by a long shot, one of the easiest VPNs around. As we have mentioned above the process of installing Betternet VPN I dead simple. However, Betternet does not offer an automatic kill switch, which means that your data could be leaked if your VPN connection suddenly drops. With rising concerns over Internet privacy and security, it is smart to invest in a good VPN (see my guide for the Best VPNs of 2020). But the tests also varied wildly to where I could not tell what was a truly “good” test. You must specify the nature of your help request at this stage.

Between slow connection and download times and inconsistent streaming, reliability isn’t Betternet’s strong suit. Plus, as is demonstrated by the 2020 academic study, there are some questions related to the company’s use of adware and malware. No special features like Split Tunneling and Kill Switch.

Why Does Betternet Allow Malware and Tracking on their Applications?

In fact, some paid VPN services completely block P2P connections so that they don’t have to deal with possible court orders regarding copyright infringement from torrent downloads and uploads commonly used with P2P. The last screen is that which you would see if you are a premium member and you selected the “I’m already Premium” in the settings screen above (first image). In my honest opinion, there is nothing wrong with a free VPN, but you can get more perks at an affordable price on other VPNs.

A CSIRO study revealed the provider sells adverts to users, which permit the installing of cookies onto devices. The speed of our Internet connection dropped by almost 78% when connected through the their servers in Atlanta, GA. You will be connected to the same server in the Netherlands. As for free users, only US servers are available, are they are mostly overloaded. The free service is fine if your expectations are tempered accordingly.

  • A variety of people use VPNs, but unlike certain types of online software that are geared more towards businesses, many individuals use VPNs for personal reasons.
  • Similarly, there is no clear information about what servers become accessible through the paid plan or whether these are virtual or bare-metal servers.

Performance: Patchy service unless you pay

The fact that Betternet offers a “free” version of the software does not sit well with users. With the internet-based threats increasing every day, the need for VPN also increases. If you don’t have the time to read this entire review, check out the following table. With competitors offering literally thousands of servers in more than 100 nations across the globe, Betternet simply cannot compete. Accordingly, you won’t be able to manage your location and unblock Netflix and will be limited in Internet connection speeds. Local authorities and other 14 eyes alliance countries can gain access to user logs, diminishing any claims of digital anonymity by VPNs based out of the US. As I mentioned, Betternet isn’t feature-heavy, but that’s okay.

Betternet decided the servers for free users and the one out of their domain. Panda vpn free, all users have to do is click on the rocket icon and the app will connect to a good server. Even so, its FAQ says that it uses: In other words, it’s possible that you can actually stream HD videos with both the Betternet free VPN and the paid version, but we wouldn’t get our hopes too high when using the free app. The fact that you are exposed to third-party advertising information creates another big question about Betternet security. Viruses/Malware: However, the settings tab is not provided in the extension. Aside from all the legal issues surrounding torrenting activity, anyone who is seriously into torrenting will not like using Betternet due to the slow download speeds and dropped connections.

By using Betternet you also agree the terms and conditions of those third party services and acknowledge and adhere that Betternet shall not take any responsibility nor liability for the contents shown on their behalf. If you just want to unblock a single website or securely send emails on public wifi, maybe not. Find out all the pros and cons of Betternet VPN and also why I've given it a 3. Betternet allows torrenting across all its servers, which is great.

Trustworthiness – Trustpilot Ratings, Reddit Reviews, Support & Transparency

To get started with using the VPN, simply hit the connect button, and enjoy unblocking your favorite websites. Yeah that doesn’t help either, because sometimes the app reconnects itself even when I’m using data and just makes the service even worse. Betternet explains that it comes free of charge thanks to sponsored apps and videos (in contrast to collecting and selling your private data). The good news was that the interface updated immediately to show the loss of connection, and the client reconnected within seconds. In addition to first-class protocols, Betternet has a no logs policy.

If you're looking to stream, Betternet won't be for you. 55 Mbps download speeds. Betternet only offers 24/7 email support via a ticketing system. The paid Betternet plan provides the following features: Well, with 14 tracking libraries for serving adverts, it may not be worse, but it is definitely better at it. Betternet VPN also successfully unblocked NBC.

Customer Support

Betternet offers 24-7 customer support for its premium and free users, however, there is no live chat option. The website is professional and easy to navigate. Fastestvpn: a lifetime of top-notch vpn access for . It’s not the cheapest VPN out there, but if you prepay for a year, the cost is very reasonable. These intrusive advertisements are one of the VPN’s main assets and help keep its services stay afloat.

Checking under which jurisdiction your chosen VPN falls under is a crucial piece of information, so make sure to know which country’s laws apply to your use of the VPN in question. Tunnelbear, i have less of a concern with services that just monitor bandwidth usage, as long as they don't store any specifics. This free VPN is believed to be rather reliable VPN service that is available completely free which a great investment is for cyber junkies who already have their hands full with the prospect of paying off their expensive electronic gear. You should always dig deep into the encryption used by different providers and determine if it is in fact as “state of the art” as they claim. Looking for a way to stream Netflix from anywhere in the world? First, there’s the issue that they are located in Canada, which has efficient legal and direct legal jurisdiction.


If you're wanting to stream Netflix libraries from around the world, why not check out our top five recommended VPNs? They claim that these records are impossible to trace back to the specific user. Today, the internet and online companies have modernized enough to supply consumers with everything they need such as information, education, products, services, advice and entertainment. If you are open to other options, there are a handful of top-rated VPN services to choose from. It is possible to work your router to bypass limits on simultaneous connections by VPN providers, but this doesn’t work if you don’t have access to the router that’s currently providing your Wi-Fi connection, like at a hotel.

The official answer is “No”. They also say that they’ve never received a valid court order to turn over data that they don’t have. If you want, you can change the location to any of the four countries in the free version and 17 locations in the premium version. In terms of features Betternet VPN is reasonably okay. After connecting to a nearby Betternet server in the US, we immediately noticed a big increase in loading times. In fact, they usually aren’t truly free at all… They inundate you with advertisements, sell your data to any bidder and tend to be less secure than paid VPNs. Users will be greeted with the following screen if they try to unblock Netflix via Betternet VPN. The premium users are a top priority.

The installation is pretty straightforward unless you want the mobile versions, which are only available as a 7-day trial version.

I’ve been using Betternet for a while, and I love VPNs. What does the rest of the internet have to say about Betternet? Overall, it’s not bad. You’ll likely run into a limited server network and inconsistent speeds.

As you can see, that’s a decline of almost 90% in speed.

Security and Reliability

Betternet is also not too clear on its VPN protocols and encryption. Betternet’s premium membership might, however, require a registration when it launches in the future. For this reason, the Betternet Chrome proxy app is good for unblocking content but not for privacy or security. You can subscribe to the service through Google Play Market. Oh, we absolutely love Betternet and think everyone should use the paid service. The thing is that the commonest VPN protocols have been already revealed and dealt with by many streaming services and other geo-restricted web resources with the use of filtering systems.

In the speed test, the premium version performs better than the free version. A good VPN is always judged on its privacy policy. I tried a free VPN. The three price options are as follows:

No Registration Needed

But this information is outdated. The premium plan provides access to a network of 17 servers in 10 countries. If it’s your first time to use the BetterNet VPN, we suggest that you try its free trial option. In fact, as a paid VPN service, Betternet gives one of the smallest arrays of features and this could be justified by low prices, but that is unfortunately not the case here. Those components can be used for tracking, advertising or analytics.

Do We Recommend Betternet Free?

But that’s not all. However, at least for the free version, the loss of speed is too significant. In terms of desktop platforms, Betternet offers a native application for Windows and MacOS (with Linux missing, obviously). Anytime you are exposed to third-party advertising and you click on these ads or videos, you as the user suddenly become the product. 49/mo) or Surfshark ($1. Servers are located in 10 different countries. Another option available lets the client reconnect automatically.

It won’t interfere with Betternet usage. Almost regardless of where you are in the world, you can find a server that is close to your geographic location. Your traffic is still routing through a company. I’m now versioning my app secrets in git, here is why you should do the same. The site’s FAQs don’t offer a whole lot of information, though, so if you need something, you’ll probably have to go through the customer service system. Here was a Betternet speed test with a server in the UK at about 17 Mbps:

It was discovered that 14 tracking libraries were used for ‘analytics, tracking, or advertising purposes. 0-star rating in this review. Extremely recently, it would seem (judging by unhappy comments on the app store), Betternet’s free product is now only a 7-day trial. This really isn’t great for privacy; there are many other VPNs on the market that don’t keep connection logs. Well, if Betternet doesn’t want to leave a bitter taste in more privacy-conscious users’ mouth, they will have to work on the legal documents to be clear on the most important parts. An additional concern is the inexplicable lack of a kill switch feature. Servers – Is Betternet VPN good for torrenting? At the end of the day, the best VPNs are paid VPNs.

Write a Review on Betternet

Hulu and BBC iPlayer also detected the presence of a VPN, and Amazon Prime allowed us to watch some worldwide content without any US-based shows and movies. We’ve tested Betternet with some of the world’s most popular streaming platforms, and here are the results. Betternet keeps logs that could expose your activity and makes your information vulnerable to third parties through advertising. Betternet is a simple, easy-to-use VPN that can effectively mask your IP address and protect your data with secure encryption. Best for general users, a pretty good excuse to shout about Windscribe and the service itself doesn’t disappoint. It also offers improved performance and more locations across 70 countries, along with 27 cities in the US. In fact, uploads speeds are faster than without a VPN in all regions. Expressvpn, before sharing the file, it is analyzed and sectioned off into pieces. There’s no long story to cut short here:

Or, at least, to try a seven-day free trial of Betternet’s premium version. This VPN provider protects you with OpenVPN and military-grade AES 256-bit encryption, making it almost impossible for hackers to track you down. If you just want to secure your information at WI-Fi hotspots and be more anonymous in your daily Internet surfing, then the Betternet service could be a good choice for you. There is no live chat or phone line offered. Once you’ve upgraded to premium by selecting a plan and paying (or selecting the seven-day free trial), you can select from one of the ten country locations. This review is of Betternet’s premium (paid) service.

We consider kill switches to be essential. Does this matter? You’re going to see a lot of ads with this service, so if that is a turn-off for you, then seeking one of the best VPNs for Canada may be a good idea.

  • If you are simply using a VPN to protect your data while connecting to unsecured public wifi, for example, you may not have an issue with this privacy policy.
  • After more than fifty times of this repeating process, I gave up.


I had to contact Apple support and all that for a refund. Whenever you tap the “Install an App” or “Watch a Video and Connect” button, Betternet gets a small payment. This is just incredible. Betternet does not provide manual installation guides for other platforms. Well, we believe there’s not much to add here if you take your online security and privacy seriously. Uploads take much less time than downloading anything except a very small file. You don’t set up an actual account with Betternet, just provide your payment information. That’s why when privacy is considered, one can’t trust Betternet completely.

All opinions and data are based on my experience as a paying customer performing independent research. There’s no added functionality, such as favorites, a search bar, or sorting options. In addition, the browser extension apps (proxies) aren’t worth the trouble of installing them: If you opt for the seven-day trial and you do not cancel your subscription, your subscription will automatically renew at the $11. The FAQ is extensive, however there’s a significant bug where if you click ‘See all articles’, it takes you to a blank page. Betternet VPN For Windows Premium Get the fastest, most secure VPN experience on the web right on your PC. Free vpn proxy by hideme, these are a good tool and will support you when installing your VPN connection. Really you are going to lie and cheat people into downloading your app, convince them that without it they are in physical/financial danger, that’s practically blackmail.